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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 26

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 6

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 1

Editorial: Knowledge Acquisition BIB 1-2
  John Boose; Brian Gaines
Expertise Transfer and Complex Problems: Using AQUINAS as a Knowledge-Acquisition Workbench for Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 3-28
  John H. Boose; Jeffrey M. Bradshaw
KRITON: A Knowledge-Acquisition Tool for Expert Systems BIBA 29-40
  Joachim Diederich; Ingo Ruhmann; Mark May
MOLE: A Tenacious Knowledge-Acquisition Tool BIBA 41-54
  Larry Eshelman; Damien Ehret; John McDermott; Ming Tan
Knowledge-Based Knowledge Acquisition for a Statistical Consulting System BIBA 55-64
  William A. Gale
KNACK -- Report-Driven Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 65-79
  Georg Klinker; Joel Bentolila; Serge Genetet; Michael Grimes; John McDermott
Modelling Human Expertise in Knowledge Engineering: Some Preliminary Observations BIBA 81-92
  David C. Littman
Acquiring Domain Models BIBA 93-104
  Katharina Morik
Use of a Domain Model to Drive an Interactive Knowledge-Editing Tool BIBA 105-121
  Mark A. Musen; Lawrence M. Fagan; David M. Combs; Edward H. Shortliffe

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 2

A Formal Approach to Learning from Examples BIBA 123-141
  James P. Delgrande
Design for Acquisition: Principles of Knowledge-System Design to Facilitate Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 143-159
  Thomas R. Gruber; Paul R. Cohen
Specification for Expertise BIB 161-181
  Paul E. Johnson; Imran Zualkernan; Sharon Garber
Heuristics for Expertise Transfer: An Implementation of a Dialog Manager for Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 183-202
  Catherine M. Kitto; John H. Boose
Formal Thought and Narrative Thought in Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 203-212
  Jim Kornell
INFORM: An Architecture for Expert-Directed Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 213-230
  Eric A. Moore; Alice M. Agogino
Generic Tasks for Knowledge-Based Reasoning: The "Right" Level of Abstraction for Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 231-243
  Tom Bylander; B. Chandrasekaran
The Knowledge Acquisition Grid: A Method for Training Knowledge Engineers BIBA 245-255
  Marianne LaFrance
Mapping Cognitive Demands in Complex Problem-Solving Worlds BIB 257-275
  David D. Woods; Erik Hollnagel

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 3

On Comprehending a Computer Manual: Analysis of Variables Affecting Performance BIBA 277-300
  Donald J. Foss; Penny L. Smith-Kerker; Mary Beth Rosson
Representing and Using Metacommunication to Control Speakers' Relationships in Natural-Language Dialogue BIBA 301-319
  David L. Sanford; J. W. Roach
A Parallel Rule Firing Fuzzy Production System with Resolution of Memory Conflicts by Weak Fuzzy Monotonicity, Applied to the Classification of Multiple Objects Characterized by Multiple Uncertain Features BIBA 321-332
  William Siler; Douglas Tucker; James Buckley
Using Computer Knowledge in the Design of Interactive Systems BIBA 333-342
  Merle P. Martin; William L. Fuerst
The Classification of Programming Languages by Usage BIBA 343-360
  J. R. Doyle; D. D. Stretch
Structure of a Directory Space: A Case Study with a UNIX Operating System BIBA 361-382
  Omer Akin; Can Baykan; D. Radha Rao

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 4

Taking Backtracking with a Grain of SALT BIBA 383-398
  Sandra Marcus
The Use of Alternative Knowledge-Acquisition Procedures in the Development of a Knowledge-Based Media Planning System BIBA 399-411
  Andrew A. Mitchell
Explanation-Based Learning for Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 413-433
  Michael J. Pazzani
Multiple-Problem Subspaces in the Knowledge-Design Process BIBA 435-452
  Alain Rappaport
An Overview of Knowledge-Acquisition and Transfer BIBA 453-472
  Brian R. Gaines
Ontological Analysis: An Ongoing Experiment BIBA 473-485
  James H. Alexander; Michael J. Freiling; Sheryl J. Shulman; Steven Rehfuss; Steven L. Messick
Structured Analysis of Knowledge BIBA 487-498
  S. A. Hayward; B. J. Wielinga; J. A. Breuker
Induction of Horn Clauses: Methods and the Plausible Generalization Algorithm BIBA 499-519
  Wray Buntine
A Conceptual Framework for Knowledge Elicitation BIBA 521-531
  Chaya Garg-Janardan; Gavriel Salvendy
The Application of Psychological Scaling Techniques to Knowledge Elicitation for Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 533-550
  Nancy M. Cooke; James E. McDonald

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 5

Propagation of Evidence in Rule Based Systems BIBA 551-566
  Wei-Min Dong; Felix S. Wong
Formatting Alphanumeric CRT Displays BIBA 567-580
  B. Mustafa Pulat; Herbert H. Nwankwo
An Interactive Environment for Tool Selection, Specification and Composition BIBA 581-595
  James D. Arthur; Douglas E. Comer
Multi-Window Displays for Readers of Lengthy Texts BIBA 597-615
  J. Tombaugh; A. Lickorish; P. Wright
An Error Correcting Protocol for Medical Expert Systems BIBA 617-625
  Jerrold A. Landau; Kenneth H. Norwich; Stephen J. Evans; Bohdan Pich
Menu Search: Random or Systematic? BIBA 627-631
  James MacGregor; Eric Lee
A Decision-Table-Based Processor for Checking Completeness and Consistency in Rule-Based Expert Systems BIBA 633-648
  Brian J. Cragun; Harold J. Steudel

IJMMS 1987 Volume 26 Issue 6

Cognitive Processing Differences Between Novice and Expert Computer Programmers BIBA 649-660
  Allan G. Bateson; Ralph A. Alexander; Martin D. Murphy
A Clinical Field Study of Eight Automated Psychometric Procedures: The Leicester/DHSS Project BIBA 661-682
  J. Graham Beaumont; Christopher C. French
Procedural and Non-Procedural Query Languages Revisited: A Comparison of Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus BIBA 683-694
  Gary W. Hansen; James V. Hansen
Predicting End-User Acceptance of Microcomputers in the Workplace BIBA 695-705
  Myron E. Hatcher; Thomas Ronald Diebert
New Reasoning Methods for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine BIBA 707-718
  Benjamin Kuipers
Modelling Casework: A Case Study of the Development of Computer-Based Models for Judgemental Training BIBA 719-733
  P. B. Taylor; G. H. D. Royston