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interactions 16

Editors:Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
Links:Table of Contents
  1. INTER 2009-01 Volume 16 Issue 1
  2. INTER 2009-03 Volume 16 Issue 2
  3. INTER 2009-05 Volume 16 Issue 3
  4. INTER 2009-07 Volume 16 Issue 4
  5. INTER 2009-09 Volume 16 Issue 5
  6. INTER 2009-11 Volume 16 Issue 6

INTER 2009-01 Volume 16 Issue 1


Interactions: time for some change BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

The potential for technology-enabled connections

Social network sites and society: current trends and future possibilities BIBFull-Text 6-9
  Nicole B. Ellison; Cliff Lampe; Charles Steinfield
90 mobiles in 90 days: a celebration of ideas for mobile user experience BIBFull-Text 10-13
  Rachel Hinman
Kids, education, and cellular handsets BIBFull-Text 14-16
  Jakkaphan Tangkuampien
Automated journeys -- automated connections BIBFull-Text 17-19
  Lars Erik Holmquist
Givin' you more of what you're funkin' for: DJs and the Internet BIBFull-Text 20-24
  Elizabeth F. Churchill

The need for companies to change their ways

The washing machine that ate my sari -- mistakes in cross-cultural design BIBFull-Text 26-31
  Apala Lahiri Chavan; Douglas Gorney; Beena Prabhu; Sarit Arora

Forum: Lifelong Interactions

Designing senior-friendly living, or why doesn't my cable work? BIBFull-Text 32-34
  Jonathan Lazar

The need for companies to change their ways

The heterogeneous home BIBFull-Text 35-38
  Ryan Aipperspach; Ben Hooker; Allison Woodruff

The need for companies to change their ways : Opinion: THE WAY I SEE IT

People are from earth, machines are from outer space BIBFull-Text 39-41
  Donald A. Norman

The need for companies to change their ways

Product design 2.0 and the genesis of Kicker Studio BIBFull-Text 42-43
  Dan Saffer
A kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a deselection: a review of Designing Gestural Interfaces BIBFull-Text 45-47
  Carla Diana

Forum: Sustainably Ours

Mellow Velo BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Eli Blevis

Enabling the pursuit of different goals

Design versus innovation: the Cranbrook/IIT debate BIBFull-Text 52-57
  Scott Klinker; Jeremy Alexis
Can "wow" be a design goal? BIBFull-Text 58-61
  James M. Hudson; Kameshwari (Kay) Viswanadha

Forum: Timelines

Sound in computing: a short history BIBAKFull-Text 62-65
  Paul Robare; Jodi Forlizzi

Enabling the pursuit of different goals

The value of visual design in software development BIBFull-Text 66-68
  Kimberley Peter

Forum: On Modeling

What is interaction?: are there different types? BIBFull-Text 69-75
  Hugh Dubberly; Paul Pangaro; Usman Haque

Opinion: True Tales

Poets, priests, and politicians BIBFull-Text 77-79
  Steve Portigal


On marketing, words... BIBFull-Text 80
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

INTER 2009-03 Volume 16 Issue 2


Interactions: trust, collaboration, and empathy BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

The importance of collaboration

Co-creation in service design BIBFull-Text 6-9
  Ben Fullerton
Bridging the gaps between enterprise software and end users BIBFull-Text 10-14
  Kraig Finstad; Wei Xu; Shibani Kapoor; Sri Canakapalli; John Gladding

Forum: Timelines

The information school phenomenon BIBAKFull-Text 15-19
  Gary M. Olson; Jonathan Grudin

Deep thinking

Problems before patterns: a different look at Christopher Alexander and pattern languages BIBFull-Text 20-23
  Molly Wright Steenson
Memory is more important than actuality BIBFull-Text 24-26
  Donald A. Norman
Embodied child computer interaction: why embodiment matters BIBFull-Text 27-30
  Alissa N. Antle

Who can you trust?

On trusting your socks to find each other BIBFull-Text 32-36
  Elizabeth F. Churchill
The counterfeit you BIBFull-Text 37-40
  Hunter Whitney
Identity theft: the challenges of caring for your virtual self BIBFull-Text 41-45
  Jennifer Whitson
The ambient mirror: creating a digital self-image through pervasive technologies BIBFull-Text 46-50
  Dimitris Grammenos
Interacting with advertising BIBFull-Text 52-53
  Steve Portigal

Looking ahead

Taking a broader view of the human experience BIBFull-Text 54-57
  Mark Vanderbeeken
Food A dude BIBFull-Text 58-62
  Eli Blevis; Susan Coleman Morse
Research strategies for future planning BIBFull-Text 63-66
  Colleen Murray
Electronic tablecloths: the developing world BIBFull-Text 67-69
  Gary Marsden

Who can you trust?

