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interactions 7

Editors:Steven Pemberton
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
Links:Table of Contents
  1. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 4
  5. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 5
  6. INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 6

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 1

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-11
  Jennifer Bruer
The whiteboard BIBPDF 13-18
  Elizabeth Buie
Design: (Inter)facing the millennium: where are we (going)? BIBPDF 19-30
  K. Ehrlich; A. Henderson
Methods and tools: a method for evaluating the communicability of user interfaces BIBPDF 31-38
  Raquel O. Prates; Clarisse S. de Souza; Simone D. J. Barbosa
Business: the culture of interaction: about foreign and not-so-foreign languages BIBPDF 39-45
  Heiko Sacher; Michael Margolis
Conversations with Clement Mok and Jakob Nielsen, and with Bill Buxton and Clifford Nass BIBPDF 46-80
  Richard I. Anderson
Book preview BIBPDF 81-84
  Bob Hughes
Reflections: the demise of the book BIBPDF 92
  Steven Pemberton

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 2

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
An insider's view of interface design BIBPDF 7
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
Design brief: Adobe BIBPDF 8-10
  Katja Rimmi
Design briefs: Apple BIBPDF 11-15
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson; Peter Hoddie
Design brief: Broderbund BIBPDF 16-19
  Esteban Ahn
Design brief: Carnegie Mellon BIBPDF 20-23
  Daniel Boyarski; Richard Buchanan
Interview: Nancie S. Martin BIBPDF 24-26
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
Design brief: Corel BIBPDF 27-31
  Kevin Deevey
Commentary BIBPDF 28-34
  Robin Jeffries
Design brief: IDEO BIBPDF 32-35
  Danny Stillion
Design brief: Liberate BIBPDF 36-38
  Jim Palmer; Jim Fulker; Alex Liston; David Misconish; Perry Arnold
Design brief: Microsoft BIBPDF 39-40
  David Cortright
Interview: Bruce Tognazzini BIBPDF 41-46
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
Design brief: Nortel Networks BIBPDF 47-49
  Mike Atyeo; Arnold Campbell
Commentary BIBPDF 48-49
  Gillian Crampton Smith
Design brief: Play BIBPDF 50-53
  Steve Hartford
Design brief: Royal College of Art BIBPDF 54-58
  Gillian Crampton Smith
Interview: Ben Shneiderman and Allison Druin BIBPDF 59-65
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
Design brief: Stanford University BIBPDF 66-69
  Terry Winograd
Design brief: Sun Microsystems BIBPDF 70-72
  Tom Spine
Design brief: Uppercase BIBPDF 73-76
  Eliot Tarlin; Per Nielsen; Carmen D'Arlach
Commentary BIBPDF 74
  Austin Henderson
Design brief: WebTV Networks BIBPDF 77-81
  Elissa Darnell
Design brief: Xerox PARC BIBPDF 82-86
  Daniel M. Russell

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 3

What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Marisa Campbell
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-10
  Marisa Campbell
The whiteboard: metaphor: a double-edged sword BIBPDF 11-15
  William Hudson
Design: no here, now where? BIBPDF 17-20
  Bill Hill; Austin Henderson; Kate Ehrlich
Business: thoughts from 35,000 feet: the evolving real-world context of user centered design BIBPDF 21-26
  Susan M. Dray
Methods tools: constructive interaction and collaborative work: introducing a method for testing collaborative systems BIBPDF 27-34
  Helge Kahler; Finn Kensing; Michael Muller
Organizational limits to HCI: conversations with Don Norman and Janice Rohn BIBPDF 36-60
  Richard Anderson
Book Preview BIBPDF 61-63
  Marisa Campbell
Conference preview: SIGGRAPH 2000: ideas that inspire the 21st century's digital visions BIBPDF 65-67
  Marisa Campbell
Reflections: it rings for thee BIBPDF 72
  Steven Pemberton

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 4

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening: programs for professional design BIBPDF 7-8
  Marisa Campbell
Research alerts: the effects of workspace awareness support on the usability of real-time distributed groupware BIBPDF 9-13
  Marisa Campbell
The whiteboard: usability books for the software developer BIBPDF 15-18
  Dick Miller
Design: innovating with OVID BIBPDF 19-26
  Daniel Corlett
Business: making an e-business conceptualization and design process more "user"-centered BIBPDF 27-30
  Richard I. Anderson
Crosscurrents: cultural dimensions and global Web user-interface design BIBPDF 32-46
  Aaron Marcus; Emilie West Gould
Book preview BIBPDF 47-50
  Marisa Campbell
Conference preview: HCI 2000: usability or else! BIBPDF 51-54
  Marisa Campbell
Reflections: the accidental death of reviewing BIBPDF 56
  Steven Pemberton

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 5

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening BIBPDF 7-9
  Marisa Campbell
Research alerts: role of interface manipulation style and scaffolding in cognition and concept learning in learnware BIBPDF 11-12
  Marisa Campbell
The whiteboard: seven great myths of usability BIBPDF 13-16
  Marc Chrusch
Design: design for what? six dimensions of activity (part 1 of 2) BIBPDF 17-22
  Austin Henderson; Kate Ehrlich
Business: designing with users in Internet time BIBPDF 23-27
  Jared Braiterman; Sasha Verhage; Randall Choo
Textual bloopers: an excerpt from GUI bloopers BIBPDF 28-48
  Jeff Johnson
Book preview BIBPDF 49-52
  Marisa Campbell
Conference preview: NordiCHI 2000 BIBPDF 53-55
  Marisa Campbell
Reflections: so much for WYSIWYG BIBPDF 60
  Steven Pemberton

INTER 2000 Volume 7 Issue 6

The digital library BIBPDFHTML 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening BIBPDFHTML 7-8
  Marisa Campbell
Research Alerts BIBPDFHTML 9-17
  Ben Shneiderman
The whiteboard: a tale of two Websites BIBAPDFHTML 19-24
  Elizabeth Buie; Kathy E. Gill
Design: design for what? six dimensions of activity (part 2 of 2) BIBAPDFHTML 25-30
  Austin Henderson; Kate Ehrlich
A narrative approach to user requirements for Web design BIBAPDFHTML 31-35
  Stefana Broadbent; Francesco Cara
Social navigation: techniques for building more usable systems BIBAPDFHTML 36-45
  A. Dieberger; P. Dourish; K. Höök; P. Resnick; A. Wexelblat
Book Preview BIBPDFHTML 47-50
  Michael P. Papazoglou; Stefano Spaccapierta; Zahir Tari
Conference preview: CSCW 2000 BIBPDFHTML 51-55
  Marisa Campbell
Reflections: abusus non tollit usum BIBPDFHTML 56
  Steven Pemberton