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interactions 17

Editors:Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
Links:Table of Contents
  1. INTER 2010-01 Volume 17 Issue 1
  2. INTER 2010-03 Volume 17 Issue 2
  3. INTER 2010-05 Volume 17 Issue 3
  4. INTER 2010-07 Volume 17 Issue 4
  5. INTER 2010-09 Volume 17 Issue 5
  6. INTER 2010-11 Volume 17 Issue 6

INTER 2010-01 Volume 17 Issue 1


Interactions: information, physicality, co-ownership, and culture BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

The tactile experience

Tangible interaction = form + computing BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Mark Baskinger; Mark Gross


The transmedia design challenge: technology that is pleasurable and satisfying BIBFull-Text 12-15
  Donald A. Norman


The art of editing: the new old skills for a curated life BIBFull-Text 16-19
  Liz Danzico


Of memories and memorials: a conversation with Jake Barton about the Make History project BIBFull-Text 20-23
  Alex Wright
Operationalizing brands with new technologies BIBFull-Text 24-27
  Denise Lee Yohn
The social life of visualization BIBFull-Text 28-31
  Jeremy Yuille; Hugh Macdonald

Forum: Under Development

Beyond the Benjamins: toward an African interaction design BIBFull-Text 32-35
  N. J. Bidwell; H. Winschiers-Theophilus
Social change: women, networks, and technology BIBFull-Text 36-39
  Natalie Quizon

Forum: Interacting with public policy

Interacting with public policy BIBFull-Text 40-43
  Jonathan Lazar

Forum: Sustainably Ours

Reclaim BIBFull-Text 44-46
  Eli Blevis

The important role of user research

User-research-driven mobile user interface innovation: a success story from Seoul BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Jay Chaeyong Yi
Why marketing research makes us cringe BIBFull-Text 52-56
  Dan Formosa

(Does it bother anyone that design continues to be driven by awful marketing techniques?)

Why designers sometimes make me cringe BIBFull-Text 56-57
  Klaus Kaasgaard


Let the experts talk: an experience of tangible game design with children BIBFull-Text 58-61
  Javier Marco; Sandra Baldassarri; Eva Cerezo; Diana Yifan Xu; Janet C. Read

Clarifying interactions

Ps AND Qs: Socializing at cross purposes BIBFull-Text 62-65
  Elizabeth F. Churchill

Forum: Timelines

Reflections on the future of iSchools from a dean inspired by some junior faculty BIBAKFull-Text 66-68
  Martha E. Pollack


The language/action model of conversation: can conversation perform acts of design? BIBFull-Text 70-75
  Peter H. Jones
FEATURE: Is wellness informatics a field of human-centered health informatics? BIBFull-Text 76-79
  Rebecca E. Grinter; Katie A. Siek; Andrea Grimes

Interactions Cafe

On designers as catalytic agents BIBFull-Text 80
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

INTER 2010-03 Volume 17 Issue 2


exploring aspects of design thinking BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

On Design Thinking

Evolution of the mind: a case for design literacy BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Chris Pacione
Design thinking in stereo: Brown and Martin BIBFull-Text 12-15
  Paula Thornton
Designing interactions at work: applying design to discussions, meetings, and relationships BIBFull-Text 16-19
  Roger Martin; Jennifer Riel

Tools and Technologies to Facilitate and Improve Design

From Davis to David: lessons from improvisation BIBFull-Text 20-23
  Liz Danzico
Mobilizing attention: storytelling for innovation BIBFull-Text 24-26
  Jeffrey Kim; Arnold Lund; Caroline Dombrowski
PUX: patterns of user experience BIBFull-Text 27-31
  Alan F. Blackwell; Sally Fincher
Interaction criticism: three readings of an interaction design, and what they get us BIBFull-Text 32-37
  Jeffrey Bardzell; Jay Bolter; Jonas Löwgren

Challenges to Design Research

Technology first, needs last: the research-product gulf BIBFull-Text 38-42
  Donald A. Norman
An introduction to casual data, and how it's changing everything BIBFull-Text 43-47
  Lauren Serota; Dan Rockwell
The essence of interaction design research: a call for consistency BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Sam Ladner

Gender Issues

Sugared puppy-dog tails: gender and design BIBFull-Text 52-56
  Elizabeth F. Churchill
The lens of feminist HCI in the context of sustainable interaction design BIBFull-Text 57-59
  Shaowen Bardzell; Eli Blevis
MyMeal: an interactive user-tailored meal visualization tool for teenagers battling eating disorders BIBFull-Text 60-63
  Desmond Ballance; Jodie Jenkinson

