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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'90: Human-Computer Interaction 1990-08-27

Fullname:Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'90: Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Dan Diaper; David J. Gilmore; Gilbert Cockton; Brian Shackel
Location:Cambridge, England
Dates:1990-Aug-27 to 1990-Aug-31
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-88817-9; hcibib: INT90
  1. Invited Papers
  2. Foundations: Educational and Social Issues
  3. Foundations: Cognitive Ergonomics
  4. Foundations: User Modelling
  5. Foundations: Formal Methods
  6. Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Studies and Analyses of Design
  7. Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Users, Tasks and Organizations: Requirements and Analysis
  8. Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Prototyping
  9. Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Evaluation
  10. Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Design and Evaluation Tools
  11. Detailed Design: Menus
  12. Detailed Design: Graphical and Iconic Interfaces
  13. Detailed Design: User Support
  14. Detailed Design: Hypermedia
  15. Detailed Design: Construction Tools
  16. Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Input
  17. Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Output
  18. Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Speech and Natural Language
  19. Applications and Case Studies: Knowledge-Based Systems
  20. Applications and Case Studies: Computer Supported Co-operative Work
  21. Applications and Case Studies: Applications
  22. Applications and Case Studies: Software Development
  23. Applications and Case Studies: Programming
  24. Doctoral Programme
  25. Panel Sessions
Preface BIB xvii-xviii
  Brian Shackel
Has Done Better -- The Efforts of the '80s in HCI BIBAK xix-xxvi
  Gilbert Cockton

Invited Papers

SIOIS -- Standard Interfaces or Interface Standards BIBA xxix-xxxiv
  Tom Stewart
Empirical Studies of the Software Design Process BIBA xxxv-xl
  Bill Curtis

Foundations: Educational and Social Issues

Why, What and How? Issues in the Development of an HCI Training Course BIBA 3-7
  Jenny Preece; Laurie S. Keller
University Education on Human-Computer Interaction -- The Dutch Situation BIB 9-13
  Gerrit C. van der Veer; Ted N. White
Information Processing, Context and Privacy BIBAK 15-20
  Alan Dix
Mac-Thusiasm: Social Aspects of Microcomputer Use BIBA 21-26
  Matthew R. Jones

Foundations: Cognitive Ergonomics

GOMS Meets the Phone Company: Analytic Modeling Applied to Real-World Problems BIBA 29-34
  Wayne D. Gray; Bonnie E. John; Rory Stuart; Deborah Lawrence; Michael E. Atwood
The Effects of Task Structure and Social Support on Users' Errors and Error Handling BIBA 35-41
  Michael Frese; Felix C. Brodbeck; Dieter Zapf; Jochen Prumper
What Kind of Errors Do Unix Users Make? BIBA 43-46
  James H. Bradford; William D. Murray; T. T. Carey
ECM: A Scheme for Analysing User-System Errors BIBA 47-54
  Paul A. Booth
How Learner Characteristics Can Mediate the Effects of Giving Conceptual Details During Training BIBA 55-60
  Elizabeth J. Lloyd
Influencing Behaviour Via Device Representation; Decreasing Performance by Increasing Instruction BIBA 61-66
  Simon C. Duff; Philip J. Barnard
Pop-Up Windows and Memory for Text BIBA 67-72
  Heather A. Stark
Two Ways to Fill a Bath, With and Without Knowing It BIBA 73-78
  Anne Ankrah; David M. Frohlich; G. Nigel Gilbert
The Cognitive Dimension of Viscosity: A Sticky Problem for HCI BIBA 79-86
  T. R. G. Green
The Role of Games and Cognitive Models in the Understanding of Complex Dynamic Systems BIBA 87-92
  Rod Rivers
Implications of Computer Games for System Design BIBA 93-99
  Lisa Neal
A Study of Measures for Research in Hypertext Navigation BIBA 101-106
  D. G. Hendry; T. T. Carey; S. T. TeWinkel
Mental Effort and Task Performance: Towards a Psychophysiology of Human Computer Interaction BIBA 107-112
  David Wastell

