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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 27

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 5/6

IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 1

Analogy and Other Sources of Difficulty in Novices' Very First Text-Editing BIBA 1-22
  Carl Martin Allwood; Mikael Eliasson
A Methodology of Design Knowledge Acquisition for Use in Learning Expert Systems BIBA 23-32
  Tomasz Arciszewski; M. Mustafa; Wojciech Ziarko
Creating Categories for Databases BIBA 33-63
  Baruch Fischhoff; Donald MacGregor; Lyn Blackshaw
On Matching Programmers' Chunks with Program Structures: An Empirical Investigation BIBA 65-89
  Iris Vessey
The Use of Hand-Drawn Gestures for Text Editing BIBA 91-102
  Catherine G. Wolf; Palmer Morrel-Samuels

IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 2

The KREME Knowledge Editing Environment BIBA 103-126
  Glenn Abrett; Mark H. Burstein
Knowledge Elicitation Using Discourse Analysis BIBA 127-144
  N. J. Belkin; H. M. Brooks; P. J. Daniels
Acquisition of Uncertain Rules in a Probabilistic Logic BIBA 145-154
  John G. Cleary
Cognitive Biases and Corrective Techniques: Proposals for Improving Elicitation Procedures for Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 155-166
  David A. Cleaves
A Mixed-Initiative Workbench for Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 167-179
  Gary S. Kahn; Edwin H. Breaux; Peter DeKlerk; Robert L. Joseph
Generalization and Noise BIBA 181-204
  Yves Kodratoff; Michel Manago; Jim Blythe
Analysis of the Performance of a Genetic Algorithm-Based System for Message Classification in Noisy Environments BIBA 205-220
  Elaine J. Pettit; Michael J. Pettit

IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 3

Simplifying Decision Trees BIBA 221-234
  J. R. Quinlan
Creating the Domain of Discourse: Ontology and Inventory BIBA 235-250
  Stephen Regoczei; Edwin P. O. Plantinga
KITTEN: Knowledge Initiation and Transfer Tools for Experts and Novices BIBA 251-280
  Mildred L. G. Shaw; Brian R. Gaines
Knowledge Base Refinement by Monitoring Abstract Control Knowledge BIBA 281-293
  David C. Wilkins; William J. Clancey; Bruce G. Buchanan
A Conceptual Clustering Program for Rule Generation BIBA 295-313
  Edward Wisniewski; Howard Winston; Reid Smith; Michael Kleyn

IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 4

Pictorial Communication with Computers BIBA 315-336
  P. G. Barker; M. Najah; K. A. Manji
Program Design Languages: How Much Detail Should They Include? BIBA 337-347
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Sylvia B. Sheppard; John W. Bailey
PRISM: An Algorithm for Inducing Modular Rules BIBA 349-370
  Jadzia Cendrowska
Context-Fixing Semantics for Instructable Robots BIBA 371-400
  Colleen Crangle; Patrick Suppes
Human-Computer Interaction in the Provision of an Interpersonal Communication Mechanism for the Nonvocal BIBA 401-412
  M. C. Fairhurst; M. Bonaventura; C. Stephanidis
FOCUS as a Phenomenological Technique for Job Analysis: Its Use in Multiple Paradigm Research (MPR) BIBA 413-433
  John Hassard
Experiments with a Cognitive Industrial Robot BIBA 435-448
  Derek Partridge; Victor Johnston; Patricia Lopez
Adapting to the Speaker in Automatic Speech Recognition BIBA 449-457
  Mike Talbot

IJMMS 1987 Volume 27 Issue 5/6

Introduction BIB 459-461
  Giuseppe Mancini; Dave Woods; Erik Hollnagel

Cognitive Tools: Instruments or Prostheses?

Cognitive Aids in Process Environments: Prostheses or Tools? BIBA 463-470
  James Reason
How Can Computer-Based Visual Displays Aid Operators? BIBA 471-478
  V. De Keyser
Human Interaction with an "Intelligent" Machine BIBA 479-525
  E. M. Roth; K. B. Bennett; D. D. Woods
Trust Between Humans and Machines, and the Design of Decision Aids BIBA 527-539
  Bonnie M. Muir
Operator Assistant Systems BIBA 541-554
  Guy A. Boy
Human Error Detection Processes BIBA 555-570
  Antonio Rizzo; Sebastiano Bagnara; Michele Visciola
Commentary: Cognitive Engineering in Complex and Dynamic Worlds BIB 571-585
  David D. Woods

Models of Decision Makers in Accident Conditions

Accidents at Sea: Multiple Causes and Impossible Consequences BIBA 587-598
  Willem A. Wagenaar; Jop Groeneweg
Modelling Operators in Accident Conditions: Advances and Perspectives on a Cognitive Model BIBA 599-612
  A. Amendola; U. Bersini; P. C. Cacciabue; G. Mancini
Human Supervisor Modelling: Some New Developments BIBA 613-618
  Henk G. Stassen
Intelligent Aids, Mental Models, and the Theory of Machines BIBA 619-629
  Neville Moray
Commentary: Models of the Decision Maker in Unforeseen Accidents BIB 631-639
  G. Mancini

Reasoning and Intelligence

Integrating Shallow and Deep Knowledge in the Design of an On-Line Process Monitoring System BIBA 641-664
  Massimo Gallanti; Luca Gilardoni; Giovanni Guida; Alberto Stefanini; Lorenzo Tomada
Information and Reasoning in Intelligent Decision Support Systems BIBA 665-678
  Erik Hollnagel
The MGR Algorithm and its Application to the Generation of Explanations for Novel Events BIBA 679-708
  M. J. Coombs; R. T. Hartley
A Comparison of Some Rules for Probabilistic Reasoning BIBA 709-716
  Paolo Garbolino
A Tentative Comparison of Numerical Approximate Reasoning Methodologies BIBA 717-728
  Didier Dubois; Henri Prade
Bayesian Theory and Artificial Intelligence: The Quarrelsome Marriage BIBA 729-742
  Paolo Garbolino
Commentary: Issues in Knowledge-Based Decision Support BIB 743-751
  Erik Hollnagel