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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 22

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 6

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 1

What Non-Programmers Know about Programming: Natural Language Procedure Specification BIBA 1-10
  Kathleen M. Galotti; William F., III Ganong
The Effect of Microcomputer Presentation and Response Medium on Digit Span Performance BIBA 11-18
  J. Graham Beaumont
A Model of Human Evaluation Process Using Fuzzy Measure BIBA 19-38
  K. Ishii; M. Sugeno
Metaphor, Computing Systems, and Active Learning BIBA 39-57
  John M. Carroll; Robert L. Mack
Combining Functions for Certainty Degrees in Consulting Systems BIBA 59-76
  Petr Hajek
An Empirical Investigation into Problem Decomposition Strategies Used in Program Design BIBA 77-90
  Bryan Ratcliff; Jawed I. A. Siddiqi
Man-Machine Interface Issues in the Construction and Use of an Expert System BIBA 91-102
  Alison L. Kidd; Martin B. Cooper
A Workstation Assessor for Crew Operations -- WOSTAS BIBA 103-126
  Babur Mustafa Pulat; Pakize Simin Pulat

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 2

Basic Algebra Revisited: A Study with 14-Year-Olds BIBA 127-149
  D. Sleeman
Selecting a Humanly Understandable Knowledge Representation for Reasoning About Knowledge BIBA 151-161
  Anthony S. Maida
An Empirical Investigation of Reconstructability Analysis: Probabilistic Systems BIBA 163-192
  Abdul Hai; George J. Klir
Decision Trees: A Contribution to Automatic Interpretation of GUHA Results BIBA 193-207
  Zdenek Renc; Lenka Setikovska
Within and Across Modality Comprehension of Electronic Media in Children BIBA 209-214
  Mary Alice White; Janine Pollack
Natural-Language Interface for an Instructable Robot BIBA 215-240
  Robert Elton Maas; Patrick Suppes

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 3

Editorial: Reasoning with Uncertainty in Expert Systems BIB 241-250
  Piero P. Bonissone; Richard M. Tong
On the Problems of Representation and Propagation of Uncertainty in Expert Systems BIBA 251-264
  Roger Martin-Clouaire; Henri Prade
Experimental Investigations of Uncertainty in a Rule-Based System for Information Retrieval BIBA 265-282
  Richard M. Tong; Daniel G. Shapiro
Higher-Order Logics for Handling Uncertainty in Expert Systems BIBA 283-293
  E. H. Mamdani; H. J. Efstathiou
An Inexact Inference for Damage Assessment of Existing Structures BIBA 295-306
  H. Ogawa; K. S. Fu; J. T. P. Yao
Evidence Combination in Expert Systems BIBA 307-326
  Leonardo Lesmo; Lorenza Saitta; Pietro Torasso
Alternative Logics for Approximate Reasoning in Expert Systems: A Comparative Study BIBA 327-346
  Thomas Whalen; Brian Schott
Probabilistic versus Fuzzy Production Rules in Expert Systems BIBA 347-353
  Wyllis Bandler; Ladislav J. Kohout
Analysis of a Fuzzy Dynamic System and Synthesis of Its Controller BIBA 355-363
  Masaki Togai; Paul P. Wang

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 4

An Approach to the Formal Analysis of User Complexity BIBA 365-394
  David Kieras; Peter G. Polson
Personality and Learning FORTRAN BIBA 395-402
  Dona M. Kagan; John M. Douthat
The Transfer of Text-Editing Skill BIBA 403-423
  Mark K. Singley; John R. Anderson
Computer Supported Reading vs Reading Text on Paper: A Comparison of Two Reading Situations BIBA 425-439
  Susanne Askwall
Learning Computerized Tasks as Related to Prior Task Knowledge BIBA 441-455
  Yvonne Wærn
QUASAR: An Input System for the Physically Handicapped BIBA 457-461
  C. D. Terrell
Correcting User Errors in SQL BIBA 463-477
  C. Welty
Effects of Help Fields on Navigating Through Hierarchical Menu Structures BIBA 479-491
  Kathleen Snowberry; Stanley Parkinson; Norwood Sisson

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 5

On the Interaction of Man and EDP Use as Work Activity BIBA 493-505
  Jurgen Pilgrim
The Use of Modal Default Reasoning in Information Systems BIBA 507-522
  Piotr Rychlik
Language Models and Search Algorithms for Real-Time Speech Recognition BIBA 523-547
  Carlo Scagliola
How to Tell People Where to Go: Comparing Navigational Aids BIBA 549-562
  Lynn A. Streeter; Diane Vitello; Susan A. Wonsiewicz
On Search in an Incomplete Database BIBA 563-579
  Lena Linde; Yvonne Waern
Identification of Regular Configurations with Partial Information BIBA 581-587
  Wojciech Zakowski; Maciej Koutny

IJMMS 1985 Volume 22 Issue 6

Efficient Computer-User Interface in Electronic Mail Systems BIBA 589-611
  Omer Akin; D. Radha Rao
Some Reasons Why Algebraic Topology is Important in Neuropsychology: Perceptual and Cognitive Systems as Fibrations BIBA 613-650
  William C. Hoffman
Experimental Evaluation of Dialogue Types for Data Entry BIBA 651-661
  Kerstin Severinson Eklundh; Hans Marmolin; Carl-Eric Hedin
Specification and Generation of Variable, Personalized Graphical Interfaces BIBA 663-684
  Richard Bournique; Siegfried Treu