Neuroscience: the future of human-computer interaction BIBFull-Text 70-75
  Brad S. Minnery; Michael S. Fine
Doing business by design BIBFull-Text 76-79
  Alex Wright

Interactions cafe

On the relevance of theory to practitioners... BIBFull-Text 80
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

INTER 2009-05 Volume 16 Issue 3


Interactions: the need to consider the lasting human consequences of our work BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

Rethinking the fundamentals

Is usability obsolete? BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Katie Minardo Scott
User centered is off center BIBFull-Text 12-15
  Eric Schweikardt
As we may speak: metaphors, conceptual blends, and usability BIBFull-Text 16-19
  Charles Hannon

The importance of constraints

Design fiction BIBFull-Text 20-24
  Bruce Sterling
He's at it again: eyeball-blasting laser-colored neural helmets BIBFull-Text 25-26
  Ryan Jahn
What's design got to do with the world financial crisis? BIBFull-Text 27-30
  Elaine Ann
Learning from activists: lessons for designers BIBFull-Text 31-33
  Tad Hirsch

Three very different design paths

Physical games, beyond mini-games BIBFull-Text 34-41
  Andrew Hieronymi

Forum: Timelines

Wikipedia: the happy accident BIBAKFull-Text 42-45
  Joseph Reagle

Three very different design paths

Reconstructing Australian Aboriginal governance by systems design BIBFull-Text 46-49
  Peter Radoll

Models and principles relevant to design

Digital order: just over the horizon or at the end of the rainbow? BIBFull-Text 50-53
  Elizabeth F. Churchill
Models of models BIBFull-Text 54-60
  Hugh Dubberly
Compliance and tolerance BIBFull-Text 61-65
  Donald A. Norman
Persons with disabilities and intergenerational universal usability BIBFull-Text 66-67
  Paul T. Jaeger
Ships in the night (part I): design without research? BIBFull-Text 68-71
  Steve Portigal


On changing the world while paying the bills... BIBFull-Text 72
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

INTER 2009-07 Volume 16 Issue 4


Interactions: time, culture, and behavior BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

Being green

Information system design as catalyst: human action and environmental sustainability BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Lisa Nathan; Batya Friedman; Dave Hendry
The waste manifesto BIBFull-Text 12-15
  Victor Margolin
"At the End of the World, Plant a Tree": six questions for Adam Greenfield BIBFull-Text 16-20
  Adam Greenfield; Tish Shute

Designing for time

What is conversation, and how can we design for it? BIBFull-Text 22-28
  Hugh Dubberly; Paul Pangaro
"Paper in screen" prototyping: an agile technique to anticipate the mobile experience BIBFull-Text 29-33
  Davide Bolchini; Diego Pulido; Anthony Faiola
Time temporality, and interaction BIBFull-Text 34-37
  Sus Lundgren; Theo Hultberg

Forum: Timelines

Understanding visual thinking: the history and future of graphic facilitation BIBAKFull-Text 38-43
  Christine Valenza; Jan Adkins

Designing for time

Stories that inspire action BIBFull-Text 44-47
  Gary Hirsch; Brad Robertson

The value of culture

Supporting healthy aging with new technologies BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Brian D. Jones; Claudia Rébola Winegarden; Wendy A. Rogers
One year of experiences with XO laptops in Uruguay BIBFull-Text 52-55
  Pablo Flores; Juan Pablo Hourcade
The incidental user BIBFull-Text 56-59
  Ohad Inbar; Noam Tractinsky
Around the table: a review of working in Hong Kong BIBFull-Text 60-65
  Pedro "Adler" Jorge

At the foundation

Designing the infrastructure BIBFull-Text 66-69
  Donald A. Norman
The golden age of newsprint collides with the gilt age of internet news BIBFull-Text 70-74
  Elizabeth F. Churchill
Ships in the night (part II): research without design? BIBFull-Text 76-79
  Steve Portigal

Interactions Cafe

On hopelessness and hope BIBFull-Text 80
  Jon Kolko

INTER 2009-09 Volume 16 Issue 5


Interactions: looking broadly to the future BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

