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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 18

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 6

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 1

An Analysis of Expert Thinking BIBA 1-47
  David Hawkins
Fuzzy Decision Making with Multiple Objectives and Discrete Membership Functions BIBA 49-54
  Edward L. Hannan
Modelling Man-Machine Interface in a Data Base Environment BIBA 55-70
  Israel Spiegler
An Experimental Study of Natural Language Programming BIBA 71-87
  Alan W. Biermann; Bruce W. Ballard; Anne H. Sigmon
Whither Device Independence in Interactive Graphics? BIBA 89-99
  Jan van den Bos

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 2

The Role of Excursions in Interactive Systems BIBA 101-112
  Jared Darlington; Wolfgang Dzida; Siegfried Herda
Human Factors Guidelines in Computer Graphics: A Case Study BIBA 113-133
  Elaine G. Davis; Robert W. Swezey
What We Do Not Know about Man-Machine Systems BIBA 135-143
  Erik Hollnagel
What, Where and Whence: Means for Improving Electronic Data Access BIBA 145-160
  F. L. Engel; J. J. Andriessen; H. J. R. Schmitz
Analogy and Axiomatics BIBA 161-173
  John Stelzer
Dynamics of Perception: Some New Models BIBA 175-197
  Maria Nowakowska

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 3

Users are Individuals: Individualizing User Models BIBA 199-214
  Elaine Rich
A Theoretical Basis for the Representation of On-Line Computer Systems to Naive Users BIBA 215-252
  A. P. Jagodzinski
Translation, Rotation and Superposition of Linear Quadtrees BIBA 253-263
  Irene Gargantini
The QWERTY Keyboard: A Review BIBA 265-281
  Jan Noyes
Evaluation of Different Modalities of Verbalization in a Sorting Task BIBA 283-306
  Jean Michel Hoc; Jacques Leplat

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 4

Opposites and Measures of Extremism in Concepts and Constructs BIBA 307-322
  Ronald R. Yager
A Module to Estimate Numerical Values of Hidden Variables for Expert Systems BIBA 323-335
  Nicholas V. Findler; John E. Brown; Ron Lo; Han Yong You
Hierarchical Set Definition by Q-Analysis, Part I. The Hierarchical Backcloth BIBA 337-359
  J. H. Johnson
On the Retino-Cortical Mapping BIBA 361-389
  Stewart W. Wilson
Detour Routes to Usability: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Multipurpose Software Design BIBA 391-400
  P. Wright; G. Bason

Book Review

"Recent Advances in Personal Construct Technology," edited by Mildred L. G. Shaw BIB 401-403
  Adri van der Meer

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 5

Generalized Boolean Methods of Information Retrieval BIBA 407-439
  Tadeusz Radecki
Reading Text from Visual Display Units (VDUs) BIBA 441-465
  Yvonne Wærn; Carl Rollenhagen
Hierarchical Set Definition by Q-Analysis, Part II. Traffic on the Hierarchical Backcloth BIBA 467-487
  J. H. Johnson
Interactive Computer Programs for Fuzzy Linear Programming with Multiple Objectives BIBA 489-503
  Masatoshi Sakawa
Two Dimensions of Program Complexity BIBA 505-511
  B. D. Chaudhary; H. V. Sahasrabuddhe

IJMMS 1983 Volume 18 Issue 6

Learning Search Strategies through Discrimination BIBA 513-541
  Pat Langley
Towards a Theory of the Comprehension of Computer Programs BIBA 543-554
  Ruven Brooks
A Note on the Functional Estimation of Values of Hidden Variables -- An Extended Module for Expert Systems BIBA 555-565
  Nicholas V. Findler; Ron Lo
The Theory of Model Dimensions Applied to a Computer Solution of a Syllogism BIBA 567-582
  Ranulph Glanville; Peter Jackson
Cognitive Systems Engineering: New Wine in New Bottles BIBA 583-600
  Erik Hollnagel; David D. Woods