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Proceedings of the Ninth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Ninth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Fausto Rabitti
Location:Pisa, Italy
Dates:1986-Sep-08 to 1986-Sep-10
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-187-3; ACM Order Number 606860; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR86
  1. Keynote Speech
  2. Office Systems
  3. User Interfaces
  4. Storage Structures
  5. Linguistic Retrieval
  6. Information Retrieval Systems
  7. Clustering
  8. Retrieval Strategies
  9. Knowledge Based Information Retrieval (I)
  10. Knowledge Based Information Retrieval (II)
  11. Learning Systems
  12. Probabilistic Retrieval

Keynote Speech

Recent Trends in Automatic Information Retrieval BIBA 1-10
  Gerard Salton
Using Structural Representations of Anomalous States of Knowledge for Choosing Document Retrieval Strategies BIBA 11-22
  N. J. Belkin; B. H. Kwasnik

Office Systems

Document Presentation and Query Formulation in Muse BIBA 23-30
  S. Gibbs; D. Tsichritzis
An Approach to Multimedia Information Management BIBA 31-38
  S. Gallelli; C. Iacobelli; P. Marchisio
Methodological Issues for the Design of an Office Information Server -- Focal Topics for the Analysis from an Office System Perspective -- BIBA 39-48
  Till W. Truckenmuller

User Interfaces

IR, NLP, AI and UFOS: Or IR-Relevance, Natural Language Problems, Artful Intelligence and User-Friendly Online Systems BIBA 49-57
  Tamas E. Doszkocs
The Visual Display of Information in an Information Retrieval Environment BIBA 58-67
  Donald B. Crouch
Improved Subject Access, Browsing and Scanning Mechanisms in Modern Online IR BIBA 68-76
  Peter Ingwersen; Irene Wormell

Storage Structures

S-tree: A Dynamic Balanced Signature Index for Office Retrieval BIBA 77-87
  Uwe Deppisch
Improved Hierarchical Bit-Vector Compression in Document Retrieval Systems BIBA 88-96
  Y. Choueka; A. S. Fraenkel; S. T. Klein; E. Segal
Text Compression Using Prediction BIBA 97-102
  Jukka Teuhola; Timo Raita

Linguistic Retrieval

Incorporating Syntactic Information into a Document Retrieval Strategy: An Investigation BIBA 103-113
  Alan F. Smeaton
CALIN -- A User Interface Based on a Simple Natural Language BIBA 114-122
  P. Bosc; M. Courant; S. Robin
Solving Grammatical Ambiguities within a Surface Syntactical Parser for Automatic Indexing BIBA 123-130
  Catherine Berrut; Patrick Palmer

Information Retrieval Systems

A Design of a Distributed Full Text Retrieval System BIBA 131-137
  Patrick Martin; Ian A. Macleod; Brent Nordin
A Common Architecture for Different Text Processing Techniques in an Information Retrieval Environment BIBA 138-143
  G. Thurmair
COREL -- A Conceptual Retrieval System BIBA 144-148
  M. Kathryn Di Benigno; George R. Cross; Cary G. deBessonet


Hierarchic Document Clustering Using Ward's Method BIBA 149-156
  A. El-Hamdouchi; P. Willett
User-Oriented Document Clustering: A Framework for Learning in Information Retrieval BIBA 157-163
  J. S. Deogun; V. V. Raghavan
The Efficiency of Inverted Index and Cluster Searches BIBA 164-174
  Ellen M. Voorhees

Retrieval Strategies

On Extending the Vector Space Model for Boolean Query Processing BIBA 175-185
  S. K. M. Wong; W. Ziarko; V. V. Raghavan; P. C. N. Wong
An Experimental Study of Factors Important in Document Ranking BIBA 186-193
  Donna Harman

Knowledge Based Information Retrieval (I)

A New Theoretical Framework for Information Retrieval BIBA 194-200
  C. J. van Rijsbergen
User-Specified Domain Knowledge for Document Retrieval BIBA 201-206
  W. B. Croft

Knowledge Based Information Retrieval (II)

IOTA: A Full Text Information Retrieval System BIBA 207-213
  Y. Chiaramella; B. Defude; M. F. Bruandet; D. Kerkouba
An Information Retrieval System Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques BIBA 214-220
  Dario De Jaco; Gianluca Garbolino
The Use of Inference Mechanisms to Improve the Retrieval Facilities from Large Relational Databases BIBA 221-227
  Gian Piero Zarri

Learning Systems

A Machine Learning Approach to Information Retrieval BIB 228-233
  S. K. M. Wong; W. Ziarko
An Automatic and Tunable Document Indexing System BIBA 234-243
  Esen Ozkarahan; Fazli Can
Performance of Self-Taught Documents: Exploiting Co-Relevance Structure in a Document Collection BIBA 244-248
  Abraham Bookstein

Probabilistic Retrieval

Two Models of Retrieval with Probabilistic Indexing BIBA 249-257
  Norbert Fuhr
Probabilistic Models for Document Retrieval: A Comparison of Performance on Experimental and Synthetic Databases BIBA 258-264
  Robert Losee; Abraham Bookstein; Clement Yu
Non-Binary Independence Model BIB 265-268
  C. T. Yu; T. C. Lee
The Maximum Entropy Principle in Information Retrieval BIBA 269-274
  Paul B. Kantor; Jung Jin Lee
An Interpretation of Index Term Weighting Schemes Based on Document Components BIBA 275-283
  K. L. Kwok