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Proceedings of the 25th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the 25th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Micheline Beaulieu; Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Sung Hyon Myaeng
Location:Tampere, Finland
Dates:2002-Aug-11 to 2002-Aug-15
Standard No:ISBN: 1-58113-561-0; ACM Order Number: 606020; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR02
  1. Web Information Retrieval
  2. Information Retrieval Theory
  3. User Studies
  4. Filtering
  5. Summarization
  6. Text Categorization
  7. Cross-language Information Retrieval
  8. Clustering
  9. Efficiency
  10. Collaborative Filtering
  11. Arabic Information Retrieval
  12. Queries
  13. Evaluation
  14. Multimedia
  15. Poster session
  16. Demo session
Landmarks in information retrieval: the message out of the bottle BIBAFull-Text 1
  Keith Van Rijsbergen

Web Information Retrieval

Impact transformation: effective and efficient web retrieval BIBAFull-Text 3-10
  Vo Ngoc Anh; Alistair Moffat
Analysis of lexical signatures for finding lost or related documents BIBAFull-Text 11-18
  Seung-Taek Park; David M. Pennock; C. Lee Giles; Robert Krovetz
Using sampled data and regression to merge search engine results BIBAFull-Text 19-26
  Luo Si; Jamie Callan
The Importance of Prior Probabilities for Entry Page Search BIBAFull-Text 27-34
  Wessel Kraaij; Thijs Westerveld; Djoerd Hiemstra

Information Retrieval Theory

Term-specific smoothing for the language modeling approach to information retrieval: the importance of a query term BIBAFull-Text 35-41
  Djoerd Hiemstra
Title language model for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 42-48
  Rong Jin; Alex G. Hauptmann; Cheng Xiang Zhai
Two-stage language models for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 49-56
  ChengXiang Zhai; John Lafferty

User Studies

Finding relevant documents using top ranking sentences: an evaluation of two alternative schemes BIBAFull-Text 57-64
  Ryen W. White; Ian Ruthven; Joemon M. Jose
Predicting category accesses for a user in a structured information space BIBAFull-Text 65-72
  Mao Chen; Andrea S. LaPaugh; Jaswinder Pal Singh
Detecting and Browsing Events in Unstructured text BIBAFull-Text 73-80
  David A. Smith


Novelty and redundancy detection in adaptive filtering BIBAFull-Text 81-88
  Yi Zhang; Jamie Callan; Thomas Minka
Improving realism of topic tracking evaluation BIBAFull-Text 89-96
  Anton Leuski; James Allan
Bayesian online classifiers for text classification and filtering BIBAFull-Text 97-104
  Kian Ming Adam Chai; Hai Leong Chieu; Hwee Tou Ng


The use of unlabeled data to improve supervised learning for text summarization BIBAFull-Text 105-112
  Massih-Reza Amini; Patrick Gallinari
Generic summarization and keyphrase extraction using mutual reinforcement principle and sentence clustering BIBAFull-Text 113-120
  Hongyuan Zha
Cross-document summarization by concept classification BIBAFull-Text 121-128
  Hilda Hardy; Nobuyuki Shimizu; Tomek Strzalkowski; Liu Ting; Xinyang Zhang; G. Bowden Wise

Text Categorization

Unsupervised document classification using sequential information maximization BIBAFull-Text 129-136
  Noam Slonim; Nir Friedman; Naftali Tishby
Topic difference factor extraction between two document sets and its application to text categorization BIBAFull-Text 137-144
  Takahiko Kawatani
Text genre classification with genre-revealing and subject-revealing features BIBAFull-Text 145-150
  Yong-Bae Lee; Sung Hyon Myaeng
A new family of online algorithms for category ranking BIBAFull-Text 151-158
  Koby Crammer; Yoram Singer

Cross-language Information Retrieval

Comparing cross-language query expansion techniques by degrading translation resources BIBAFull-Text 159-166
  Paul McNamee; James Mayfield
Statistical cross-language information retrieval using n-best query translations BIBAFull-Text 167-174
  Marcello Federico; Nicola Bertoldi
Cross-lingual relevance models BIBAFull-Text 175-182
  Victor Lavrenko; Martin Choquette; W. Bruce Croft
Resolving query translation ambiguity using a decaying co-occurrence model and syntactic dependence relations BIBAFull-Text 183-190
  Jianfeng Gao; Ming Zhou; Jian-Yun Nie; Hongzhao He; Weijun Chen