On the Role and Design of Social Media and Enhanced Technology

From bowling alone to tweeting together: technology-mediated social participation BIBFull-Text 64-67
  Harry Hochheiser; Ben Shneiderman
Ubuntu in the network: humanness in social capital in rural Africa BIBFull-Text 68-71
  Nic Bidwell
Only robots on the inside BIBFull-Text 72-74
  Ryan Wistort

Forum: Timelines Updates

What a wonderful critter: orphans find a home BIBKFull-Text 76-78
  Jonathan Grudin

Interactions Cafe

On design thinking, business, the arts, STEM... BIBFull-Text 80-ff
  Jon Kolko; Richard Anderson

INTER 2010-05 Volume 17 Issue 3


Business, culture, and society BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

Human interfaces

Natural user interfaces are not natural BIBFull-Text 6-10
  Donald A. Norman
Making face: practices and interpretations of avatars in everyday media BIBFull-Text 11-14
  Liz Danzico
The ubiquitous and increasingly significant status message BIBFull-Text 15-17
  Bernard J. Jansen; Abdur Chowdury; Geoff Cook
Back to the future: bleeding-edge IVR BIBFull-Text 18-20
  Ahmed Bouzid; Weiye Ma
Give man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and...he will overfish BIBFull-Text 22-25
  Jussi Impiö
Accessibility and public policy in Sweden BIBFull-Text 26-29
  Jan Gulliksen; Hans von Axelson; Hans Persson; Bengt Göransson
Enjoying cultural heritage thanks to mobile technology BIBFull-Text 30-33
  Maria Francesca Costabile; Carmelo Ardito; Rosa Lanzilotti

Innovation in business

Creating a user-centered development culture BIBFull-Text 34-38
  Arnold (Arnie) M. Lund
Collaborate to innovate?: getting fresh small company thinking into big company innovation BIBFull-Text 39-43
  Mark Hicks
The role of leadership in winning design BIBFull-Text 44-47
  Don Fotsch

Social change

Depth over breadth: designing for impact locally, and for the long haul BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Emily Pilloton
Solving the world's problems through design BIBFull-Text 52-54
  Nadav Savio
Reframing health to embrace design of our own well-being BIBFull-Text 56-63
  Hugh Dubberly; Rajiv Mehta; Shelley Evenson; Paul Pangaro

New things to learn

Design challenge based learning (DCBL) sustainable pedagogical practice BIBFull-Text 64-69
  Eli Blevis
Social participation in open source: what it means for designers BIBFull-Text 70-74
  Paula M. Bach; Michael Twidale
Intentional communication: expanding our definition of user experience design BIBFull-Text 75-77
  Kristina Halvorson
Content strategy for everybody (even you) BIBFull-Text 78-81
  Karen McGrane
Enticing engagement BIBFull-Text 82-87
  Elizabeth F. Churchill

Interactions Cafe

On language potential BIBFull-Text 88
  Jon Kolko

INTER 2010-07 Volume 17 Issue 4

Interactions Cafe

Subtlety, change BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

The mystery of product development

Everything I know about user experience I learned from Jimmy Buffett BIBFull-Text 6-8
  Greg Hintermeister
The research-practice gap: the need for translational developers BIBFull-Text 9-12
  Donald A. Norman
Visible synthesis BIBFull-Text 13-17
  Katie Minardo Scott

Design, HCI, and the planet

Climate change: a challenge for design BIBFull-Text 18-21
  Julian Sanchez; Marco T. Sanchez
Navigating the terrain of sustainable HCI BIBFull-Text 22-25
  Carl DiSalvo; Phoebe Sengers; Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir
co-design lessons with children BIBFull-Text 26-29
  Kirsikka Vaajakallio; Tuuli Mattelmäki; Jung-Joo Lee
Learning to succeed at e-government BIBFull-Text 30-33
  Ulrike Rivett; Melissa Loudon
Time goes by...everything looks the same BIBFull-Text 34-37
  Dennis Littky

Forum: Timelines

CSCW: time passed, tempest, and time past BIBAKFull-Text 38-40
  Jonathan Grudin

Design, HCI, and the planet

Interacting with public policy: Driving transportation policy through technological innovation BIBFull-Text 42-48
  Juan E. Gilbert; Aqueasha M. Martin; Wanda Eugene; Hanan Alnizami; Wanda Moses; Deidra Morrison
Stepping out of the shallows BIBFull-Text 49-51
  Alex Wright
Q&A with Nicholas Carr BIBFull-Text 52-54
  Alex Wright
Adding by leaving out: the power of the pause BIBFull-Text 55-57
  Liz Danzico
evolve, adapt, THRIVE! BIBFull-Text 58-61
  Jon Innes
Today's flâneur: from HCI to place-based interaction and human-place interaction BIBFull-Text 62-66
  Elizabeth F. Churchill
Adaptive reuse: things, containers, and streets in the architecture of the social web BIBFull-Text 67-70
  Fred Scharmen

