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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 35

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 11
  3. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 1
  4. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 2
  5. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 3
  6. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 4
  7. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 5
  8. IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 6

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 1

A Connectionist and Symbolic Hybrid for Improving Legal Research BIBA 1-33
  Daniel E. Rose; Richard K. Belew

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 11

PROLEXS: Creating Law and Order in a Heterogeneous Domain BIBA 35-67
  R. F. Walker; A. Oskamp; J. A. Schrickx; G. J. Van Opdorp; P. H. van den Berg

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 1

Hierarchical Formalizations BIBA 69-93
  Tom Routen; Trevor Bench-Capon
An Abductive Theory of Legal Issues BIBA 95-118
  Thomas F. Gordon

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 2

A Full-Speed Listening Typewriter Simulation BIBA 119-131
  A. F. Newell; J. L. Arnott; R. Dye; A. Y. Cairns
Clinical Assessment and Computerized Testing BIBA 133-150
  Irene Styles
The Use of Grounded Theory for Conceptual Analysis in Knowledge Elicitation BIBA 151-173
  Nick F. Pidgeon; Barry A. Turner; David I. Blockley
Signal Flow Graphs vs Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in Application to Qualitative Circuit Analysis BIBA 175-186
  M. A. Styblinski; B. D. Meyer
Error in Natural Language Dialogue between Man and Machine BIBA 187-217
  Jean Veronis
Emergent Complexity and Person-Machine Systems BIBA 219-234
  Kenyon B. De Greene
Informing HCI Design through Conversation Analysis BIBA 235-250
  M. A. Norman; P. J. Thomas
Cluster Analysis as a Technique to Guide Interface Design BIBA 251-265
  Scott Lewis

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: News, Reviews and Reports

Editorial BIB 267-273
  T. R. G. Green

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"Cognitive Ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction," edited by J. Long and A. Whitefield BIB 267-273
  A. Sasse
"Cognition in Practice," by Jean Lave; "Plans and Situated Actions," by Lucy A. Suchman BIB 267-273
  R. J. Anderson
"Visual Programming," by N. C. Shu BIB 267-273
  T. R. G. Green
"Programming the User Interface. Principles and Examples," by Judith R. Brown and Steve Cunningham BIB 267-273
  David Ackermann
"Text, ConText, and HyperText: Writing with and for the Computer," edited by Edward Barrett BIB 267-273
  D. Raymond

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 3

Display-Based Action at the User Interface BIBA 275-289
  Stephen J. Payne
Symbolic-Neural Systems and the Use of Hints for Developing Complex Systems BIBA 291-311
  Steven C. Suddarth; Alistair D. C. Holden
Information Relationships in PROLOG Programs: How Do Programmers Comprehend Functionality? BIBA 313-328
  David Bergantz; Johnette Hassell
Hierarchical Model-Based Diagnosis BIBA 329-362
  Igor Mozetic
Effects of Icon Design on Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 363-377
  Sven Blankenberger; Klaus Hahn
The Influence of Interface Style on Problem Solving BIBA 379-397
  Gunnvald B. Svendsen
Optimum Display Arrangements for Presenting Status Information BIBA 399-407
  D. Scott; J. M. Findlay
Hypotheses Testing by Fundamental Knowledge BIBA 409-427
  X. Liu

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 4

Coping with the Complexities of Multiple-Solution Problems: A Case Study BIBA 429-453
  Philip J. Smith; Deborah Galdes; Jane Fraser; Thomas Miller; Jack W., Jr. Smith; John R. Svirbely; Janice Blazina; Melanie Kennedy; Sally Rudmann; Donna L. Thomas
Designer Integration in CIM: A Motivational Approach BIBA 455-466
  L. J. Guggenheim; T. W. A. Whitfield
A Theory of Consolidation for Reasoning about Devices BIBA 467-489
  Tom Bylander
Design of a Hypermedia Interface Translating between Associative and Formal Representations BIBA 491-515
  Francis Heylighen
The Initial Stage of Program Comprehension BIBA 517-540
  Susan Wiedenbeck
Interactive Videodisc Instruction: The Influence of Personality on Learning BIBA 541-552
  Khalil F. Matta; Gary M. Kern
Attitudes Toward Microcomputers: Development and Construct Validation of a Measure BIBA 553-573
  Magid Igbaria; Saroj Parasuraman
Information Search with Dynamic Text vs Paper Text: An Empirical Comparison BIBA 575-586
  Susan H. Gray; C. Bradford Barber; Dennis Shasha
Fuzzy Set Evaluation of Inspection Performance BIBA 587-596
  Mao-Jiun J. Wang; Joseph Sharit; Colin G. Drury

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 5

A Practical Graphical Tracer for Prolog BIBA 597-631
  Mike Brayshaw; Marc Eisenstadt
TQ: A Language for Specifying Programming Problems BIBA 633-656
  Fernando Gomez; Viva Wingate
A Rule-Based Approach to the Ergonomic "Static" Evaluation of Man-Machine Graphic Interface in Industrial Processes BIBA 657-674
  Christophe Kolski; Patrick Millot
A Formal Approach to User Models in Data Retrieval BIBA 675-693
  Andre J. Kok
Critics: An Emerging Approach to Knowledge-Based Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 695-721
  Gerhard Fischer; Andreas C. Lemke; Thomas Mastaglio; Anders I. Morch
Writing with a Computer: A Longitudinal Study of Writers of Technical Documents BIBA 723-749
  Kerstin Severinson Eklundh; Carin Sjoholm

IJMMS 1991 Volume 35 Issue 6

Control Aspects of Active Above-Knee Prosthesis BIBA 751-767
  Dejan Popovic; Rajko Tomovic; Dejan Tepavac; Laszlo Schwirtlich
Machine Recognition of Printed Arabic Text Utilizing Natural Language Morphology BIBA 769-788
  Adnan Amin; Sabah Al-Fedaghi
Ameliorating the Pregnant Man Problem: A Verification Tool for Personal Computer Based Expert Systems BIBA 789-805
  John M. Herod; A. Terry Bahill
Stars, Polygons and Clusters; An Investigation of Polygon Displays BIBA 807-824
  Robert O. Turek; Joel S. Greenstein
Actions Representation in a 4-D Space BIBA 825-841
  Giovanni Adorni; Agostino Poggi
Process Tracing of Decision Making: An Approach for Analysis of Human-Machine Interactions in Dynamic Environments BIBA 843-858
  Gunilla A. Sundstrom
Dynamic Identity Verification via Keystroke Characteristics BIBA 859-870
  John Leggett; Glen Williams; Mark Usnick; Mike Longnecker
Optimizing Speed and Accuracy of Menu Selection: A Comparison of Walking and Pull-Down Menus BIBA 871-890
  Neff Walker; John B. Smelcer; Erik Nilsen
A Cost-Effective Evaluation Method for Use by Designers BIBA 891-912
  Peter C. Wright; Andrew F. Monk
Readers' Models of Text Structures: The Case of Academic Articles BIBA 913-925
  Andrew Dillon

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: News, Reviews and Reports

Editorial BIB 927-933
  T. R. G. Green

European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics: Book Reviews

"Studying the Novice Programmer," edited by E. Soloway and J. C. Spohrer BIB 927-933
  D. J. Gilmore
"Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction," edited by M. Helander BIB 927-933
  Jean-Michel Hoc
"Cognitive Science and its Applications for Human-Computer Interaction," edited by R. Guindon BIB 927-933
  Yvonne Wærn