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Proceedings of the 29th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the 29th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Susan Dumais; Efthimis N. Efthimiadis; David Hawking; Kalervo Jarvelin
Location:Seattle, Washington, USA
Dates:2006-Aug-06 to 2006-Aug-11
Standard No:ISBN 1-59593-369-7; ACM Order Number: 606060; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR06
  1. Keynote
  2. User behavior and modeling
  3. Handling messages and finding experts
  4. Speech and music
  5. Web 1: exploiting graph structure
  6. Semantics
  7. Fusion and spam
  8. Relevance feedback
  9. Formal models
  10. Cross language
  11. Keynote
  12. Question and answering
  13. Machine learning
  14. Evaluation 1: user models and test collections
  15. Web 2
  16. Distributed IR
  17. Efficiency
  18. Keynote
  19. Queries
  20. Clustering
  21. The first page of results
  22. Users: clarification, feedback, and browsing
  23. Classification and machine learning
  24. Recommendation: use and abuse
  25. Evaluation 2
  26. Web IR: current topics
  27. Summarization: multidocuments and new applications
  28. Posters
  29. Demos


Quantum haystacks BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  C. J. 'Keith' van Rijsbergen

User behavior and modeling

Learning user interaction models for predicting web search result preferences BIBAFull-Text 3-10
  Eugene Agichtein; Eric Brill; Susan Dumais; Robert Ragno
User performance versus precision measures for simple search tasks BIBAFull-Text 11-18
  Andrew Turpin; Falk Scholer
Improving web search ranking by incorporating user behavior information BIBAFull-Text 19-26
  Eugene Agichtein; Eric Brill; Susan Dumais

Handling messages and finding experts

Contextual search and name disambiguation in email using graphs BIBAFull-Text 27-34
  Einat Minkov; William W. Cohen; Andrew Y. Ng
Thread detection in dynamic text message streams BIBAFull-Text 35-42
  Dou Shen; Qiang Yang; Jian-Tao Sun; Zheng Chen
Formal models for expert finding in enterprise corpora BIBAFull-Text 43-50
  Krisztian Balog; Leif Azzopardi; Maarten de Rijke

Speech and music

Spoken document retrieval from call-center conversations BIBAFull-Text 51-58
  Jonathan Mamou; David Carmel; Ron Hoory
Towards efficient automated singer identification in large music databases BIBAFull-Text 59-66
  Jialie Shen; Bin Cui; John Shepherd; Kian-Lee Tan
Music structure based vector space retrieval BIBAFull-Text 67-74
  Namunu C. Maddage; Haizhou Li; Mohan S. Kankanhalli

Web 1: exploiting graph structure

AggregateRank: bringing order to web sites BIBAFull-Text 75-82
  Guang Feng; Tie-Yan Liu; Ying Wang; Ying Bao; Zhiming Ma; Xu-Dong Zhang; Wei-Ying Ma
Respect my authority!: HITS without hyperlinks, utilizing cluster-based language models BIBAFull-Text 83-90
  Oren Kurland; Lillian Lee
Topical link analysis for web search BIBAFull-Text 91-98
  Lan Nie; Brian D. Davison; Xiaoguang Qi


The role of knowledge in conceptual retrieval: a study in the domain of clinical medicine BIBAFull-Text 99-106
  Jimmy Lin; Dina Demner-Fushman
A parallel derivation of probabilistic information retrieval models BIBAFull-Text 107-114
  Thomas Roelleke; Jun Wang
Semantic term matching in axiomatic approaches to information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 115-122
  Hui Fang; ChengXiang Zhai

Fusion and spam

On-line spam filter fusion BIBAFull-Text 123-130
  Thomas R. Lynam; Gordon V. Cormack; David R. Cheriton
Building bridges for web query classification BIBAFull-Text 131-138
  Dou Shen; Jian-Tao Sun; Qiang Yang; Zheng Chen
ProbFuse: a probabilistic approach to data fusion BIBAFull-Text 139-146
  David Lillis; Fergus Toolan; Rem Collier; John Dunnion

