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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'15: Human-Computer Interaction, Part III 2015-09-14

Fullname:INTERACT 2015: 15th IFIP TC 13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Part III
Editors:Julio Abascal; Simone Barbosa; Mirko Fetter; Tom Gross; Philippe Palanque; Marco Winckler
Location:Bamberg, Germany
Dates:2015-Sep-14 to 2015-Sep-18
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9298
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-22698-9 hcibib: INT15-3; ISBN: 978-3-319-22697-2 (print), 978-3-319-22698-9 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. INT 2015-09-14 Volume 3
    1. HCI for Global Software Development
    2. HCI in Healthcare
    3. HCI Studies
    4. Human-Robot Interaction
    5. Interactive Tabletops
    6. Mobile and Ubiquitous Interaction
    7. Multi-screen Visualization and Large Screens
    8. Participatory Design
    9. Pointing and Gesture Interaction
    10. Social Interaction

INT 2015-09-14 Volume 3

HCI for Global Software Development

An Interactive Approach for Inspecting Software System Measurements BIBAKFull-Text 1-8
  Taimur Khan; Henning Barthel; Karsten Amrhein; Achim Ebert; Peter Liggesmeyer
Non-response, Social Exclusion, and False Acceptance: Gatekeeping Tactics and Usability Work in Free-Libre Open Source Software Development BIBAKFull-Text 9-26
  Mikko Rajanen; Netta Iivari; Arto Lanamäki
Task Allocation Between UX Specialists and Developers in Agile Software Development Projects BIBAKFull-Text 27-44
  Kati Kuusinen

HCI in Healthcare

Breathe with Touch: A Tactile Interface for Breathing Assistance System BIBAKFull-Text 45-52
  Bin Yu; Loe Feijs; Mathias Funk; Jun Hu
Low-Income Parents' Values Involving the Use of Technology for Accessing Health Information BIBAKFull-Text 53-70
  David Muñoz; Rosa I. Arriaga
Probing the Potential of Multimedia Artefacts to Support Communication of People with Dementia BIBAKFull-Text 71-79
  Alina Huldtgren; Fabian Mertl; Anja Vormann; Chris Geiger
Smartphone-Based Gait Measurement Application for Exercise and Its Effects on the Lifestyle of Senior Citizens BIBAKFull-Text 80-98
  Takahiro Miura; Ken-ichiro Yabu; Atsushi Hiyama; Noriko Inamura; Michitaka Hirose; Tohru Ifukube

HCI Studies

Swimming the Channels: An Analysis of Online Archival Reference Enquiries BIBAKFull-Text 99-115
  Joseph Pugh; Christopher Power
"Not Some Trumped Up Beef": Assessing Credibility of Online Restaurant Reviews BIBAKFull-Text 116-131
  Marina Kobayashi; Victoria Schwanda Sosik; David Huffaker
An Empirical Investigation of the Practices and Challenges Specific to International User Studies BIBAKFull-Text 132-148
  Sabine Madsen; Lene Nielsen; Heidi Hautopp; Iben Jensen
Entity-Centric Visualization of Open Data BIBAKFull-Text 149-166
  Sajan Raj Ojha; Mladjan Jovanovic; Fausto Giunchiglia
Mindful Gaming: How Digital Games Can Improve Mindfulness BIBAKFull-Text 167-184
  Jacek Sliwinski; Mary Katsikitis; Christian Martyn Jones
The Affordances of Broken Affordances BIBAKFull-Text 185-202
  Martin Gielsgaard Grünbaum; Jakob Grue Simonsen

Human-Robot Interaction

Deploying Robots in a Production Environment: A Study on Temporal Transitions of Workers' Experiences BIBAKFull-Text 203-220
  Daniela Wurhofer; Thomas Meneweger; Verena Fuchsberger; Manfred Tscheligi
Finding Objects Faster in Dense Environments Using a Projection Augmented Robotic Arm BIBAKFull-Text 221-238
  Hind Gacem; Gilles Bailly; James Eagan; Eric Lecolinet
It's Not the Way You Look, It's How You Move: Validating a General Scheme for Robot Affective Behaviour BIBAKFull-Text 239-258
  Jekaterina Novikova; Gang Ren; Leon Watts

Interactive Tabletops

HoverSpace BIBAKFull-Text 259-277
  Paul Lubos; Oscar Ariza; Gerd Bruder; Florian Daiber; Frank Steinicke; Antonio Krüger
In-Situ Occlusion Resolution for Hybrid Tabletop Environments BIBAKFull-Text 278-295
  Jan Riemann; Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi; Max Mühlhäuser
MovemenTable: The Design of Moving Interactive Tabletops BIBAKFull-Text 296-314
  Kazuki Takashima; Yusuke Asari; Hitomi Yokoyama; Ehud Sharlin; Yoshifumi Kitamura