Foundations: User Modelling

A Knowledge Analysis of Interactivity BIBA 115-120
  Richard M. Young; Andrew Howes; Joyce Whittington
User's Command Line Reference Behaviour: Locality versus Recency BIBA 121-128
  Alison Lee; Frederick H. Lochovsky
An Investigation into Quantitative User Modeling of User Interactions for the Purpose of Predicting User Expertise BIBA 129-134
  R. Spall; R. Steele
Constraints in Design: Towards a Methodology of Psychological Analysis Based on AI Formalisms BIBA 135-139
  Francoise Darses

Foundations: Formal Methods

Agents: Communicating Interactive Processes BIBAK 143-148
  Gregory D. Abowd
Pattern Recognition and Interaction Models BIBA 149-154
  Janet Finlay; Michael Harrison
Formal Analysis of Co-Operative Problem Solving Dialogues: Tools and Techniques BIBA 155-161
  P. Jeremaes
ETAG: Extended Task Action Grammar -- A Language for the Description of the User's Task Language BIB 163-168
  Michael J. Tauber
ETAG -- Some Applications of a Formal Representation of the User Interface BIBA 169-174
  Gerrit C. van der Veer; Diederik Broos; Kenneth Donau; Mark J. Fokke; Felix Yap
What is Inconsistency? BIBA 175-181
  Phyllis Reisner

Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Studies and Analyses of Design

Looking HCI in the I BIBA 185-191
  Stephen J. Payne
Qualitative Artifact Analysis BIBA 193-198
  Wendy A. Kellogg
Redesign by Design BIBA 199-205
  Rachel K. E. Bellamy; John M. Carroll
What Rationale is There in Design? BIBA 207-212
  Allan MacLean; Victoria Bellotti; Richard Young
A Framework for Assessing Applicability of HCI Techniques BIBA 213-218
  Victoria M. E. Bellotti
Obstacles to User Involvement in Interface Design in Large Product Development Organizations BIBA 219-224
  Jonathan Grudin
Integrating Human Factors with Structured Analysis and Design Methods: An Enhanced Conception of the Extended Jackson System Development Method BIBA 225-230
  K. Y. Lim; J. B. Long; N. Silcock

Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Users, Tasks and Organizations: Requirements and Analysis

An Investigation of User Requirements for Broadband Communications in the Automotive Industry BIBA 233-238
  S. E. Powrie; C. E. Siemieniuch
Bridging the Gap Between Task Design and Interface Design BIBA 239-245
  W. Dzida; R. Freitag; C. Hoffmann; W. Valder
Supporting a Humanly Impossible Task: The Clinical Human Computer Environment BIBA 247-252
  B. Horan; A. L. Rector; E. L. Sneath; C. A. Goble; T. J. Howkins; S. Kay; W. A. Nowlan; A. Wilson
An Analysis of the Circuit Design Process for a Complex Engineering Application BIBA 253-258
  Lynne Colgan; Maddy Brouwer-Janse
Designers-Identified Requirements for Tools to Support Task Analyses BIBA 259-264
  Hilary Johnson; Peter Johnson
An Application of Task Analysis to the Development of a Generic Office Reference Model BIBA 265-269
  Jill Hewitt; John Hobson; John Sapsford-Francis
Memory-Cognition-Action Tables: A Pragmatic Approach to Analytical Modelling BIBA 271-275
  Brian Sharratt
Analysing Focused Interview Data with Task Analysis for Knowledge Description (TAKD) BIBAK 277-282
  Dan Diaper
A Plan & Goal Based Method for Computer-Human System Design BIBA 283-288
  Daniel R. Sewell
The Use of Task Allocation Charts in System Design: A Critical Appraisal BIBA 289-294
  W. K. Ip; L. Damodaran; C. W. Olphert; M. C. Maguire
The Development of Tools to Assist in Organisational Requirements Definition for Information Technology Systems BIBA 295-300
  S. D. P. Harker; C. W. Olphert; K. D. Eason

Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Prototyping

Hypermedia as Communication and Prototyping Tools in the Concurrent Design of Commercial Airplane Products BIBA 303-308
  Elfriede Hofer; Frank Ruggiero
An Object-Oriented Framework for Prototyping User Interfaces BIBA 309-314
  Peter Windsor
Paper versus Computer Implementations as Mockup Scenarios for Heuristic Evaluation BIBA 315-320
  Jakob Nielsen

Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Evaluation

Evaluating the Usability of User Interfaces: Research in Practice BIBA 323-328
  Arja Vainio-Larsson
Evaluating Evaluation: A Case Study of the Use of Novel and Conventional Evaluation Techniques in a Small Company BIBA 329-335
  Jonathan Crellin; Thomas Horn; Jenny Preece
Integrated Office Software Benchmarks: A Case Study BIBA 337-343
  James R. Lewis; Suzanne C. Henry; Robert L. Mack
Comparative Study of Geometry Specification Capabilities of Geometric Modelling Systems BIBA 345-350
  K. Case; B. S. Acar
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Iterative Usability Testing BIBA 351-356
  Clare-Marie Karat
Usability Statements and Standardisation -- Work in Progress in ISO BIBA 357-361
  John Brooke; Nigel Bevan; Fred Brigham; Susan Harker; David Youmans

Design: Theories, Methods and Tools: Design and Evaluation Tools

Supporting Effective and Efficient Design Meetings BIBA 365-370
  John Karat; John Bennett
The HUFIT Planning Analysis and Specification Toolset BIBA 371-376
  Bronwen Taylor
The HUFIT Functionality Matrix BIBA 377-381
  Bernard J. Catterall
Task-Based User Interface Development Tools BIBAK 383-387
  Peter Johnson; Emma Nicolosi
PROTEUS: An Approach to Interface Evaluation BIBA 389-394
  Jonathan Crellin
A Knowledge-Based Tool for User Interface Evaluation and its Integration in a UIMS BIBA 395-400
  Jonas Lowgren; Tommy Nordqvist
Monitoring and Analysis of Hypermedia Navigation BIBA 401-406
  Diana Kornbrot; Miles Macleod
Towards an Evaluation Planning Aid: A Feasibility Study in Modelling Evaluation Practice Using a Blackboard Framework BIBA 407-413
  Ian Denley; John Long
Providing Intrinsic Support for User Interface Monitoring BIBA 415-420
  Jolly Chen

Detailed Design: Menus

Are All Menus the Same? -- An Empirical Study BIBA 423-427
  Zsuzsanna Mills; Martin Prime
Pull-Down, HoldDown, or StayDown? A Theoretical and Empirical Comparison of Three Menu Designs BIBA 429-434
  Miles Macleod; Penelope Tillson
The Use of Guidelines in Menu Interface Design: Evaluation of a Draft Standard BIBA 435-440
  Flavio de Souza; Nigel Bevan
Decision Track: A Formalism for Menu Structure and User's Selection Behaviour BIBA 441-446
  William Edmondson

Detailed Design: Graphical and Iconic Interfaces

A Three-State Model of Graphical Input BIBA 449-456
  William A. S. Buxton
Iconic Interfacing: The Role of Icon Distinctiveness and Fixed or Variable Screen Locations BIBA 457-462
  Alison J. K. Green; Philip J. Barnard
Where to Draw the Line with Text: Some Claims by Logic Designers about Graphics in Notation BIBA 463-468
  M. Petre; T. R. G. Green
The Power of Parameterizable Objects in Modern User Interfaces BIBA 469-472
  Franz Penz; Manfred Tscheligi; Gunter Haring; Martina Manhartsberger
Alternative Bases for Comprehensibility and Competition for Expression in an Icon Generation Tool BIBA 473-477
  Stephen W. Draper; Kevin W. Waite; Philip D. Gray
Integrating Natural Language and Graphics in Dialogue BIBA 479-484
  John Lee; Henk Zeevat
Semantics and Graphical Information BIB 485-491
  Ewan Klein; Luis A. Pineda
Using Depictive Queries to Search Pictorial Databases BIBA 493-498
  Stephen Charles; Stephen Scrivener
HyperBliss: A Blissymbolics Communication Enhancement Interface and Teaching Aid Based on a Cognitive-Semantographic Technique with Adaptive-Predictive Capability BIBAK 499-503
  Ami Shalit; David A. Boonzaier
A Cognitive Approach to the Definition and Evaluation of a Standard for Naval Tactical Display Symbology BIBA 505-512
  John Campion; Martin A. Brockett; Dan Martin; Michele Rate
An Electronic Book: APTBook BIBA 513-519
  Mitsumasa Miyazawa; Kaoru Kinoshita; Minoru Kobayashi; Teruo Yokoyama; Yutaka Matsushita
"Good" Graphic Interfaces for "Good" Idea Organizers BIBA 521-526
  Kozo Sugiyama; Kazuo Misue