Relevance feedback

Using web-graph distance for relevance feedback in web search BIBAFull-Text 147-153
  Sergei Vassilvitskii; Eric Brill
Improving the estimation of relevance models using large external corpora BIBAFull-Text 154-161
  Fernando Diaz; Donald Metzler
Regularized estimation of mixture models for robust pseudo-relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 162-169
  Tao Tao; ChengXiang Zhai

Formal models

Context-sensitive semantic smoothing for the language modeling approach to genomic IR BIBAFull-Text 170-177
  Xiaohua Zhou; Xiaohua Hu; Xiaodan Zhang; Xia Lin; Il-Yeol Song
LDA-based document models for ad-hoc retrieval BIBAFull-Text 178-185
  Xing Wei; W. Bruce Croft
Adapting ranking SVM to document retrieval BIBAFull-Text 186-193
  Yunbo Cao; Jun Xu; Tie-Yan Liu; Hang Li; Yalou Huang; Hsiao-Wuen Hon

Cross language

A study of statistical models for query translation: finding a good unit of translation BIBAFull-Text 194-201
  Jianfeng Gao; Jian-Yun Nie
Combining bidirectional translation and synonymy for cross-language information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 202-209
  Jianqiang Wang; Douglas W. Oard


Social networks, incentives, and search BIBAFull-Text 210-211
  Jon Kleinberg

Question and answering

Probabilistic model for definitional question answering BIBAFull-Text 212-219
  Kyoung-Soo Han; Young-In Song; Hae-Chang Rim
Answering complex questions with random walk models BIBAFull-Text 220-227
  Sanda Harabagiu; Finley Lacatusu; Andrew Hickl
A framework to predict the quality of answers with non-textual features BIBAFull-Text 228-235
  Jiwoon Jeon; W. Bruce Croft; Joon Ho Lee; Soyeon Park

Machine learning

Latent semantic analysis for multiple-type interrelated data objects BIBAFull-Text 236-243
  Xuanhui Wang; Jian-Tao Sun; Zheng Chen; ChengXiang Zhai
Identifying comparative sentences in text documents BIBAFull-Text 244-251
  Nitin Jindal; Bing Liu
Tackling concept drift by temporal inductive transfer BIBAFull-Text 252-259
  George Forman

Evaluation 1: user models and test collections

Evaluation in (XML) information retrieval: expected precision-recall with user modelling (EPRUM) BIBAFull-Text 260-267
  Benjamin Piwowarski; Georges Dupret
Minimal test collections for retrieval evaluation BIBAFull-Text 268-275
  Ben Carterette; James Allan; Ramesh Sitaraman
Dynamic test collections: measuring search effectiveness on the live web BIBAFull-Text 276-283
  Ian Soboroff

Web 2

Finding near-duplicate web pages: a large-scale evaluation of algorithms BIBAFull-Text 284-291
  Monika Henzinger
Structure-driven crawler generation by example BIBAFull-Text 292-299
  Marcio L. A. Vidal; Altigran S. da Silva; Edleno S. de Moura; Joao M. B. Cavalcanti
Building implicit links from content for forum search BIBAFull-Text 300-307
  Gu Xu; Wei-Ying Ma
Generalizing PageRank: damping functions for link-based ranking algorithms BIBAFull-Text 308-315
  Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Paolo Boldi; Carlos Castillo

Distributed IR

Capturing collection size for distributed non-cooperative retrieval BIBAFull-Text 316-323
  Milad Shokouhi; Justin Zobel; Falk Scholer; S. M. M. Tahaghoghi
Probabilistic latent query analysis for combining multiple retrieval sources BIBAFull-Text 324-331
  Rong Yan; Alexander G. Hauptmann
User modeling for full-text federated search in peer-to-peer networks BIBAFull-Text 332-339
  Jie Lu; Jamie Callan
Distributed query sampling: a quality-conscious approach BIBAFull-Text 340-347
  James Caverlee; Ling Liu; Joonsoo Bae


