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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'11: Human-Computer Interaction 2011-09-05

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERACT'11: IFIP TC13 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Part I
Note:Building Bridges
Editors:Pedro Campos; Nicholas Graham; Joaquim Jorge; Nuno Nunes; Philippe Palanque; Marco Winckler
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Dates:2011-Sep-05 to 2011-Sep-09
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6946
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-642-23773-7 (Print) 978-3-642-23774-4 (Online); hcibib: INT11-1
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. INT 2011-09-05 Volume 1
    1. Keynote Speakers
    2. Accessibility I
    3. Accessibility II
    4. Affective HCI
    5. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work I
    6. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work II
    7. Evaluation I
    8. Evaluation II
    9. Finding and Retrieving
    10. Fun / Aesthetic Design I
    11. Fun / Aesthetic Design II
    12. Gestures
    13. HCI in the Classroom

INT 2011-09-05 Volume 1

Keynote Speakers

Natural User Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 1
  António Câmara
The Future of Distributed Groups and Their Use of Social Media BIBAFull-Text 2
  Mary Czerwinski
Opportunities for Proxemic Interactions in Ubicomp (Keynote) BIBAKFull-Text 3-10
  Saul Greenberg

Accessibility I

Voice Games: Investigation Into the Use of Non-speech Voice Input for Making Computer Games More Accessible BIBAKFull-Text 11-29
  Susumu Harada; Jacob O. Wobbrock; James A. Landay
GraVVITAS: Generic Multi-touch Presentation of Accessible Graphics BIBAKFull-Text 30-48
  Cagatay Goncu; Kim Marriott
Designing a Playful Communication Support Tool for Persons with Aphasia BIBAKFull-Text 49-56
  Abdullah Al Mahmud; Idowu I. B. I. Ayoola; Jean-Bernard Martens
How to Make Numerical Information Accessible: Experimental Identification of Simplification Strategies BIBAKFull-Text 57-64
  Susana Bautista; Raquel Hervás; Pablo Gervás; Richard Power; Sandra Williams

Accessibility II

Blind People and Mobile Keypads: Accounting for Individual Differences BIBAKFull-Text 65-82
  Tiago João Vieira Guerreiro; João Oliveira; João Benedito; Hugo Nicolau; Joaquim A. Jorge; Daniel Gonçalves
Elderly User Evaluation of Mobile Touchscreen Interactions BIBAKFull-Text 83-99
  Masatomo Kobayashi; Atsushi Hiyama; Takahiro Miura; Chieko Asakawa; Michitaka Hirose; Tohru Ifukube
BrailleType: Unleashing Braille over Touch Screen Mobile Phones BIBAKFull-Text 100-107
  João Oliveira; Tiago João Vieira Guerreiro; Hugo Nicolau; Joaquim A. Jorge; Daniel Gonçalves
Potential Pricing Discrimination Due to Inaccessible Web Sites BIBAKFull-Text 108-114
  Jonathan Lazar; Brian Wentz; Matthew Bogdan; Edrick Clowney; Matthew Davis; Joseph Guiffo; Danial Gunnarsson; Dustin Hanks; John Harris; Behnjay Holt; Mark Kitchin; Mark Motayne; Roslin Nzokou; Leela Sedaghat; Kathryn Stern

Affective HCI

Measuring Immersion and Affect in a Brain-Computer Interface Game BIBAKFull-Text 115-128
  Gido Hakvoort; Hayrettin Gürkök; Danny Plass-Oude Bos; Michel Obbink; Mannes Poel
Understanding Goal Setting Behavior in the Context of Energy Consumption Reduction BIBAKFull-Text 129-143
  Michelle Scott; Mary Barreto; Filipe Quintal; Ian Oakley
Designing a Context-Aware Architecture for Emotionally Engaging Mobile Storytelling BIBAKFull-Text 144-151
  Fabio Pittarello
Towards Emotional Interaction: Using Movies to Automatically Learn Users' Emotional States BIBAKFull-Text 152-161
  Eva Oliveira; Mitchel Benovoy; Nuno Ribeiro; Teresa Chambel
Motion and Attention in a Kinetic Videoconferencing Proxy BIBAKFull-Text 162-180
  David Sirkin; Gina Venolia; John C. Tang; George G. Robertson; Taemie Kim; Kori Inkpen; Mara Sedlins; Bongshin Lee; Mike Sinclair
Making Sense of Communication Associated with Artifacts during Early Design Activity BIBAKFull-Text 181-198
  Moushumi Sharmin; Brian P. Bailey
Children's Interactions in an Asynchronous Video Mediated Communication Environment BIBAKFull-Text 199-206
  Michail N. Giannakos; Konstantinos Chorianopoulos; Paul Johns; Kori Inkpen; Honglu Du
Effects of Automated Transcription Delay on Non-native Speakers' Comprehension in Real-Time Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAKFull-Text 207-214
  Lin Yao; Yingxin Pan; Danning Jiang

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work I

Redundancy and Collaboration in Wikibooks BIBAKFull-Text 215-232
  Ilaria Liccardi; Olivier Chapuis; Ching-man Au Yeung; Wendy E. Mackay
Towards Interoperability in Municipal Government: A Study of Information Sharing Practices BIBAKFull-Text 233-247
  Stacy F. Hobson; Rangachari Anand; Jeaha Yang; Juhnyoung Lee
An Integrated Communication and Collaboration Platform for Distributed Scientific Workgroups BIBAKFull-Text 248-258
  Christian Müller-Tomfelde; Jane Li; Alex Hyatt