Mobile and Ubiquitous Interaction

If You Are Happy and You Know It, Say "I'm Here": Investigating Parents' Location-Sharing Preferences BIBAKFull-Text 315-332
  Paolo Massa; Chiara Leonardi; Bruno Lepri; Fabio Pianesi; Massimo Zancanaro
Navigation in Long Forms on Smartphones: Scrolling Worse than Tabs, Menus, and Collapsible Fieldsets BIBAKFull-Text 333-340
  Johannes Harms; Martina Kratky; Christoph Wimmer; Karin Kappel; Thomas Grechenig
Synchronising Live Second Screen Applications with TV Broadcasts Through User Feedback BIBAKFull-Text 341-349
  Pedro Centieiro; Teresa Romão; A. Eduardo Dias; Rui Neves Madeira
UbiBeam: Exploring the Interaction Space for Home Deployed Projector-Camera Systems BIBAFull-Text 350-366
  Jan Gugenheimer; Pascal Knierim; Christian Winkler; Julian Seifert; Enrico Rukzio
Cue Now, Reflect Later: A Study of Delayed Reflection of Diary Events BIBAKFull-Text 367-375
  Ming Ki Chong; Jon Whittle; Umar Rashid; Chee Siang Ang
Tick that Box: Interactive Paper Documents BIBAFull-Text 376-383
  Yomna Abdelrahman; Thomas Kubitza; Katrin Wolf; Norman Pohl; Albrecht Schmidt
Towards Deeper Understanding of User Experience with Ubiquitous Computing Systems: Systematic Literature Review and Design Framework BIBAKFull-Text 384-401
  Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila; Thomas Olsson; Jonna Häkkilä
uCanvas: A Web Framework for Spontaneous Smartphone Interaction with Ubiquitous Displays BIBAKFull-Text 402-409
  Tilman Dingler; Tobias Bagg; Yves Grau; Niels Henze; Albrecht Schmidt
Wireless Smartphone Mirroring in Video Calls BIBAKFull-Text 410-417
  Henrik Sørensen; Kenton O'Hara; Phil Gosset; Jesper Kjeldskov

Multi-screen Visualization and Large Screens

Disperse: Enabling Web-Based Visualization in Multi-screen and Multi-user Environments BIBAKFull-Text 418-435
  Megan Monroe; Casey Dugan
Evaluation of Distance-Aware Bimanual Manipulation Techniques for Large High-Resolution Displays BIBAKFull-Text 436-454
  Anke Lehmann; Oliver Staadt
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Selecting Between Touch and Mid-Air Gestures for Large-Display Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 455-473
  Mikkel R. Jakobsen; Yvonne Jansen; Sebastian Boring; Kasper Hornbæk

Participatory Design

Funky-Design-Spaces: Interactive Environments for Creativity Inspired by Observing Designers Making Mood Boards BIBAKFull-Text 474-492
  Andrés Lucero
Kwento: Using a Participatory Approach to Design a Family Storytelling Application for Domestic Helpers BIBAKFull-Text 493-500
  Kakit Cheong; Alex Mitchell
Paper or Pixel? Comparing Paper- and Tool-Based Participatory Design Approaches BIBAKFull-Text 501-517
  Matthias Heintz; Effie Lai-Chong Law; Samaneh Soleimani
Participatory Design in Practice BIBAKFull-Text 518-525
  Laura Cortés-Rico; Giovanny Piedrahita-Solórzano

Pointing and Gesture Interaction

Better Than You Think: Head Gestures for Mid Air Input BIBAKFull-Text 526-533
  Katrin Plaumann; Jan Ehlers; Florian Geiselhart; Gabriel Yuras; Anke Huckauf; Enrico Rukzio
Enhancing Pinch-Drag-Flick Paradigm with Two New Gestures: Two-Finger-Tap for Tablets and Tap&Tap for Smartphones BIBAKFull-Text 534-551
  Alessio Bellino
Estimating Production Time of Touchless Hand Drawing Gestures BIBAKFull-Text 552-569
  Orlando Erazo; José A. Pino; Pedro Antunes
The Costs and Benefits of Combining Gaze and Hand Gestures for Remote Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 570-577
  Yanxia Zhang; Sophie Stellmach; Abigail Sellen; Andrew Blake

Social Interaction

Sharing Wishes on Public Displays: Using Technology to Create Social Places BIBAKFull-Text 578-595
  Vinicius Ferreira; Junia Anacleto; Andre Bueno
Social Interaction Design Patterns for Urban Media Architecture BIBAKFull-Text 596-613
  Luke Hespanhol; Peter Dalsgaard
Thinking Like Disney: Supporting the Disney Method Using Ambient Feedback Based on Group Performance BIBAKFull-Text 614-621
  Sarah Tausch; Fabius Steinberger; Heinrich Hußmann
Eery Space: Facilitating Virtual Meetings Through Remote Proxemics BIBAKFull-Text 622-629
  Maurício Sousa; Daniel Mendes; Alfredo Ferreira; João Madeiras Pereira; Joaquim Jorge