Document clustering with cluster refinement and model selection capabilities BIBAFull-Text 191-198
  Xin Liu; Yihong Gong; Wei Xu; Shenghuo Zhu
Document clustering with committees BIBAFull-Text 199-206
  Patrick Pantel; Dekang Lin
Probabilistic combination of text classifiers using reliability indicators: models and results BIBAFull-Text 207-214
  Paul N. Bennett; Susan T. Dumais; Eric Horvitz


Efficient phrase querying with an auxiliary index BIBAFull-Text 215-221
  Dirk Bahle; Hugh E. Williams; Justin Zobel
Compression of inverted indexes For fast query evaluation BIBAFull-Text 222-229
  Falk Scholer; Hugh E. Williams; John Yiannis; Justin Zobel
Set-based model: a new approach for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 230-237
  Bruno Possas; Nivio Ziviani; Wagner, Jr. Meira; Berthier Ribeiro-Neto

Collaborative Filtering

Collaborative filtering with privacy via factor analysis BIBAFull-Text 238-245
  John Canny
Inverted file search algorithms for collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 246-252
  Rickard Coster; Martin Svensson
Methods and metrics for cold-start recommendations BIBAFull-Text 253-260
  Andrew I. Schein; Alexandrin Popescul; Lyle H. Ungar; David M. Pennock

Arabic Information Retrieval

Term selection for searching printed Arabic BIBAFull-Text 261-268
  Kareem Darwish; Douglas W. Oard
Empirical studies in strategies for Arabic retrieval BIBAFull-Text 269-274
  Jinxi Xu; Alexander Fraser; Ralph Weischedel
Improving stemming for Arabic information retrieval: light stemming and co-occurrence analysis BIBAFull-Text 275-282
  Leah S. Larkey; Lisa Ballesteros; Margaret E. Connell


Automatic query refinement using lexical affinities with maximal information gain BIBAFull-Text 283-290
  David Carmel; Eitan Farchi; Yael Petruschka; Aya Soffer
Web question answering: is more always better? BIBAFull-Text 291-298
  Susan Dumais; Michele Banko; Eric Brill; Jimmy Lin; Andrew Ng
Predicting query performance BIBAFull-Text 299-306
  Steve Cronen-Townsend; Yun Zhou; W. Bruce Croft
Using part-of-speech patterns to reduce query ambiguity BIBAFull-Text 307-314
  James Allan; Hema Raghavan
Is natural language an inconvenience or an opportunity for IR? BIBAFull-Text 315
  Kimmo Koskenniemi


The effect of topic set size on retrieval experiment error BIBAFull-Text 316-323
  Ellen M. Voorhees; Chris Buckley
Liberal relevance criteria of TREC: counting on negligible documents? BIBAFull-Text 324-330
  Eero Sormunen


Robust temporal and spectral modeling for query By melody BIBAFull-Text 331-338
  Shai Shalev-Shwartz; Shlomo Dubnov; Nir Friedman; Yoram Singer
Video retrieval using an MPEG-7 based inference network BIBAFull-Text 339-346
  Andrew Graves; Mounia Lalmas