Load balancing for term-distributed parallel retrieval BIBAFull-Text 348-355
  Alistair Moffat; William Webber; Justin Zobel
Hybrid index maintenance for growing text collections BIBAFull-Text 356-363
  Stefan Buttcher; Charles L. A. Clarke; Brad Lushman
Type less, find more: fast autocompletion search with a succinct index BIBAFull-Text 364-371
  Holger Bast; Ingmar Weber
Pruned query evaluation using pre-computed impacts BIBAFull-Text 372-379
  Vo Ngoc Anh; Alistair Moffat


Information retrieval at Boeing: plans and successes BIBFull-Text 380-381
  Radha Radhakrishnan


Mining dependency relations for query expansion in passage retrieval BIBAFull-Text 382-389
  Renxu Sun; Chai-Huat Ong; Tat-Seng Chua
What makes a query difficult? BIBAFull-Text 390-397
  David Carmel; Elad Yom-Tov; Adam Darlow; Dan Pelleg
On ranking the effectiveness of searches BIBAFull-Text 398-404
  Vishwa Vinay; Ingemar J. Cox; Natasa Milic-Frayling; Ken Wood


Document clustering with prior knowledge BIBAFull-Text 405-412
  Xiang Ji; Wei Xu
Text clustering with extended user feedback BIBAFull-Text 413-420
  Yifen Huang; Tom M. Mitchell
Near-duplicate detection by instance-level constrained clustering BIBAFull-Text 421-428
  Hui Yang; Jamie Callan

The first page of results

Less is more: probabilistic models for retrieving fewer relevant documents BIBAFull-Text 429-436
  Harr Chen; David R. Karger
High accuracy retrieval with multiple nested ranker BIBAFull-Text 437-444
  Irina Matveeva; Chris Burges; Timo Burkard; Andy Laucius; Leon Wong
Semantic search via XML fragments: a high-precision approach to IR BIBAFull-Text 445-452
  Jennifer Chu-Carroll; John Prager; Krzysztof Czuba; David Ferrucci; Pablo Duboue

Users: clarification, feedback, and browsing

Elicitation of term relevance feedback: an investigation of term source and context BIBAFull-Text 453-460
  Diane Kelly; Xin Fu
Find-similar: similarity browsing as a search tool BIBAFull-Text 461-468
  Mark D. Smucker; James Allan
Exploring the limits of single-iteration clarification dialogs BIBAFull-Text 469-476
  Jimmy Lin; Philip Wu; Dina Demner-Fushman; Eileen Abels

Classification and machine learning

Large scale semi-supervised linear SVMs BIBAFull-Text 477-484
  Vikas Sindhwani; S. Sathiya Keerthi
Graph-based text classification: learn from your neighbors BIBAFull-Text 485-492
  Ralitsa Angelova; Gerhard Weikum
Constructing informative prior distributions from domain knowledge in text classification BIBAFull-Text 493-500
  Aynur Dayanik; David D. Lewis; David Madigan; Vladimir Menkov; Alexander Genkin

Recommendation: use and abuse

Unifying user-based and item-based collaborative filtering approaches by similarity fusion BIBAFull-Text 501-508
  Jun Wang; Arjen P. de Vries; Marcel J. T. Reinders
Personalized recommendation driven by information flow BIBAFull-Text 509-516
  Xiaodan Song; Belle L. Tseng; Ching-Yung Lin; Ming-Ting Sun
Analysis of a low-dimensional linear model under recommendation attacks BIBAFull-Text 517-524
  Sheng Zhang; Yi Ouyang; James Ford; Fillia Makedon

