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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 36

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 6

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 1

Program Design Methodologies and the Software Development Process BIBA 1-19
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Lyle S. Ross
The Role of Program Structure in Software Maintenance BIBA 21-63
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Robert W. Holt; Alan C. Schultz
The Effects on Decision Task Performance of Computer Synthetic Voice Output BIBA 65-80
  Michael J. DeHaemer; William A. Wallace
Anatomy of the Design of an Undo Support Facility BIBA 81-95
  Yiya Yang
Using Memory for Events in the Design of Personal Filing Systems BIBA 97-126
  Mark Lansdale; Ernest Edmonds
A New Method for Discovering Rules from Examples in Expert Systems BIBA 127-143
  A. Mrozek

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 2

Preface. Symbolic Problem Solving in Noisy, Novel and Uncertain Task Environments BIB 145
  M. J. Coombs; C. A. Fields
Introduction 1. Theoretical Approaches to Noise and Novelty BIB 147-148
  Mike Coombs; Chris Fields
Qualitative Reasoning with Bluff and Beliefs in a Multi-Actor Environment BIBA 149-165
  Ruddy Lelouch; Stephane Doublait
Some Approaches to Handle Noise in Concept Learning BIBA 167-181
  Ganesh Mani
Representing and Manipulating Uncertain Data BIBA 183-189
  J. M. Morrissey
Lexical and Pragmatic Disambiguation and Re-Interpretation in Connectionist Networks BIBA 191-220
  Trent E. Lange
Overcoming Rule-Based Rigidity and Connectionist Limitations through Massively-Parallel Case-Based Reasoning BIBA 221-246
  John Barnden; Kankanahalli Srinivas
e-MGR: An Architecture for Symbolic Plasticity BIBA 247-263
  M. J. Coombs; H. D. Pfeiffer; R. T. Hartley
Introduction 2. Strategies and Tactics for Workable Systems BIB 265-266
  Mike Coombs; Chris Fields
Tolerating Noisy, Irrelevant and Novel Attributes in Instance-Based Learning Algorithms BIBA 267-287
  David W. Aha
Use of Causal Models and Abduction in Learning Diagnostic Knowledge BIBA 289-307
  M. Botta; L. Saitta
MERCURY: A Heterogeneous System for Spatial Extrapolation for Mesoscale Meteorological Data BIBA 309-326
  C. A. Fields; J. E. Newberry; H. D. Pfeiffer; C. A. Soderlund; S. F. Kirby; G. B. McWilliams
Chemical Environmental Models Using Data of Uncertain Quality BIBA 327-336
  D. A. Swayne; D. C.-L. Lam; A. S. Fraser; J. Storey
Managing Uncertainty in Time-Critical Plan Evaluation BIBA 337-356
  Stephen Downes-Martin; Stephen Deutsch; Glenn Abrett
Integrated Knowledge-Based System Design and Validation for Solving Problems in Uncertain Environments BIBA 357-373
  Ed P. Andert

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 3

Scheduling Home Control Devices: Design Issues and Usability Evaluation of Four Touchscreen Interfaces BIBA 375-393
  Catherine Plaisant; Ben Shneiderman
A Review and Analysis of the Usability of Data Management Environments BIBA 395-417
  Dinesh Batra; Ananth Srinivasan
Information Management in Research Collaboration BIBA 419-445
  H. Chen; K. J. Lynch; A. K. Himler; S. E. Goodman
A Petri-Net Based Approach for Verifying the Integrity of Production Systems BIBA 447-468
  Ritu Agarwal; Mohan Tanniru
User Characteristics -- DSS Effectiveness Linkage: An Empirical Assessment BIBA 469-505
  K. Ramamurthy; William R. King; G. Premkumar

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing Minimalist Instruction for Practical Computer Skill," by John M. Carroll BIB 507-510
  David Benyon
"Formal Methods in Human-Computer Interaction," edited by M. Harrison and H. Thimbleby BIB 507-510
  Rinsjel Winder
"An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction," by P. A. Booth BIB 507-510
  Simon P. Davies

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 4

Can Experts' Explanations Help Students Develop Program Design Skills? BIBA 511-551
  Marcia C. Linn; Michael. J. Clancy
Second Order Structures in Multi-Criteria Decision Making BIBA 553-570
  Ronald R. Yager
Hierarchical Search Support for Hypertext On-Line Documentation BIBA 571-585
  T. R. Girill; Clement H. Luk
Network and Multidimensional Representations of the Declarative Knowledge of Human-Computer Interface Design Experts BIBA 587-615
  Douglas J. Gillan; Sarah D. Breedin; Nancy J. Cooke
Learning Expert Systems by Being Corrected BIBA 617-637
  Ross Peter Clement

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 5

Cognitive Modelling of Fighter Aircraft Process Control: A Step Towards an Intelligent On-Board Assistance System BIBA 639-671
  Rene Amalberti; Francois Deblon
Probing the Mental Models of System State Categories with Multidimensional Scaling BIBA 673-696
  Bruce G. Coury; Monica Zubritzky Weiland; V. Grayson Cuqlock-Knopp
Skill Metrics on a Genetic Graph as a Mechanism for Driving Adaptation in an Operating System Interface BIBA 697-718
  Chris J. Copeland; Simon R. Eccles
Analysing the Novice Analyst: Cognitive Models in Software Engineering BIBA 719-740
  A. G. Sutcliffe; N. A. M. Maiden
Cognitive Walkthroughs: A Method for Theory-Based Evaluation of User Interfaces BIBA 741-773
  Peter G. Polson; Clayton Lewis; John Rieman; Cathleen Wharton

IJMMS 1992 Volume 36 Issue 6

The Cognitive Apprenticeship Analogue: A Strategy for Using ITS Technology for the Delivery of Instruction and as a Research Tool for the Study of Teaching and Learning BIBA 775-795
  Michael L. Burger; John F. DeSoi
Decline in Accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition as Function of Time on Task: Fatigue or Voice Drift? BIBA 797-816
  Clive Frankish; Dylan Jones; Kevin Hapeshi
Organizational Decision Support Systems BIBA 817-832
  Varghese S. Jacob; Hasan Pirkul
Feedback Strategies for Error Correction in Speech Recognition Systems BIBA 833-842
  W. A. Ainsworth; S. R. Pratt
Nested IF-THEN-ELSE Constructs in End-User Computing: Personality and Aptitude as Predictors of Programming Ability BIBA 843-859
  Houn-Gee Chen; Robert P. Vecchio
Diagrammatic Displays for Engineered Systems: Effects on Human Performance in Interacting with Malfunctioning Systems BIBA 861-895
  David Kieras

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"Human Factors and Typography for More Readable Programs," by R. M. Baecker and A. Marcus BIB 897-903
  T. R. G. Green
"Engineering in Complex Dynamic Worlds," edited by E. Hullnagel, G. Mancini and D. D. Woods BIB 897-903
  Jean-Michel Hoc
"Robotics, Control and Society," edited by N. Moray, W. R. Ferrell and W. B. Rouse BIB 897-903
  Veronique De Keyser
"Cognitive Aspects of Computer-Supported Tasks," by Y. Wærn BIB 897-903
  J. Richardson