Poster session

Using self-supervised word segmentation in Chinese information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 349-350
  Fuchun Peng; Xiangji Huang; Dale Schuurmans; Nick Cercone; Stephen E. Robertson
Automatic classification in product catalogs BIBAFull-Text 351-352
  Ben Wolin
PageRank, HITS and a unified framework for link analysis BIBAFull-Text 353-354
  Chris Ding; Xiaofeng He; Parry Husbands; Hongyuan Zha; Horst D. Simon
Task orientation in question answering BIBFull-Text 355-356
  Vanessa Murdock; W. Bruce Croft
Experiments in high-dimensional text categorization BIBAFull-Text 357-358
  Fred J. Damerau; Tong Zhang; Sholom M. Weiss; Nitin Indurkhya
The relationship between ASK and relevance criteria BIBFull-Text 359-360
  Xiao-Jun Yuan; Nicholas J. Belkin; Ja-Young Kim
ICA and SOM in text document analysis BIBAFull-Text 361-362
  Ella Bingham; Jukka Kuusisto; Krista Lagus
Improving hierarchical text classification using unlabeled data BIBFull-Text 363-364
  Vijay Boyapati
Do thumbnail previews help users make better relevance decisions about web search results? BIBAFull-Text 365-366
  Susan Dziadosz; Raman Chandrasekar
Amilcare: adaptive information extraction for document annotation BIBFull-Text 367-368
  Fabio Ciravegna; Alexiei Dingli; Yorick Wilks; Daniela Petrelli
The impact of corpus size on question answering performance BIBAFull-Text 369-370
  C. L. A. Clarke; G. V. Cormack; M. Laszlo; T. R. Lynam; E. L. Terra
Effective collection metasearch in a hierarchical environment: global vs. localized retrieval performance BIBAFull-Text 371-372
  Jack G. Conrad; Changwen Yang; Joanne S. Claussen
Experimenting with graphical user interfaces for structured document retrieval BIBFull-Text 373-374
  Fabio Crestani; Pablo de la Fuente; Jesus Vegas
The web retrieval task and its evaluation in the third NTCIR workshop BIBAFull-Text 375-376
  Koji Eguchi; Keizo Oyama; Emi Ishida; Kazuko Kuriyama; Noriko Kando
How Many Bits are Needed to Store Term Frequencies? BIBAFull-Text 377-378
  Martin Franz; J. Scott McCarley
Non-linear reading for a structured web indexation BIBAFull-Text 379-380
  Mathias Gery
Document normalization revisited BIBAFull-Text 381-382
  Abdur Chowdhury; M. Catherine McCabe; David Grossman; Ophir Frieder
User-centered interface design for cross-language information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 383-384
  Preben Hansen; Daniela Petrelli; Jussi Karlgren; Micheline Beaulieu; Mark Sanderson
Implementation of relevance feedback for content-based music retrieval based on user preferences BIBFull-Text 385-386
  Keiichiro Hoashi; Erik Zeitler; Naomi Inoue
Spatial information retrieval and geographical ontologies an overview of the SPIRIT project BIBFull-Text 387-388
  Christopher B. Jones; R. Purves; A. Ruas; M. Sanderson; M. Sester; M. van Kreveld; R. Weibel
A visualisation tool for topic tracking analysis and development BIBAFull-Text 389-390
  Gareth J. F. Jones; Steven M. Gabb
A new method of parameter estimation for multinomial naive bayes text classifiers BIBAFull-Text 391-392
  Sang-Bum Kim; Hae-Chang Rim; Heui-Seok Lim
Study of category score algorithms for k-NN classifier BIBAFull-Text 393-394
  Huaizhong Kou; Georges Gardarin
Higher precision for two-word queries BIBAFull-Text 395-396
  K. L. Kwok
The boomerang effect: retrieving scientific documents via the network of references and citations BIBFull-Text 397-398
  Birger Larsen; Peter Ingwersen
A logistic regression approach to distributed IR BIBAFull-Text 399-400
  Ray R. Larson
Automatic metadata generation & evaluation BIBAFull-Text 401-402
  Elizabeth D. Liddy; Eileen Allen; Sarah Harwell; Susan Corieri; Ozgur Yilmazel; N. Ercan Ozgencil; Anne Diekema; Nancy McCracken; Joanne Silverstein; Stuart Sutton
A critical examination of TDT's cost function BIBAFull-Text 403-404
  R. Manmatha; Ao Feng; James Allan
Converting on-line bilingual dictionaries from human-readable to machine-readable form BIBAFull-Text 405-406
  James Mayfield; Paul McNamee
Modeling (in)variability of human judgments for text summarization BIBAFull-Text 407-408
  Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumoto
Content-based music indexing and organization BIBAFull-Text 409-410
  Andreas Rauber; Elias Pampalk; Dieter Merkl
Relative and absolute term selection criteria: a comparative study for English and Japanese IR BIBFull-Text 411-412
  Tetsuya Sakai; Stephen E. Robertson
Experiments on data fusion using headline information BIBAFull-Text 413-414
  Xiao Mang Shou; Mark Sanderson
Building thematic lexical resources by term categorization BIBAFull-Text 415-416
  Alberto Lavelli; Bernardo Magnini; Fabrizio Sebastiani
Topic structure modeling BIBAFull-Text 417-418
  David A. Evans; James G. Shanahan; Victor Sheftel
Language model for IR using collection information BIBAFull-Text 419-420
  Rong Jin; Luo Si; Alex G. Hauptmann; Jamie Callan
Automatic evaluation of world wide web search services BIBAFull-Text 421-422
  Abdur Chowdhury; Ian Soboroff
Does WT10g look like the web? BIBAFull-Text 423-424
  Ian Soboroff
Biterm language models for document retrieval BIBFull-Text 425-426
  Munirathnam Srikanth; Rohini Srihari
Selecting indexing strings using adaptation BIBAFull-Text 427-428
  Yoshiyuki Takeda; Kyoji Umemura
Error correction in a Chinese OCR test collection BIBAFull-Text 429-430
  Yuen-Hsien Tseng
User interface effects in past batch versus user experiments BIBFull-Text 431-432
  Andrew Turpin; William Hersh
K-tree/forest: efficient indexes for boolean queries BIBAFull-Text 433-434
  Rakesh M. Verma; Sanjiv Behl
Example-based phrase translation in Chinese-English CLIR BIBAFull-Text 435-436
  Bin Wang; Xueqi Cheng; Shuo Bai
Probabilistic multimedia retrieval BIBAFull-Text 437-438
  Thijs Westerveld
Chinese keyword extraction based on max-duplicated strings of the documents BIBAFull-Text 439-440
  Wenfeng Yang
A hierarchical approach: query large music database by acoustic input BIBFull-Text 441-442
  Yazhong Feng; Yueting Zhuang; Yunhe Pan
Correlating multilingual documents via bipartite graph modeling BIBAFull-Text 443-444
  Hongyuan Zha; Xiang Ji