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work II

IdeaTracker: An Interactive Visualization Supporting Collaboration and Consensus Building in Online Interface Design Discussions BIBAKFull-Text 259-276
  Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam; Brian P. Bailey; Christina M. Poon
What You See Is What You (Can) Get? Designing for Process Transparency in Financial Advisory Encounters BIBAKFull-Text 277-294
  Philipp Nussbaumer; Inu Matter
A Framework for Supporting Joint Interpersonal Attention in Distributed Groups BIBAKFull-Text 295-312
  Jeremy P. Birnholtz; Johnathon Schultz; Matthew Lepage; Carl Gutwin

Evaluation I

Do Teams Achieve Usability Goals? Evaluating Goal Achievement with Usability Goals Setting Tool BIBAKFull-Text 313-330
  Anirudha Joshi; N. L. Sarda
Supporting Window Switching with Spatially Consistent Thumbnail Zones: Design and Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 331-347
  Susanne Tak; Joey Scarr; Carl Gutwin; Andy Cockburn
Evaluating Commonsense Knowledge with a Computer Game BIBAFull-Text 348-355
  Juan Fernando Mancilla-Caceres; Eyal Amir
Remote Usability Testing Using Eyetracking BIBAKFull-Text 356-361
  Piotr Chynal; Jerzy M. Szymanski

Evaluation II

A Means-End Analysis of Consumers' Perceptions of Virtual World Affordances for E-commerce BIBAKFull-Text 362-379
  Minh Quang Tran; Shailey Minocha; Dave Roberts; Angus Laing; Darren Langdridge
Improving Users' Consistency When Recalling Location Sharing Preferences BIBAKFull-Text 380-387
  Jayant Venkatanathan; Denzil Ferreira; Michael Benisch; Jialiu Lin; Evangelos Karapanos; Vassilis Kostakos; Norman M. Sadeh; Eran Toch
Navigation Time Variability: Measuring Menu Navigation Errors BIBAKFull-Text 388-395
  Krystian Samp; Stefan Decker
Challenges in Designing Inter-usable Systems BIBAKFull-Text 396-403
  Ville Antila; Alfred Lui
Directed Cultural Probes: Detecting Barriers in the Usage of Public Transportation BIBAKFull-Text 404-411
  Susanne Schmehl; Stephanie Deutsch; Johann Schrammel; Lucas Paletta; Manfred Tscheligi

Finding and Retrieving

Image Retrieval with Semantic Sketches BIBAKFull-Text 412-425
  David Engel; Christian Herdtweck; Björn Browatzki; Cristóbal Curio
Mixer: Mixed-Initiative Data Retrieval and Integration by Example BIBAKFull-Text 426-443
  Steven Gardiner; Anthony Tomasic; John Zimmerman; Rafae Aziz; Kathryn Rivard
Speaking to See: A Feasibility Study of Voice-Assisted Visual Search BIBAKFull-Text 444-451
  Victor Kaptelinin; Herje Wåhlen

Fun / Aesthetic Design I

Analysing the Playground: Sensitizing Concepts to Inform Systems That Promote Playful Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 452-469
  Stefan Rennick Egglestone; Brendan Walker; Joe Marshall; Steve Benford; Derek McAuley
Comparative Feedback in the Street: Exposing Residential Energy Consumption on House Façades BIBAKFull-Text 470-488
  Andrew Vande Moere; Martin Tomitsch; Monika Hoinkis; Elmar Trefz; Silje Johansen; Allison Jones
Are First Impressions about Websites Only Related to Visual Appeal? BIBAKFull-Text 489-496
  Eleftherios Papachristos; Nikolaos M. Avouris
You Can Wear It, But Do They Want to Share It or Stare at It? BIBAKFull-Text 497-504
  Arto Puikkonen; Anu Lehtiö; Antti Virolainen

Fun / Aesthetic Design II

Design and Evaluation of Interaction Technology for Medical Team Meetings BIBAKFull-Text 505-522
  Alex Olwal; Oscar Frykholm; Kristina Groth; Jonas Moll
How Technology Influences the Therapeutic Process: A Comparative Field Evaluation of Augmented Reality and In Vivo Exposure Therapy for Phobia of Small Animals BIBAKFull-Text 523-540
  Maja Wrzesien; Jean-Marie Burkhardt; Mariano Alcañiz Raya; Cristina Botella
You've Covered: Designing for In-shift Handoffs in Medical Practice BIBAKFull-Text 541-558
  Yunan Chen


A Taxonomy of Microinteractions: Defining Microgestures Based on Ergonomic and Scenario-Dependent Requirements BIBAKFull-Text 559-575
  Katrin Wolf; Anja Naumann; Michael Rohs; Jörg Müller
Unifying Events from Multiple Devices for Interpreting User Intentions through Natural Gestures BIBAKFull-Text 576-590
  Pablo Llinás; Manuel García-Herranz; Pablo A. Haya; Germán Montoro
SimpleFlow: Enhancing Gestural Interaction with Gesture Prediction, Abbreviation and Autocompletion BIBAFull-Text 591-608
  Mike Bennett; Kevin McCarthy; Sile O'Modhrain; Barry Smyth

HCI in the Classroom

The Perception of Sound and Its Influence in the Classroom BIBAKFull-Text 609-626
  Sofia Reis; Nuno Correia
Encouraging Initiative in the Classroom with Anonymous Feedback BIBAKFull-Text 627-642
  Tony Bergstrom; Andrew Harris; Karrie Karahalios
U-Note: Capture the Class and Access It Everywhere BIBAKFull-Text 643-660
  Sylvain Malacria; Thomas Pietrzak; Aurélien Tabard; Eric Lecolinet