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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 38

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 6

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  E. A. Edmonds
A Co-Operative Computer Based on the Principles of Human Co-Operation BIBA 3-22
  A. A. Clarke; M. G. G. Smyth
Visualizing and Representing Knowledge for the End User: A Review BIBA 23-49
  B. S. Murray; E. McDaid
Constructing End-User Knowledge Manipulation Systems BIBA 51-70
  E. A. Edmonds; S. M. O'Brien; T. Bayley; E. McDaid
Knowledge-Based Systems in Speech Recognition: A Survey BIBA 71-95
  Stella M. O'Brien
Special Features of Plosives in Connected-Speech Signals BIBA 97-127
  Stella M. O'Brien
End-User Manipulation of a Knowledge-Based System: A Study and an Expert's Practice BIBA 129-145
  L. Candy; S. M. O'Brien; E. A. Edmonds

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 2

Interactive Inductive Learning BIBA 147-167
  Michael Hadjimichael; Anita Wasilewska
Planning Interactive Explanations BIBA 169-199
  Alison Casey
Neither Novice Nor Expert: The Discretionary User of Software BIBA 201-229
  Radhika Santhanam; Susan Wiedenbeck
Gestures with Speech for Graphic Manipulation BIBA 231-249
  Alexander G. Hauptmann; Paul McAvinney
Analysis of Expert Reasoning in Hardware Diagnosis BIBA 251-280
  Nancy E. Reed; Paul E. Johnson
SOLA*: Students On-Line Advisor BIBA 281-312
  F. N. Arshad; G. Kelleher
A Lexical Analyser for Arabic BIBA 313-330
  Allel Feddag; Eric Foxley
Characterizing Advisory Interactions between Statisticians and Entomologists BIBA 331-345
  Rye Senjen; Paddy Austin

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 3

Applying Gentner's Theory of Analogy to the Teaching of Computer Programming BIBA 347-368
  Yam San Chee
An Experimental Investigation of Interface Design Alternatives: Icon vs. Text and Direct Manipulation vs. Menus BIBA 369-402
  Izak Benbasat; Peter Todd
A Dynamic Reliability Technique for Error Assessment in Man-Machine Systems BIBA 403-428
  P. C. Cacciabue; A. Carpignano; C. Vivalda
What Do You Expect to Get When You Ask for "A Cup of Coffee and a Muffin or a Croissant"? On the Interpretation of Sentences Containing Multiple Connectives BIBA 429-434
  Judith Avrahami; Yaakov Kareev
An Object-Oriented Language for Distributed Artificial Intelligence BIBA 435-453
  Giovanni Adorni; Agostino Poggi
Focusing Based on the Structure of a Model in Model-Based Diagnosis BIBA 455-474
  P. Nooteboom; G. B. Leemeijer
User Acceptance of Information Technology: System Characteristics, User Perceptions and Behavioral Impacts BIBA 475-487
  Fred D. Davis
The Effects of Alternative Forms of Knowledge Representation on Decision-Making Consensus BIBA 489-507
  Jack Arthur, Jr. Gowan; Charles W. McNichols
Operationalizing the Opportunistic Behavior in Model Formulation BIBA 509-540
  Ajay S. Vinze; Arun Sen; Shue Feng T. Liou

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"The Psychology of Menu Selection: Designing Cognitive Control at the Human/Computer Interface," by Kent L. Norman BIB 541-546
  Rarrell R. Raymond; Eric S. Lee
"Languages for Developing User Interfaces," edited by B. A. Myers BIB 541-546
  N. P. Rousseau
"A Theory of Computer Semiotics: Semiotic Approaches to Construction and Assessment of Computer Systems," by P. Bogh Andersen BIB 541-546
  Heather Stark
"Effective Colour Displays: Theory and Practice," by D. Travis BIB 541-546
  James Tresilian