The democratization of design

No pain, no gain: pleasure and suffering in technologies of leidenschaft BIBFull-Text 6-11
  Bernd Ploderer; Peter Wright; Steve Howard; Peter Thomas
Anything is a fridge: the implications of everyday designers BIBFull-Text 12-17
  Ron Wakkary
Citizen-centered design (slowly) revolutionizes the media and experience of U. S. elections BIBFull-Text 18-25
  Jessica Friedman Hewitt
Design advocacy in government BIBFull-Text 22
  Richard Grefé
The new energy interface BIBFull-Text 26-28
  Peter C. Honebein
Web 2.0 in government BIBFull-Text 29-35
  Francesca Barrientos; Elizabeth Foughty
The six habits of highly effective "humanitarian" projects BIBFull-Text 36-39
  Gary Marsden
Research automation as technomethodological pixie dust BIBFull-Text 40-43
  Elizabeth F. Churchill

Breaking traditional boundaries of interaction

In search of models and visions for the web age BIBFull-Text 44-47
  Virgílio Fernandes Almeida
Transcending disciplinary boundaries in interaction design BIBFull-Text 48-51
  Eli Blevis; Erik Stolterman
Systems thinking: a product is more than the product BIBFull-Text 52-54
  Donald A. Norman
Myth of the design process BIBFull-Text 55-57
  August de los Reyes

Exploring the future

Building support for use-based design into hardware products BIBFull-Text 58-64
  Tim Misner
Data mining for educational "gold" BIBFull-Text 65-68
  Shalom M. Fisch; Richard Lesh; Elizabeth Motoki; Sandra Crespo; Vincent Melfi

Forum: Timelines

Reflections on the future of iSchools from inspired junior faculty BIBAKFull-Text 69-71
  Jacob O. Wobbrock; Andrew J. Ko; Julie A. Kientz

Exploring the future

We are living in a sci-fi world BIBFull-Text 72-75
  Steve Portigal
Old school, new school: teaching interaction design in Manhattan BIBFull-Text 76-79
  Alex Wright


On creation consumption BIBFull-Text 80
  Jon Kolko

INTER 2009-11 Volume 16 Issue 6


Interactions: social, authentic, and interdisciplinary BIBFull-Text 5
  Richard Anderson; Jon Kolko

Social interaction design

Catalyzing a perfect storm: mobile phone-based HIV-prevention behavioral interventions BIBFull-Text 6-12
  Woodrow W., III Winchester
Project Masiluleke BIBFull-Text 6-12
  Robert Fabricant

Breaking traditional boundaries of interaction

The invisible user BIBFull-Text 13-19
  Mark Matthews; Gavin Doherty

Social interaction design

Encountering development ethnographically BIBFull-Text 20-23
  Nithya Sambasivan; Nimmi Rangaswamy; Kentaro Toyama; Bonnie Nardi
Small change, big result BIBFull-Text 24-27
  Kristin Hanks; Larry Riss; Steve Schunk; Eli Blevis

Thoughtful theory of humanity

Reflections on representation as response BIBFull-Text 28-32
  Kirsten Boehner
Implications of user choice: the cultural logic of "MySpace or Facebook?" BIBFull-Text 33-36
  danah boyd
Data design, and soulful experience BIBFull-Text 37-41
  Uday Gajendar
People-centered innovation or culture evolution? BIBFull-Text 42-45
  Michele Visciola


A model of mobile community: designing user interfaces to support group interaction BIBFull-Text 46-51
  Youngho Rhee; Juyeon Lee
Mobile devices should be about neither mobility nor devices. Discuss. BIBFull-Text 46-51
  Paul Pangaro
From interface to experience BIBFull-Text 52-55
  Marc Rettig; Alex Wright
On authenticity BIBFull-Text 56-59
  Steve Portigal; Stokes Jones
When security gets in the way BIBFull-Text 60-63
  Donald A. Norman

Borrowing, heavily, from outside disciplines

Learning from architecture BIBFull-Text 64-67
  Brett Ingram
Simplistic slowdown meets techno acceleration: a new branding paradigm BIBFull-Text 68-71
  Valerie Jacobs
More with less BIBFull-Text 72-75
  William Lidwell

Forum: Timelines

As we may recall: four forgotten pioneers BIBAKFull-Text 76-79
  Michael Buckland


The authenticity problem BIBFull-Text 80
  Jon Kolko