Detailed Design: User Support

Help Systems: An Information-Sharing Approach BIBA 529-534
  Masayuki Kurisaki
End-User Dialogue Context Management of Office Automation Systems BIBAK 535-541
  Gang Lu; Claude Vanneste; Martin Ader
Current Approaches & New Guidelines for Undo Support Design BIBA 543-548
  Yiya Yang
Interface Usability Engineering Under Practical Constraints: A Case Study in the Design of Undo Support BIBA 549-554
  Yiya Yang
State versus History in User Interfaces BIBA 555-560
  W. B. Cowan; M. Wein
The Personal Touch: A Study of User's Customization Practice BIBA 561-565
  Anker Helms Jorgensen; Allan Sauer
Inferring Task Structures from Interaction Protocols BIBA 567-572
  Franz Schiele; H. Ulrich Hoppe
An Adaptive System Developer's Tool-Kit BIBA 573-577
  David Benyon; Dianne Murray; Frances Jennings

Detailed Design: Hypermedia

Roles for Tables of Contents as Hypertext Overviews BIBA 581-586
  T. T. Carey; W. T. Hunt; A. Lopez-Suarez
Navigation in Hypertext: A Critical Review of the Concept BIBA 587-592
  Andrew Dillon; Cliff McKnight; John Richardson
Combining Hypermedia Browsing with Formal Queries BIBA 593-598
  K.-H. Jerke; P. Szabo; A. Lesch; H. Rossler; T. Schwab; J. Herczeg

Detailed Design: Construction Tools

An Experiment in Interactive Architectures BIBA 601-606
  Ernest Edmonds; Noriko Hagiwara
SCENARIOO: A New Generation UIMS BIBA 607-612
  Brigitte Roudaud; Valerie Lavigne; Olivier Lagneau; Earl Minor
MUD: Multiple-View User Interface Design BIBAK 613-618
  David England
PENGUIN: A Language for Reactive Graphical User Interface Programming BIBA 619-624
  Sue-Ken Yap; Michael L. Scott
Petri Net Objects for the Design, Validation and Prototyping of User-Driven Interfaces BIBAK 625-631
  Remi Bastide; Philippe Palanque
An Object-Oriented UIMS for Rapid Prototyping BIBA 633-638
  Yen-Ping Shan
Do-It-Yourself Iconic Displays: Reconfigurable Iconic Representations of Application Objects BIBA 639-644
  Philip D. Gray; Kevin W. Waite; Stephen W. Draper
Localisation of Application Knowledge in Incremental Development of User Interfaces BIBA 645-650
  Philip D. Gray; Catherine A. Wood; Alistair C. Kilgour
A UIMS for Knowledge Based Interface Template Generation and Interaction BIBA 651-657
  Christian Martin
Incorporating Metaphor in Automated Interface Design BIBA 659-664
  Brad Blumenthal

Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Input

The Role of Visual and Kinesthetic Feedback in the Prevention of Mode Errors BIBA 667-673
  Abigail J. Sellen; Gordon P. Kurtenbach; William A. S. Buxton
Windows on Tablets as a Means of Achieving Virtual Input Devices BIBA 675-681
  Ed Brown; William A. S. Buxton; Kevin Murtagh
Building Adaptive Interfaces with Neural Networks: The Glove-Talk Pilot Study BIBA 683-688
  S. Sidney Fels; Geoffrey E. Hinton
FINGER -- A Language for Gesture Recognition BIBA 689-694
  Gerhard Weber
A Virtual Stereographic Pointer for a Real Three Dimensional Video World BIBA 695-700
  Paul Milgram; David Drascic; Julius Grodski
Force-to-Motion Functions for Pointing BIBA 701-706
  Joseph D. Rutledge; Ted Selker
Keyboard Layout for Occasional Users BIBA 707-712
  Nicolas Marmaras; Kostas Lyritzis

Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Output

The Simulation of a Large Image Terminal Using Heath Robinson Techniques BIBA 715-720
  J. R. Harris; M. B. Harris; D. Th. Henskes
Evaluation of Flat Panel Display Properties on a High Fidelity Display Simulator BIBA 721-724
  Gerd Spenkelink; Henk Van Spijker; Ted White
Colour Model Integration and Visualisation BIBA 725-728
  Peter A. Rhodes; M. Ronnier Luo; Stephen A. R. Scrivener
On the Visibility of Character Features on a VDU BIBA 729-734
  D. Bosman; T. N. White
Auditory Icons in Large-Scale Collaborative Environments BIBA 735-740
  William W. Gaver; Randall B. Smith
Interactive Scientific Visualization: An Assessment of a Virtual Reality System BIBA 741-745
  Philip J. Mercurio; Thomas D. Erickson
A Browser for Dynamic Multimedia Documents BIBA 747-751
  Suresh Anupindi

Interactive Technologies and Techniques: Speech and Natural Language

An Investigation into the Use of Error Recovery Dialogues in a User Interface Management System for Speech Recognition BIBA 755-760
  Mary Zajicek; Jill Hewitt
Feedback Requirements for Automatic Speech Recognition in Control Room Systems BIBA 761-766
  C. Baber; R. B. Stammers; R. G. Taylor
Spoken Language Interaction in a Spreadsheet Task BIBA 767-772
  Alexander I. Rudnicky; Michelle Sakamoto; Joseph H. Polifroni
Case Study of Development of a User Interface for a Voice Activated Dialing Service BIBA 773-777
  Deborah Lawrence; Rory Stuart
A Voice Recognition Interface for a Telecommunications Basic Business Group Attendant Console BIBA 779-785
  Ismail Sola; Don Shepard
Observations on Using Speech Input for Window Navigation BIBA 787-793
  Chris Schmandt; Debby Hindus; Mark S. Ackerman; Sanjay Manandhar
The Design and Implementation of a Context Sensitive Natural Language Interface to Management Information BIBA 795-800
  Alan Burton; Anthony P. Steward
Recent Approaches to Natural Language Generation BIBA 801-805
  Lee Feder

Applications and Case Studies: Knowledge-Based Systems

User Centered Explanations in Knowledge Based Systems BIBA 809-814
  Klemens Waldhor; Hans Anschutz
Intelligent User Interface for a Conventional Program BIBA 815-820
  J. Junger; G. Bouma
Knowledge Acquisition and Hypertext in Manufacturing BIBA 821-826
  S. M. Hajsadr; A. P. Steward
Knowledge Based User Interfaces for Scientific Programs BIBA 827-832
  Henk J. Van Zuylen; Herman Gerritsen

Applications and Case Studies: Computer Supported Co-operative Work

Concurrent Editing: The Groups Interface BIBA 835-840
  Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson; Lisbeth A. Mack; Pierre Wellner
Characteristics of Well-Designed Electronic Communications Systems BIBA 841-847
  Patrick A. Holleran; Richard W. Haller
Process Modelling and CSCW: An Application of IPSE Technology to Medical Office Work BIBA 849-852
  Janet Maresh; David Wastell
Tools that Support Human-Human Communication in the Automated Office BIBA 853-859
  I. D. Benest; D. Dukic

Applications and Case Studies: Applications

Smartwriter: A Tool-Based Wordprocessor for Adult Literacy Students BIBA 863-868
  David Ellis; Jane Horton; Philip Black
The Interface to a Hypertext Journal BIBA 869-874
  Annette Simpson
A Fisheye Presentation Strategy: Aircraft Maintenance Data BIBA 875-880
  Deborah A. Mitta
Supporting Exploratory Learning BIBA 881-885
  Andrew Howes; Stephen J. Payne
Application of Cognitive Modeling and Knowledge Measurement in Diagnosis and Training of Complex Skills BIBA 887-892
  Yan M. Yufik

Applications and Case Studies: Software Development

Software Reusability: Delivering Productivity Gains or Short Cuts BIBA 895-901
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Neil Maiden
A Project-Orientated View of CSCW BIBA 903-908
  N. R. Seel; G. N. Gilbert; M. E. Morris
Satisfying the Need to Know: Interpersonal Information Access BIBA 909-915
  Robert E. Kraut; Lynn A. Streeter
ConversationBuilder: An Open Architecture for Collaborative Work BIBA 917-922
  Simon M. Kaplan

