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interactions 4

Editors:Steven Cherry
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
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  1. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 4
  5. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 5
  6. INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 6

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 1

Interaction Design for Large Displays BIBKPDF 15-24
  Kishore Swaminathan; Steve Sato
Field Work: Is It Product Work? BIBKPDF 25-30
  Sara Bly
Collaborative Design Workshops: A Case Study BIBKPDF 31-39
  Sarah Bloomer; Rachel Croft; Lloyd Wright
Inventing the Lisa User Interface BIBKPDF 40-53
  Roderick Perkins; Dan Smith Keller; Frank Ludolph
A Conversation with Dan Rosenberg BIBKPDF 54-62
  John Rheinfrank
Scientific Visualization in Mathematics and Physics BIBKPDF 78-79
  J. Clint Sprott; Clifford A. Pickover

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 2

Job Transformation in the Age of the Net BIBKPDF 13-18
  David Millen; Susan Dray
Defining and Designing the Performance-Centered Interface: Moving Beyond the User-Centered Interface BIBKPDF 19-26
  Karen L. McGraw
The Group Elicitation Method for Participatory Design and Usability Testing BIBKPDF 27-33
  Guy A. Boy
User Interfaces for Young and Old BIBKPDF 34-46
  Maddy D. Brouwer-Janse; Jane Fulton Suri; Mitchell Yawitz; Govert de Vries; James L. Fozard; Roger Coleman
Semi-Structured Interviewing for User-Centered Design BIBKPDF 48-61
  Larry E. Wood
InfoART: The Digital Frontier from Video to Virtual Reality BIBKPDF 74-77
  Cynthia Goodman

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 3

What's NeXT for Apple? BIBK 12-16
  Jef Raskin
Women into Computing BIBK 17-18
  Janet Stack
Ensuring Success with Usability Engineering BIBKPDF 19-22
  Arlene F. Aucella
Expert Reviews: Design for Rapidly Changing Times BIBKPDF 23-30
  Ron Perkins; Matt Belge; Kate Ehrlich
Quick GOMS: A Visual Software Engineering Tool for Simple Rapid Time-Motion Modeling BIBKPDF 31-36
  David V. Beard; Scott Entrikin; Pat Conroy; Nathan C. Wingert; Corey D. Schou; Dana K. Smith; Kevin M. Denelsbeck
Never Mind the Ethno' Stuff, What Does All This Mean and What Do We Do Now: Ethnography in the Commercial World BIBKPDF 38-47
  Steve Blythin; Mark Rouncefield; John A. Hughes
Another Approach to Justifying the Cost of Usability BIBKPDF 48-56
  Arnold M. Lund
Grounding Blue-Sky Research: How Can Ethnography Help? BIBKPDF 58-63
  Yvonne Rogers; Victoria Bellotti

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 4

Human-Computer Interaction and Medical Software Development BIBKPDF 13-18
  John Gosbee; Eileen Ritchie
Avoiding Cultural False Positives BIBKPDF 19-24
  Deborah Mrazek; Cynthia Baldaccini
The Work Mapping Technique BIBKPDF 25-31
  Leigh Snelling; David Bruce-Smith
Frontiers in Electronic Media BIBKHTML 32-64
  Kim H. Veltman
Foreseeing the Future: ACM97 BIBKPDF 66-74
  John L. Bennett

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 5

Guidelines for Usability Testing with Children BIBKPDF 9-14
  Libby Hanna; Kirsten Risden; Kirstin Alexander
Icons: A Unique Form of Painting BIBKPDF 15-28
  Russ Brami
Introducing Usability into Smaller Organizations BIBKPDF 29-33
  Carola B. Fellenz
A Conversation with Ted Selker BIBKPDF 34-47
  Kate Ehrlich
The CHI97 CHIkids Program: A Partnership between Kids, Adults and Technology BIBKPDF 48-59
  Allison Druin

INTER 1997 Volume 4 Issue 6

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Cherry
What's Happening BIBPDF 7-11
  Steven Cherry
Navigation in Web Applications BIBKPDF 13-17
  Hal Shubin; Margaret M. Meehan
Pitching Usability to Your Organization BIBKPDF 18-26
  Sarah Bloomer; Rachel Croft
Computer-Related Design at the Royal College of Art: 1997 Graduation Projects BIBKPDF 27-33
  Gillian Crampton Smith
Application-Oriented Usage Quality: The Tools and Materials Approach BIBKPDF 35-41
  Carola Lilienthal; Heinz Zullighoven
Direct Manipulation vs Interface Agents BIBKPDF 42-61
  Ben Shneiderman; Pattie Maes
Cybcerone: A Kiosk Information System Based on WWW and Java BIBKPDF 62-69
  Francois Grize; Mehdi Aminian
Book Preview BIBPDF 70-73
  Steven Cherry
About the Art in this Issue BIBPDF 74-75
  Steven Cherry
Conference Preview: IUI '98: 1998 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces BIBPDF 77
  Loren G. Terveen; Peter Johnson
Reflections on User Interface Software and Technology BIBKPDF 80-79
  George Robertson