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interactions 6

Editors:Steven Pemberton
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
Links:Table of Contents
  1. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 4
  5. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 5
  6. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 6

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 4
  Steven Pemberton; Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Methods tools: design methodology and design practice BIBPDF 13-20
  Jonas Lowgren; Erik Stolterman
Design: Cultural probes BIBPDF 21-29
  Bill Gaver; Tony Dunne; Elena Pacenti
Introduction to special section on contextual design BIBPDF 30-31
  Karen Holtzblatt
Contextual design BIBPDF 32-42
  Hugh Beyer; Karen Holtzblatt
Communicating customer information at Cabletron Systems, Inc. BIBPDF 44-49
  Teresa Cleary
Customer connection creates a winning product: building success with contextual techniques BIBPDF 50-57
  Chris Rockwell
Instituting integrated workflow development BIBPDF 58-69
  John Ims
Book preview BIBPDF 73-75
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: Hypertext '99; WACC '99 BIBPDF 77-80
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 2

Bringing participatory design to practical application: the interrelation between LCD projection, facilitation, and participatory design BIBPDF 13-22
  Johannes Gartner; Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Design through matchmaking: technology in search of users BIBPDF 23-31
  Sara Bly; Elizabeth F. Churchill
The HCI bibliography: ten years old, but what's it done for me lately? BIBAKPDFHTML 32-35
  Gary Perlman
HCI standards: a mixed blessing BIBPDF 36-42
  Elizabeth Buie

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 3

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-11
  Jennifer Bruer
Computer-human interface solutions for emergency medical care BIBPDF 13-24
  Thomas G. Holzman
Business: penny-wise, pound-wise: making smart trade-offs in planning usability studies BIBPDF 25-30
  Susan M. Dray; David A. Siegel
Using the cognitive walkthrough for operating procedures BIBPDF 31-37
  David G. Novick
Affordance, conventions, and design BIBPDF 38-43
  Donald A. Norman
Information in space: explorations in media and architecture BIBPDF 44-57
  Dick Rijken
Book preview BIBPDF 59-61
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview BIBPDF 65-67
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 4

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-12
  Jennifer Bruer
Business: a day-in-the-life of a customer centered design consultant BIBPDF 13-16
  Deborah Mrazek; Amy Silverman
Design: Expressing experiences in design BIBPDF 17-25
  Bill Moggridge
Methods & tools: The activity checklist: a tool for representing the "space" of context BIBPDF 27-29
  Victor Kaptelinin; Bonnie A. Nardi; Catriona Macaulay
The checklist in the field BIBPDF 30-31
  Catriona Macaulay
Art teams up with technology through the net BIBPDF 40-50
  Marco Padula; Amanda Reggiori
Mission-critical web applications: a seismological case BIBPDF 52-66
  Marco Padula; Giuliana Rubbia Rinaldi
Book preview BIBPDF 67
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: SIGGRAPH 99 BIBPDF 71-76
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 5

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton; Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-16
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 17-22
  Jennifer Bruer
Design: Designing mobile phones and communicators for consumer needs at Nokia BIBPDF 23-26
  Kaisa Vaananen-Vainio-Mattila; Satu Ruuska
Business: Strategic development of the usability engineering function BIBPDF 27-34
  Deborah J. Mayhew
Methods & tools: Playacting and focus troupes: theater techniques for creating quick, intense, immersive, and engaging focus group sessions BIBPDF 35-41
  Steve Sato; Tony Salvador
Interacting in chaos BIBPDF 42-54
  Dan R. Olsen
Book preview BIBPDF 55-56
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: OOPSLA 99: 14th annual conference on object-oriented programming systems, language and applications BIBPDF 57
  Jennifer Bruer
Reflections: seegomanifesto BIBPDF 64
  Ramana Rao

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 6

Editorial BIBPDF 2
  Steven Pemberton
Introduction BIBPDF 8-10
  Kay Hofmeester
Maypole highlights: image makers BIBPDF 12-15
  Verena Giller; Manfred Tscheligi; Reinhard Sefelin; Anu Makela; Aapo Puskala; Kristiina Karvonen
Technology survey: future perfect BIBPDF 16-18
  Stephan Somogyi
Social perspectives: getting the message BIBPDF 20-25
  Robin Dunbar
Social perspectives: posing for posterity BIBPDF 26-31
  Luc Pauwels
Social perspectives: emote control BIBPDF 32-35
  Peter Cuyvers
Social perspectives: have the media ruined childhood? BIBPDF 36-41
  Sonia Livingstone
Social perspectives: our own devices BIBPDF 42-45
  Matilda Blyth
Stories scenarios: Hi! tech BIBPDF 46-49
  Chris Long
Stories scenarios: Home truth BIBPDF 50-52
  Pauline Bax
Stories scenarios: hot shots BIBPDF 53-57
  Pauline Bax
Stories scenarios: pix pals BIBPDF 54-57
  Barbara Kiser
Strategic outlook: double exposure BIBPDF 60-62
  Janet Abrams
Strategic outlook: from ears to eyes BIBPDF 64-67
  Gert Staal
Strategic outlook: "Daddy, won't you buy me a mobile?" BIBPDF 68-70
  Andrea Moed
Strategic outlook: charting new territory BIBPDF 72-75
  John Thackara
Technology: eyes wide shut BIBPDF 76-79
  Roderic Leigh
Maypole highlights: what makes kids tick? BIBPDF 80-83
Reference guide: where to go next BIBPDF 84-89
  Matilda Blyth; Peter Cuyvers; Peter Schouten; Bernike Pasveer