Interactions cafe

On education BIBFull-Text 72-ff
  Jon Kolko

INTER 2010-09 Volume 17 Issue 5


Interactions: authenticity, complexity, design BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

Authenticity in new media

The meaning of affinity and the importance of identity in the designed world BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Matthew Jordan
Fluidity in craft and authenticity BIBFull-Text 12-15
  Sarah Kettley
The design of serendipity is not by chance BIBFull-Text 16-18
  Liz Danzico
Why "the conversation" isn't necessarily a conversation BIBFull-Text 19-21
  Ben McAllister
The (anti) social net BIBFull-Text 22-25
  Elizabeth F. Churchill

The complexity of "advancement"

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst: interaction design and the tipping point BIBFull-Text 26-30
  Eli Blevis; Shunying Blevis
Reciprocity, deep storage, and letting go: opportunities for designing interactions with inherited digital materials BIBFull-Text 31-34
  William Odom; Richard Banks; Dave Kirk
My uncle used to watch television BIBFull-Text 35-37
  Andrew Cyrus Smith

Design and usability

Six speaking chairs (not directly) for people who cannot speak BIBFull-Text 38-42
  Graham Pullin; Andrew Cook
Looking at accessibility as a design problem BIBFull-Text 43-45
  Dana Chisnell
Gestural interfaces: a step backward in usability BIBFull-Text 46-49
  Donald A. Norman; Jakob Nielsen

The politics of development

Not your average farmer: designing for lead users in ICT4D research BIBFull-Text 50-52
  Neil Patel

Forum: Timelines

Project SAGE, a half-century on BIBAKFull-Text 53-55
  John Leslie King

The politics of development

Interacting with policy in a political world: reflections from the voices from the Rwanda Tribunal project BIBFull-Text 56-59
  Lisa P. Nathan; Batya Friedman

What is design?

All look same?: a comparison of experience design and service design BIBFull-Text 60-62
  Jodi Forlizzi
Building a user observatory: from ethnographic insights to effective recommendations BIBFull-Text 63-67
  Valérie Bauwens
Relying on failures in design research BIBFull-Text 68-69
  Nicolas Nova
Solving complex problems through design BIBFull-Text 70-73
  Steve Baty
The space of design BIBFull-Text 74-79
  Hugh Dubberly

Interactions Cafe

On academic knowledge production BIBFull-Text 80
  Jon Kolko

INTER 2010-11 Volume 17 Issue 6


Interactions BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko


Designing for solitude BIBFull-Text 6-9
  Ben Fullerton
Oh, beleaguered beauty BIBFull-Text 10-12
  José A. Martínez Salmerón
REALizing our messy futures: toward culturally responsive design tools in engaging our deeper dives BIBFull-Text 14-19
  Woodrow W., III Winchester

Opinion: Between the Lines

The taxonomy of the invisible: counting emerging urban forests BIBFull-Text 20-23
  Liz Danzico


Broadening horizons through information technology BIBFull-Text 24-26
  Lisa P. Nathan
Future workplaces to support environmental sustainability BIBFull-Text 27-28
  Bill Tomlinson

Forum: Sustainably Ours

The climate change habitability index BIBFull-Text 29-33
  Yue Pan; Chit Meng Cheong; Eli Blevis


Transforming healthcare infrastructure BIBFull-Text 34-40
  Dave Cronin
Design tools for base of the pyramid strategies BIBFull-Text 41-46
  Prasad Boradkar; Unmesh Kulkarni
Bodystorming as embodied designing BIBFull-Text 47-51
  Dennis Schleicher; Peter Jones; Oksana Kachur

Forum: Interacting with Public Policy

L'Administration électronique: the French approach to e-government BIBFull-Text 52-55
  Marco Winckler

Forum: Timelines

MCC's human interface laboratory: the promise and perils of long-term research BIBAKFull-Text 56-59
  Bill Curtis

Opinion: The Way I See It

Looking back, looking forward BIBFull-Text 61-63
  Donald A. Norman

Forum: Under Development

Angst, and how to overcome it BIBFull-Text 64-66
  Gary Marsden


The hard work lies ahead (if you want it) BIBFull-Text 67-69
  Steve Portigal


Learning from John Rheinfrank: reflections on acquiring a design language BIBFull-Text 70-74
  Jon Freach

Forum: On Modeling

Ability-centered design: from static to adaptive worlds BIBFull-Text 75-79
  Shelley Evenson; Justin Rheinfrank; Hugh Dubberly

Interactions Cafe

On experiences, people, technology BIBFull-Text 80
  Jon Kolko