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interactions 3

Editors:John Rheinfrank
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
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  1. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 3
  4. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 4
  5. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 5
  6. INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 6

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 1

Amulet User Interface Development Environment BIBK 11-13
  Chris Law
Designing for People with Disabilities BIBKPDF 15-16
  Michael G. Paciello
A Place Called Childhood BIBKPDF 17-22
  Allison Druin
Getting to Know Your Users: Usability Roundtables at Lotus Development BIBKPDF 23-30
  Mary Beth Butler
Complex? Yes! Adaptive? Well, Maybe... BIBKPDF 31-37
  Glenda H. Eoyang
Graphic Designers in Transition: From Print Communications to Interactive Media Design BIBKPDF 39-57
  Brenda Smith Faison
Usability Engineering Turns 10 BIBKPDF 59-75
  Keith A. Butler
Low vs. High-Fidelity Prototyping Debate BIBKPDF 76-85
  Jim Rudd; Ken Stern; Scott Isensee

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 2

Software Design Teams at Iomega BIBKPDF 11-14
  Max Murdock
Designing for the Rest of the World: A Consultant's Observation BIBKPDF 15-18
  Susan Dray
So You Wanna Design for the Web BIBKPDF 19-23
  Hagan Heller; David Rivers
Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis: Exploring Continuous Observational Data BIBKPDF 25-34
  Carolanne Fisher; Penelope Sanderson
As We May Think BIBKPDF 35-46
  Vannevar Bush
50 Years After "As We May Think": The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium BIBKPDF 47-67
  Rosemary Simpson; Allen Renear; Elli Mylonas; Andries van Dam
Time and Space BIBKPDF 68-77
  Pamela Mead; Chris Pacione

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 3

Preamble BIBPDF 5-8
  Marc Rettig
Reflections on the Judging Process BIBKPDF 9-10
  Beth Lange; Mark Jones
Quality of Experience: Defining the Criteria for Effective Interaction Design BIBKPDF 11-15
  Lauralee Alben
New York Stock Exchange Hand-Held Device BIBKPDF 18-25
  Charles Mauro
Muse: A Digital Music Stand for Symphony Musicians BIBKPDF 26-35
  Christopher Graefe; Derek Wahila; Justin Maguire; Orya Dasna
AppleGuide BIBKPDF 36-37
  Jose Esteban
Graphing Calculator BIBKPDF 38-39
  Ron Avitzur
Nokia Feature Stereo TV BIBKPDF 40-41
  Oliver Bayley
Meeting Manager BIBKPDF 42-43
  John Baker
Seeing the Light Go On: The Apple Design Project BIBKPDF 45-52
  Harry Saddler
The Qualiteque: Systems at an Exhibition BIBKPDF 53-55
  Pelle Ehn; Jonas Lowgren
What's Next? -- Growing the Notion of Quality BIBKPDF 56-59
  Austin Henderson
The Andersen Commitment to Interaction Design BIBKPDF 60-61
  Donald A. Chartier
Reflections on Awards Criteria BIBPDF 64
  Marc Rettig

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 4

Letters and Updates BIBPDF 6-10
  Jennifer Bruer
User Centered Design: Quality or Quackery? BIBKPDF 18-20
  John Karat
Common Ground: Hypermedia, Human Augmentation, and the Web BIBKPDF 21-23
  Rosemary M. Simpson
Whose Metaphor? BIBKPDF 24-29
  John F. Brock
Design as Storytelling BIBKPDF 30-35
  Thomas Erickson
Exploring Color in Interface Design BIBKPDF 36-48
  Hal Shubin; Deborah Falck; Ati Gropius Johansen
A Heuristic Evaluation of a World Wide Web Prototype BIBKPDF 50-61
  Michael D. Levi; Frederick G. Conrad
Teaching Human Computer Interaction to Programmers BIBKPDF 62-76
  Saul Greenberg

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 5

CHIkid Voices: It's Too Bad They Don't Let You be a Kid! BIBKPDF 10-20
  Allison Druin
Design Guidelines for Software Products: A Common Look and Feel or a Fantasy? BIBKPDF 21-26
  Elizabeth Rosenzweig
Inhabited Virtual Worlds: A New Frontier for Interaction Design BIBKPDF 27-34
  Bruce Damer
CUTA: A Simple, Practical, Low-Cost Approach to Task Analysis BIBKPDF 35-39
  Daniel Lafreniere
Pianos Not Stereos: Creating Computational Construction Kits BIBKPDF 40-50
  Mitchel Resnick; Amy Bruckman; Fred Martin
Testing with Kids & Teens at IOMEGA BIBKPDF 51-57
  Carolyn Milligan; Max Murdock
Making Programming Easier for Children BIBKPDF 58-67
  David Canfield Smith; Allen Cypher; Kurt Schmucker
Children and Information Visualization Technologies BIBKPDF 68-73
  Karen G. Schneider

INTER 1996 Volume 3 Issue 6

Apple Computer's Design Project '96 Showcases Virtual Communities BIBK 7-9
Value-Sensitive Design BIBKPDF 16-23
  Batya Friedman
Are We Having Fun Yet? BIBKPDF 24-30
  Arnold M. Lund
How do Users Know What to Say? BIBKPDF 32-43
  Nicole Yankelovich
Contextual Techniques Starter Kit BIBKPDF 44-50
  Hugh R. Beyer; Karen Holtzblatt
Ethnographic Data for Product Development: A Collaborative Process BIBKPDF 52-69
  Scott Lewis; Michael Mateas; Susan Palmiter; Gene Lynch
Wanted for Crimes Against the Interface: Thoughts on an HCI Poster BIBKPDF 70-76
  Jef Raskin

Book Preview

The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems BIBPDF 78-85
  D. Shapiro; M. Tauber; R. Traunmuller
Fractal Landscapes in Context BIBKPDF 92-95
  F. Kenton Musgrave