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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 21

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 6

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 1

Guest Editorial: Cognitive Ergonomics Research at SAPU, Sheffield BIB 1-6
  T. R. G. Green
Organization and Learnability in Computer Languages BIBA 7-18
  T. R. G. Green; S. J. Payne
Perceptual Structure Cueing in a Simple Command Language BIBA 19-29
  S. J. Payne; M. E. Sime; T. R. G. Green
Comprehension and Recall of Miniature Programs BIBA 31-48
  D. J. Gilmore; T. R. G. Green
Speech-Controlled Text-Editing: Effects of Input Modality and of Command Structure BIBA 49-63
  D. L. Morrison; T. R. G. Green; A. C. Shaw; S. J. Payne
The Doctor's Use of a Computer in the Consulting Room: An Analysis BIBA 65-90
  Garry Brownbridge; Mike Fitter; Max Sime

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 2

The Effect of Semantic Complexity on the Comprehension of Program Modules BIBA 91-103
  Barbee T. Mynatt
A Structured Approach to Designing Human-Computer Dialogues BIBA 105-126
  Izak Benbasat; Yair Wand
On Conflicts BIBA 127-134
  Z. Pawlak
On Frequency-Based Menu-Splitting Algorithms BIBA 135-148
  Ian H. Witten; John G. Cleary; Saul Greenberg
The Relationship of Problem-Solving Ability and Course Performance among Novice Programmers BIBA 149-160
  Ronald H. Nowaczyk
Conditional Statements and Program Coding: An Experimental Evaluation BIBA 161-190
  Iris Vessey; Ron Weber

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 3

An Economical Approach to Modeling Speech Recognition Accuracy BIBA 191-202
  Thomas M. Spine; Beverly H. Williges; Joseph F. Maynard
A Display Editor with Random Access and Continuous Control BIBA 203-212
  John M. Hammer
An Analysis of Formal Logics as Inference Mechanisms in Expert Systems BIBA 213-227
  E. H. Mamdani; Janet Efstathiou
Visual Momentum: A Concept to Improve the Cognitive Coupling of Person and Computer BIBA 229-244
  David D. Woods
Users and Experts in the Document Retrieval System Model BIBA 245-252
  Czeslaw Danilowicz
Measuring the Quality of Linguistic Forecasts BIBA 253-257
  Ronald R. Yager
An Experimental Expert System for Genetics BIBA 259-268
  Toshinori Munakata; Barry Kornreich
Reading Continuous Text from a One-Line Visual Display BIBA 269-277
  Andrew F. Monk

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 4

Guest Editorial: Intelligent User Interfaces BIB 279-280
  Edwina L. Rissland
The Role of Context and Adaptation in User Interfaces BIBA 283-292
  W. Bruce Croft
Experience with the ZOG Human-Computer Interface System BIBA 293-310
  Donald L. McCracken; Robert M. Akscyn
Seeing What Your Programs are Doing BIBA 311-331
  Henry Lieberman
What Makes RABBIT Run? BIBA 333-352
  Michael David Williams
The Electronic Classroom: Workstations for Teaching BIBA 353-363
  Andries Van Dam
Stages and Levels in Human-Machine Interaction BIBA 365-375
  Donald A. Norman
Ingredients of Intelligent User Interfaces BIBA 377-388
  Edwina L. Rissland

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 5

General Multiple-Objective Decision Functions and Linguistically Quantified Statements BIBA 389-400
  Ronald R. Yager
Customers' Requirements for Natural Language Systems: Results of an Inquiry BIBA 401-414
  Katharina Morik
The Effect of Indentation on Program Comprehension BIBA 415-428
  Thomas E. Kesler; Randy B. Uram; Ferial Magareh-Abed; Ann Fritzsche; Carl Amport; H. E. Dunsmore
An Approach to CAD System Performance Evaluation BIBA 429-444
  Y. N. Strelnikov; G. Pulkkis; G. D. Dmitrevich
QWERTY and Keyboard Reform: The Soft Keyboard Option BIBA 445-450
  Geoff Cumming
An Icon-Driven End-User Interface to UNIX BIBA 451-461
  D. T. Gittins; R. L. Winder; H. E. Bez

IJMMS 1984 Volume 21 Issue 6

The METANET: A Means for the Specification of Semantic Networks as Abstract Data Types BIBA 463-492
  Werner Dilger; Wolfgang Womann
An Empirical Investigation of Voice as an Input Modality for Computer Programming BIBA 493-520
  John Leggett; Glen Williams
Some Cognitive Aspects of Interface Design in a Two-Variable Optimization Task BIBA 521-539
  R. S. Bridger; J. Long
Voice-Input Aids for the Physically Disabled BIBA 541-553
  Robert I. Damper