Evaluation 2

Evaluating evaluation metrics based on the bootstrap BIBAFull-Text 525-532
  Tetsuya Sakai
Statistical precision of information retrieval evaluation BIBAFull-Text 533-540
  Gordon V. Cormack; Thomas R. Lynam
A statistical method for system evaluation using incomplete judgments BIBAFull-Text 541-548
  Javed A. Aslam; Virgil Pavlu; Emine Yilmaz

Web IR: current topics

Learning to advertise BIBAFull-Text 549-556
  Anisio Lacerda; Marco Cristo; Marcos Andre Concalves; Weiguo Fan; Nivio Ziviani; Berthier Ribeiro-Neto
Getting work done on the web: supporting transactional queries BIBAFull-Text 557-564
  Yunyao Li; Rajasekar Krishnamurthy; Shivakumar Vaithyanathan; H. V. Jagadish
You are what you say: privacy risks of public mentions BIBAFull-Text 565-572
  Dan Frankowski; Dan Cosley; Shilad Sen; Loren Terveen; John Riedl

Summarization: multidocuments and new applications

A compositional context sensitive multi-document summarizer: exploring the factors that influence summarization BIBAFull-Text 573-580
  Ani Nenkova; Lucy Vanderwende; Kathleen McKeown
Information graphics: an untapped resource for digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 581-588
  Sandra Carberry; Stephanie Elzer; Seniz Demir
News to go: hierarchical text summarization for mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 589-596
  Jahna Otterbacher; Dragomir Radev; Omer Kareem


