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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 32

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 6

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 1

Evaluation of Algorithms for Combining Independent Data Sets in a Human Performance Expert System BIBA 1-19
  Valerie J. Gawron; David J. Travale; Jeannette G. Neal; Colin G. Drury; Sara J. Czaja
Normalized Performance Ratio -- A Measure of the Degree to which a Man-Machine Interface Accomplishes Its Operational Objective BIBA 21-108
  Brian Moffat
Response Assertiveness in Human-Computer Dialogues BIBA 109-117
  Paul Buchheit; Thomas Moher

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 2

Decision Analysis Techniques for Knowledge Acquisition: Combining Information and Preferences Using Aquinas and Axotl BIBA 121-186
  Jeffrey M. Bradshaw; John H. Boose
Fuzzy Windows and Classification Systems BIBA 187-201
  J. C. Santamarina; J. L. Chameau
An Investigation of the Applicability of Expert Systems to Job Shop Scheduling BIBA 203-213
  Sabah U. Randhawa; Edward D. McDowell
Foundations of Declarative Debugging in Arbitrary Logic Programming BIBA 215-232
  Song Yuan Yan
A Computerised Clinical Test of Forgetting Based on the ACT Model of Memory Retrieval BIBA 233-244
  David G. Andrewes; Dana Maude

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 3

Effect of CAD on the Jobs of Drafters and Engineers: A Quantitative Case Study BIBA 245-262
  Ann Majchrzak
Role of the Present in Temporal Representation in Artificial Intelligence BIBA 263-274
  Elzbieta Hajnicz
Automatic Rule Generation by the Transformation of Expert's Diagram: LIFT BIBA 275-292
  Jae Kyu Lee; In Koo Lee; Hyung Rim Choi; Sung Mahn Ahn
Soliciting Weights or Probabilities from Experts for Rule-Based Expert Systems BIBA 293-301
  Daniel E. O'Leary
No IFs, ANDs, or ORs: A Study of Database Querying BIBA 303-326
  Sharon L. Greene; Susan J. Devlin; Philip E. Cannata; Louis M. Gomez
An Examination of Gender Differences in the Determinants of Computer Anxiety and Attitudes Toward Microcomputers Among Managers BIBA 327-340
  Saroj Parasuraman; Magid Igbaria
Using a Natural Language Interface with Casual Users BIBA 341-361
  Ruth A. Capindale; Robert G. Crawford

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 4

Towards a Consultative On-Line Help System BIBA 363-383
  Godwin M. Gwei; Eric Foxley
Do They Know What They're Doing? An Evaluation of Word-Processor Users' Implicit and Explicit Task-Relevant Knowledge, and Its Role in Self-Directed Learning BIBA 385-398
  Pamela Briggs
On the Training of EDP Novices on the Personal Computer BIBA 399-421
  Jurgen Pilgrim
Modes in Non-Computer Devices BIBA 423-438
  Jeff Johnson
Effect of Modularity on Maintainability of Rule-Based Systems BIBA 439-447
  J. Steve Davis
Experimental Investigation of the Utility of Data Structure and E-R Diagrams in Database Query BIBA 449-459
  J. Steve Davis
The Nature and Development of Programming Plans BIBA 461-481
  Simon P. Davies

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 5

System Demands on Mental Models for a Fulltext Database BIBA 483-509
  Cecilia Katzeff
User Models: Theory, Method, and Practice BIBA 511-543
  Robert B. Allen
Source Models for Natural Language Text BIBA 545-579
  Ian H. Witten; Timothy C. Bell
Clarifying the Distinction Between Lexical and Gestural Commands BIBA 581-590
  Palmer Morrel-Samuels
Discourse Theory and Interface Design: The Case of Pointing with the Mouse BIBA 591-602
  Eoghan Mac Aogain; Ronan Reilly

IJMMS 1990 Volume 32 Issue 6

The Child as Naive User: A Study of Database Use with Young Children BIBA 603-625
  Janet Spavold
Computer-Mediated Communication System Network Data: Theoretical Concerns and Empirical Examples BIBA 627-647
  Ronald E. Rice
An Evaluation of Look-Ahead Help Fields on Various Types of Menu Hierarchies BIBA 649-661
  Robert J. Kreigh; Joseph F. Pesot; Charles G. Halcomb
Partitioned Frame Networks for Multi-Level, Menu-Based Interaction BIBA 663-672
  James D. Arthur
User Misconceptions of Information Retrieval Systems BIBA 673-692
  Hsinchun Chen; Vasant Dhar
Sensitivity Analysis of Rough Classification BIBA 693-705
  Krzysztof Slowinski; Roman Slowinski
Structure and Mnemonics in Computer and Command Languages BIBA 707-722
  Mert Cramer