Demo session

A system using implicit feedback and top ranking sentences to help users find relevant web documents BIBAFull-Text 446
  Ryen W. White; Joemon M. Jose; Ian Ruthven
Indexing, searching, and retrieving of recorded live presentations with the AOF (authoring on the fly) search engine BIBAFull-Text 447
  Wolfgang Hurst
UTACLIR: general query translation framework for several language pairs BIBFull-Text 448
  Heikki Keskustalo; Turid Hedlund; Eija Airio
HyREX: hyper-media retrieval engine for XML BIBFull-Text 449
  Norbert Fuhr; Norbert Govert; Kai Grossjohann
Query performance analyser: a web-based tool for IR research and instruction BIBAFull-Text 450
  Eero Sormunen; Sakari Hokkanen; Petteri Kangaslampi; Petri Pyy; Bemmu Sepponen
Adaptive information extraction for document annotation in amilcare BIBAFull-Text 451
  Fabio Ciravegna; Alexiei Dingli; Yorick Wilks; Daniela Petrelli
ExWrap: semi-automatic wrapper generation by example BIBFull-Text 452
  Bethina Schmitt; Michael Christoffel; Jurgen Schneider
Souvenir: flexible note-taking tool to pinpoint and share media highlights BIBAFull-Text 453
  Anselm Spoerri
Hierarchical approach to term suggestion device BIBAFull-Text 454
  Hideo Joho; Mark Sanderson; Micheline Beaulieu
Translingual vocabulary mappings for multilingual information access BIBFull-Text 455
  Fredric C. Gey; Aitao Chen; Michael Buckland; Ray Larson
GS textplorer: adaptive framework for information retrieval BIBFull-Text 456
  Jukka Honkela; Ville H. Tuulos
CuTeX: a system for extracting data from text tables BIBAFull-Text 457
  Hasan Davulcu; Saikat Mukherjee; Arvind Seth; I. V. Ramakrishnan
YellowPager: a tool for ontology-based mining of service directories from web sources BIBAFull-Text 458
  Prashant Choudhari; Hasan Davulcu; Abhishek Joglekar; Akshay More; Saikat Mukherjee; Supriya Patil; I. V. Ramakrishnan