Applications and Case Studies: Programming

Learning to Program in Another Language BIBA 925-930
  Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck
{Upsi}πADAPTερ -- Individualizing Hypertext BIBA 931-936
  Heinz-Dieter Bocker; Hubertus Hohl; Thomas Schwab
Minimalist Planning Tools in an Instructional System for Smalltalk Programming BIBA 937-944
  Mark K. Singley; John M. Carroll
Why Program Comprehension is (or is Not) Affected by Surface Features BIBA 945-950
  Barbee T. Mynatt
The Generalized Unification Parser: Modelling the Parsing of Notations BIBA 951-957
  T. R. G. Green; Andrea Borning
Program Comprehension Beyond the Line BIBA 959-963
  Scott P. Robertson; Erle F. Davis
Expert Programmers Re-Establish Intentions when Debugging Another Programmer's Program BIBA 965-970
  Ray Waddington; Roger Henry
Difficulties in Designing with an Object-Oriented Language: An Empirical Study BIBA 971-976
  Francoise Detienne
The Spreadsheet Interface: A Basis for End User Programming BIBA 977-983
  Bonnie A. Nardi; James R. Miller
Action Representation for Home Automation BIBA 985-990
  Suzanne Sebillotte
Browsing Through Program Execution BIBA 991-996
  Heinz-Dieter Bocker; Jurgen Herczeg
Compressing and Comparing Metric Execution Spaces BIBA 997-1002
  John Domingue

Doctoral Programme

A Psychology of Programming for Design BIB 1005-1006
  Rachel K. E. Bellamy
Cognitive Style and Intelligent Help BIB 1007-1008
  Lynne Coventry
Support for Understanding and Participation in a Distributed Problem Solving System BIB 1009-1010
  C. M. Duursma
The Role of Analogy in Training Computer Users BIBA 1011-1012
  Jonathan Elcock
Linguistic Models in the Design of Cooperative Help Systems BIB 1013-1014
  Charles Elliot
An Environment to Support the Use of Program Examples while Learning to Program in LISP BIB 1015-1016
  Katherine Wanjiru Getao
Modelling Cognitive Aspects of Complex Control Tasks BIB 1017-1018
  Simon Grant
Using Temporal Logic to Prototype Interactive Systems BIBK 1019-1020
  C. W. Johnson
A Development Environment for the Design of Multimodal Colourgraphic Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 1021-1024
  M. Langen; G. Rau
Advanced User Interfaces for Distributed Group Communication BIBA 1025-1027
  Leandro Navarro
Logic Descriptions in Rapid Prototyping of Applications BIBA 1029-1030
  Lars Oestreicher
Graphical Treatment of Natural Language in HCI BIBA 1031-1032
  Ronald A. Singer
Run Time Interface Specification, Using Direct Manipulation BIBA 1033-1034
  Robert Tibbitt-Eggleton
Learning a Word Processing Task: About Documentation, Help and Task Complexity BIBA 1035-1036
  Anne Van Laethem

Panel Sessions

HCI Seen from the Perspective of Software Developers BIB 1039-1042
  John L. Bennett; Peter Conklin; Karmen Guevara; Wendy Mackay; Tom Sancha
User Participation in HCI Research -- Effects on Processes and Results BIB 1043-1046
  Yvonne Wærn; Liam Bannon; Toomas Timpka; Werner Schneider
Interactively Supporting the Software Process BIB 1047-1048
  Simon M. Kaplan; Anthony Finkelstein; Gail Kaiser; Kevin Ryan; Wilhelm Schafer
Task Analysis: The Oft Missing Step in the Development of Computer-Human Interfaces; Its Desirable Nature, Value, and Role BIB 1051-1054
  Richard I. Anderson; John M. Carroll; John F. McGrew; Jonathan Grudin; Dominique L. Scapin
New Approaches to Theory in HCI: How Should We Judge Their Acceptability? BIB 1055-1058
  Andrew Monk; John Carroll; Michael Harrison; John Long; Richard Young
Multi-Agent Interaction BIB 1059-1061
  Nigel Seel; Julia Galliers; George Kiss; Stephen Scrivener
Multi-Dimensional Interfaces for Software Design BIB 1063-1066
  Tim Dudley; Ronald Baecker; Marc Eisenstadt; Ephraim Glinert; Mary Beth Rosson
Usability Engineering on a Budget BIBA 1067-1070
  Jakob Nielsen; Susan M. Dray; James D. Foley; Paul Walsh; Peter Wright