Clustering of search results using temporal attributes BIBAFull-Text 597-598
  Omar Alonso; Michael Gertz
A complex document information processing prototype BIBAFull-Text 599-600
  S. Argamon; G. Agam; O. Frieder; D. Grossman; D. Lewis; G. Sohn; K. Voorhees
Inferring document relevance via average precision BIBAFull-Text 601-602
  Javed A. Aslam; Emine Yilmaz
Automatic construction of known-item finding test beds BIBKFull-Text 603-604
  Leif Azzopardi; Maarten de Rijke
Adaptive query-based sampling for distributed IR BIBKFull-Text 605-606
  Leif Azzopardi; Mark Baillie; Fabio Crestani
PENG: integrated search of distributed news archives BIBKFull-Text 607-608
  Mark Baillie; Fabio Crestani; Monica Landoni
Examining assessor attributes at HARD 2005 BIBKFull-Text 609-610
  Mark Baillie; Ian Ruthven
User expectations from XML element retrieval BIBAFull-Text 611-612
  Stamatina Betsi; Mounia Lalmas; Anastasios Tombros; Theodora Tsikrika
Theoretical benchmarks of XML retrieval BIBAFull-Text 613-614
  Tobias Blanke; Mounia Lalmas
Question classification with log-linear models BIBAFull-Text 615-616
  Phil Blunsom; Krystle Kocik; James R. Curran
Community-based snippet-indexes for pseudo-anonymous personalization in web search BIBAFull-Text 617-618
  Oisin Boydell; Barry Smyth
Bias and the limits of pooling BIBAFull-Text 619-620
  Chris Buckley; Darrin Dimmick; Ian Soboroff; Ellen Voorhees
Term proximity scoring for ad-hoc retrieval on very large text collections BIBAFull-Text 621-622
  Stefan Buttcher; Charles L. A. Clarke; Brad Lushman
An exploratory web log study of multitasking BIBAFull-Text 623-624
  Nikolai (Nick) Buzikashvili
Tensor space model for document analysis BIBAFull-Text 625-626
  Deng Cai; Xiaofei He; Jiawei Han
First large-scale information retrieval experiments on Turkish texts BIBAFull-Text 627-628
  Fazli Can; Seyit Kocberber; Erman Balcik; Cihan Kaynak; H. Cagdas Ocalan; Onur M. Vursavas
Learning a ranking from pairwise preferences BIBAFull-Text 629-630
  Ben Carterette; Desislava Petkova
Automated performance assessment in interactive QA BIBAFull-Text 631-632
  Joyce Y. Chai; Tyler Baldwin; Chen Zhang
Stylistic text segmentation BIBAFull-Text 633-634
  Paul J. Chase; Shlomo Argamon
On hierarchical web catalog integration with conceptual relationships in thesaurus BIBAFull-Text 635-636
  Ing-Xiang Chen; Jui-Chi Ho; Cheng-Zen Yang
Rpref: a generalization of Bpref towards graded relevance judgments BIBAFull-Text 637-638
  Jan De Beer; Marie-Francine Moens
A new web page summarization method BIBAFull-Text 639-640
  Qian Diao; Jiulong Shan
NMF and PLSI: equivalence and a hybrid algorithm BIBAFull-Text 641-642
  Chris Ding; Tao Li; Wei Peng
Using historical data to enhance rank aggregation BIBAFull-Text 643-644
  Miriam Fernandez; David Vallet; Pablo Castells
Enterprise search behaviour of software engineers BIBAFull-Text 645-646
  Luanne Freund; Elaine G. Toms
Evaluating sources of query expansion terms BIBAFull-Text 647-648
  Xin Fu; Diane Kelly
Comparing two blind relevance feedback techniques BIBKFull-Text 649-650
  Daqing He; Yefei Peng
Information retrieval with commonsense knowledge BIBAFull-Text 651-652
  Ming-Hung Hsu; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Refining hierarchical taxonomy structure via semi-supervised learning BIBKFull-Text 653-654
  Ruizhang Huang; Zhigang Zhang; Wai Lam
Quantative analysis of the impact of judging inconsistency on the performance of relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 655-656
  Xiangyu Jin; James French; Jonathan Michel
Swordfish: an unsupervised Ngram based approach to morphological analysis BIBAFull-Text 657-658
  Chris Jordan; John Healy; Vlado Keselj
Authorship attribution with thousands of candidate authors BIBAFull-Text 659-660
  Moshe Koppel; Jonathan Schler; Shlomo Argamon; Eran Messeri
Simple questions to improve pseudo-relevance feedback results BIBAFull-Text 661-662
  Giridhar Kumaran; James Allan
Is XML retrieval meaningful to users?: searcher preferences for full documents vs. elements BIBAFull-Text 663-664
  Birger Larsen; Anastasios Tombros; Saadia Malik
Building a test collection for complex document information processing BIBAFull-Text 665-666
  D. Lewis; G. Agam; S. Argamon; O. Frieder; D. Grossman; J. Heard
Enhancing topic tracking with temporal information BIBAFull-Text 667-668
  Baoli Li; Wenjie Li; Qin Lu
A comparative study of the effect of search feature design on user experience in digital libraries (DLs) BIBAFull-Text 669-670
  Yuelin Li; Xiangmin Zhang; Ying Zhang; Jingjing Liu
Representing clusters for retrieval BIBKFull-Text 671-672
  Xiaoyong Liu; W. Bruce Croft
One-sided measures for evaluating ranked retrieval effectiveness with spontaneous conversational speech BIBAFull-Text 673-674
  Baolong Liu; Douglas W. Oard
Combining fields in known-item email search BIBAFull-Text 675-676
  Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis
Improving QA retrieval using document priors BIBAFull-Text 677-678
  James Mayfield; Paul McNamee
Content-based video retrieval: does video's semantic visual feature matter? BIBAFull-Text 679-680
  Xiangming Mu
Action modeling: language models that predict query behavior BIBAFull-Text 681-682
  G. Craig Murray; Jimmy Lin; Abdur Chowdhury
A method of rating the credibility of news documents on the web BIBAFull-Text 683-684
  Ryosuke Nagura; Yohei Seki; Noriko Kando; Masaki Aono
An analysis of the coupling between training set and neighborhood sizes for the kNN classifier BIBAFull-Text 685-686
  J. Scott Olsson
Fact-focused novelty detection: a feasibility study BIBAFull-Text 687-688
  Jahna Otterbacher; Dragomir Radev
Unity: relevance feedback using user query logs BIBAFull-Text 689-690
  Jignashu Parikh; Shyam Kapur
Improving personalized web search using result diversification BIBAFull-Text 691-692
  Filip Radlinski; Susan Dumais
Using small XML elements to support relevance BIBAFull-Text 693-694
  Georgina Ramirez; Thijs Westerveld; Arjen P. de Vries
Give me just one highly relevant document: P-measure BIBAFull-Text 695-696
  Tetsuya Sakai
Feature diversity in cluster ensembles for robust document clustering BIBAFull-Text 697-698
  Xavier Sevillano; German Cobo; Francesc Alias; Joan Claudi Socoro
Lightening the load of document smoothing for better language modeling retrieval BIBAFull-Text 699-700
  Mark D. Smucker; James Allan
The effect of OCR errors on stylistic text classification BIBAFull-Text 701-702
  Sterling Stuart Stein; Shlomo Argamon; Ophir Frieder
History repeats itself: repeat queries in Yahoo's logs BIBAFull-Text 703-704
  Jaime Teevan; Eytan Adar; Rosie Jones; Michael Potts
Early precision measures: implications from the downside of blind feedback BIBAFull-Text 705-706
  Stephen Tomlinson
An experimental study on automatically labeling hierarchical clusters using statistical features BIBKFull-Text 707-708
  Pucktada Treeratpituk; Jamie Callan
Strict and vague interpretation of XML-retrieval queries BIBAFull-Text 709-710
  Andrew Trotman; Mounia Lalmas
Why structural hints in queries do not help XML-retrieval BIBAFull-Text 711-712
  Andrew Trotman; Mounia Lalmas
Searching the web using composed pages BIBFull-Text 713-714
  Ramakrishna Varadarajan; Vagelis Hristidis; Tao Li
A study of real-time query expansion effectiveness BIBAFull-Text 715-716
  Ryen W. White; Gary Marchionini
A graph-based framework for relation propagation and its application to multi-label learning BIBAFull-Text 717-718
  Ming Wu; Rong Jin
Measuring similarity of semi-structured documents with context weights BIBAFull-Text 719-720
  Christopher C. Yang; Nan Liu
Incorporating query difference for learning retrieval functions in information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 721-722
  Hongyuan Zha; Zhaohui Zheng; Haoying Fu; Gordon Sun
Concept-based biomedical text retrieval BIBAFull-Text 723-724
  Ming Zhong; Xiangji Huang


