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Proceedings of the Tenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Tenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:C. T. Yu; C. J. van Rijsbergen
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates:1987-Jun-03 to 1987-Jun-05
Standard No:ISBN 89791-232-2; ACM Order number 606870; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib IR87
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Retrieval Effectiveness I
  3. Knowledge Based IR I
  4. User Interface
  5. Automatic Indexing
  6. Keynote Address
  7. Clustering
  8. Panel
  9. Retrieval Effectiveness II
  10. Retrieval Systems
  11. Storage/Retrieval Techniques I
  12. Knowledge Based IR II
  13. Panel
  14. Storage/Retrieval Techniques II
  15. Panel

Keynote Address

Multimedia Retrieval BIB 1
  S. Christodoulakis

Retrieval Effectiveness I

A Statistical Similarity Measure BIBA 3-12
  S. K. M. Wong; Y. Y. Yao
Probabilistic Search Term Weighting-Some Negative Results BIBA 13-18
  Norbert Fuhr; Peter Muller
Some Considerations for Approximate Optimal Queries BIBA 19-24
  K. L. Kwok

Knowledge Based IR I

An Approach to Natural Language Processing for Document Retrieval BIBA 26-32
  W. Bruce Croft; David D. Lewis
Outline of a Knowledge Base Model for an Intelligent Information Retrieval System BIBA 33-43
  Marie-France Bruandet
Enriched Knowledge Representations for Information Retrieval BIBA 43a-43g
  F. N. Teskey

User Interface

Informational Zooming: An Interaction Model for the Graphical Access to Text Knowledge Bases BIB 45-56
  Ulrich Thiel; Rainer Hammwohner
Generating an Individualized User Interface: From Novice to Expert BIBA 57-60
  Jean Tague
Individual Differences in the Use of Information Retrieval Systems: Some Issues and Some Data BIBA 61-71
  Christine L. Borgman

Automatic Indexing

Illustrated Description of an Interactive Knowledge-Based Indexing System BIBA 73-90
  Susanne M. Humphrey
Automatic Phrase Indexing for Document Retrieval: An Examination of Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Methods BIBA 91-101
  Joel L. Fagan
A Failure Analysis on the Limitations of Suffixing in an Online Environment BIBA 102-108
  Donna Harman

Keynote Address

Uncertainties in Information Retrieval BIB 109
  L. Zadehi


Fast Object Partitioning Using Stochastic Learning Automata BIBA 111-122
  B. J. Oommen; D. C. Y. Ma
A Dynamic Cluster Maintenance System for Information Retrieval BIBA 123-131
  Fazli Can; Esen A. Ozkarahan
Non-Hierarchic Document Clustering Using the ICL Distributed Array Processor BIBA 132-139
  Edie M. Rasmussen; Peter Willett
Optimal Determination of User-Oriented Clusters BIBA 140-146
  Vijay V. Raghavan; Jitender S. Deogun


Models of IR BIB 147
  V. Raghavan; M. Gordon; R. Korfhage; C. Yu

Retrieval Effectiveness II

A Formal Treatment of Missing and Imprecise Information BIBA 149-156
  J. M. Morrissey; C. J. van Rijsbergen
Adaptive Linear Information Retrieval Models BIBA 157-163
  P. Bollmann; S. K. M. Wong
The Effect of Database Size on Document Retrieval: Random and Best-First Retrieval Models BIBA 164-169
  Robert M. Losee

Retrieval Systems

TIRS: A Topological Information Retrieval System Satisfying the Requirements of the Waller-Kraft Wish List BIBA 171-180
  Steven C. Cater; Donald H. Kraft
A Retrieval System for On-Line English-Japanese Dictionaries BIB 181-186
  Tetsuro Ito; Mana Kubota
MICROARRAS: An Advanced Full-Text Retrieval and Analysis System BIBA 187-195
  John B. Smith; Stephen F. Weiss; Gordon J. Ferguson
A Relational Model for Unstructured Documents BIBA 196-206
  Airi Salminen

Storage/Retrieval Techniques I

A VLSI Chip for Efficient Transmission and Retrieval of Information BIBA 208-216
  Amar Mukherjee; M. A. Bassiouni
File Organizations and Incrementally Specified Queries BIBA 217-222
  Caroline M. Eastman
Predictive Text Compression by Hashing BIBA 223-233
  Timo Raita; Jukka Teuhola
Estimating Effective Display Size in Online Retrieval Systems BIBA 234-245
  Danny P. Wallace; Bert R. Boyce; Donald H. Kraft

Knowledge Based IR II

Conceptual Information Retrieval Using RUBRIC BIB 247-253
  Richard M. Tong; Lee A. Appelbaum; Victor N. Askman; James F. Cunningham
Thesaurus Based Concept Spaces BIB 254-262
  P. Schauble
EP-X: A Demonstration of Semantically-Based Search of Bibliographic Databases BIBA 263-271
  Deb Krawczak; Philip J. Smith; Steven J. Shute
Towards an Expert System for Bibliographic Retrieval: A Prolog Prototype BIBA 272-281
  C. R. Watters; M. A. Shepherd; W. Robertson


Parallel Architecture in IR BIB 282
  E. Ozkarahan; C. Stanfill; G. Salton

Storage/Retrieval Techniques II

An Approach to Image Retrieval from Large Image Databases BIBA 284-295
  F. Rabitti; P. Stanchev
Data Caching in Information Retrieval Systems BIBA 296-305
  Patricia Simpson; Rafael Alonso
Improved Techniques for Processing Queries in Full-Text Systems BIBA 306-315
  Y. Choueka; A. S. Fraenkel; S. T. Klein; E. Segal


Clustering of Concepts for Optimal Retrieval BIB 316
  P. Kantor; A. Bookstein; M. Dillon; T. Saracevic