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 4

User Representations of Computer Systems in Human-Computer Speech Interaction BIBA 547-566
  Rene Amalberti; Noelle Carbonell; Pierre Falzon
User Modelling for Graphical Design in Complex Dynamic Environments: Concepts and Prototype Implementations BIBA 567-586
  Gunilla A. Sundstrom
Mental Models: Concepts for Human-Computer Interaction Research BIBA 587-605
  Nancy Staggers; A. F. Norcio
AERIAL: Ad-Hoc Entity-Relationship Investigation and Learning BIBA 607-623
  L. M. Burns; A. Malhotra; G. Sockut; K.-Y. Whang
The Use of Analytical Models in Human-Computer-Interface Design BIBA 625-660
  Leo Gugerty
A New Approach to Detecting Missing Knowledge in Expert System Rule Bases BIBA 661-688
  Alun D. Preece
Evaluating User-Computer Interaction: A Framework BIBA 689-711
  M. Sweeney; M. Maguire; B. Shackel
Performance Effect of Matching Computer Interface Characteristics and User Skill Level BIBA 713-724
  James E. Trumbly; Kirk P. Arnett; Merle P. Martin
Artificial Intelligence in Education: Using State Space Search and Heuristics in Mathematics Instruction BIBA 725-746
  Anthony E. Kelly; D. H. Sleeman; Kenneth J. Gilhooly

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 5

Experimental Comparison of Navigation in a Galois Lattice with Conventional Information Retrieval Methods BIBA 747-767
  Robert Godin; Rokia Missaoui; Alain April
Preferred Mental Models for Direct Manipulation and Command-Based Interfaces BIBA 769-785
  Ray E. Eberts; Kalappa P. Bittianda
Q-Analysis of User-Database Interaction BIBA 787-803
  Thomas L. Jacobson; David S. Fusani; Wenjie Yan
A Uniform Graphical View of the Program Construction Process: GRIPSE BIBA 805-837
  K. Halewood; M. R. Woodward
The Effects of User Involvement: Some Personality Determinants BIBA 839-855
  Stephen R. Hawk
A Probabilistic Inference Scheme for Hierarchical Buggy Models BIBA 857-872
  N. Tokuda; A. Fukuda
User Interface Design for Cooperating Agents in Industrial Process Supervision and Control Applications BIBA 873-890
  Nicholas M. Avouris; Marc H. Van Liedekerke; Georgios P. Lekkas; Lynne E. Hall

IJMMS 1993 Volume 38 Issue 6

NALIGE: A User Interface Management System for the Development of Natural Language Interfaces BIBA 891-921
  Bill Z. Manaris; Wayne D. Dominick
Human Local Representations of Uncertainty: A Methodology for and Results from Comparing Different Schemes for Representing Uncertainty BIBA 923-947
  Bruce M. Perrin; David S. Vaughan; Robert M. Yadrick; Peter D. Holden
An Approach to Intelligent Automated Window Management BIBA 949-983
  Douglas J. Funke; Jeannette G. Neal; Rajendra D. Paul
Why Can't Smart Students Solve Simple Programming Problems? BIBA 985-997
  Russell L. Shackelford; Albert N. Badre
The Social and the Cognitive in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 999-1016
  R. J. Anderson; C. C. Heath; P. Luff; T. P. Moran
Searching Information in Hypertext Systems Using Multiple Sources of Evidence BIBA 1017-1030
  Jacques Savoy
Supporting Pascal Programming with an On-Line Template Library and Case Studies BIBA 1031-1048
  Patricia K. Schank; Marcia C. Linn; Michael J. Clancy

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"User Interface Design," by H. Thimbleby BIB 1049-1055
  Thomas Green
"MARCEL: Simulating the Novice Programmer," by James C. Spohrer BIB 1049-1055
  Hank Kahney
"Eliciting and Analyzing Expert Judgement, A Practical Guide," by M. Meyer and J. Booker BIB 1049-1055
  N. Shadbolt
"Information Modelling Practical Guidance," by Richard Veryard BIB 1049-1055
  David Benyon