The TIJAH XML information retrieval system BIBKFull-Text 725
  Henk Ernst Blok; Vojkan Mihajlovic; Georgina Ramirez; Thijs Westerveld; Djoerd Hiemstra; Arjen P. de Vries
A location annotation system for personal photos BIBKFull-Text 726
  Chufeng Chen; Michael Oakes; John Tait
Appraisal navigator BIBAFull-Text 727
  Navendu Garg; Kenneth Bloom; Shlomo Argamon
A platform for Okapi-based contextual information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 728
  Xiangji Huang; Miao Wen; Aijun An; Yan-Rui Huang
Project contexts to situate personal information BIBAFull-Text 729
  William Jones; Harry Bruce; Austin Foxley
Cheshire3: retrieving from tera-scale grid-based digital libraries BIBFull-Text 730
  Ray R. Larson; Robert Sanderson
DeWild: a tool for searching the web using wild cards BIBKFull-Text 731
  Haobin Li; Davood Rafiei
Searching for expertise using the terrier platform BIBKFull-Text 732
  Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis
DiLight: an ontology-based information access system for e-learning environments BIBKFull-Text 733
  Ming Mao; Yefei Peng; Daqing He
Supporting semantic visual feature browsing in content-based video retrieval BIBAFull-Text 734
  Xiangming Mu
MathFind: a math-aware search engine BIBKFull-Text 735
  Rajesh Munavalli; Robert Miner