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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 17

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 4

IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 1


Microelectronics in Education BIB 1-2
  Mildred L. G. Shaw
Microelectronics in Education: Two Types of Innovation, Two Strategies BIBA 3-14
  L. A. Gilbert
PRESTEL and Education: A Report of a One-Year Trial BIBA 15-22
  Vincent Thompson
A Pilot Telesoftware Service for Education BIBA 23-32
  Jill Coates
Videotex and the Disabled BIBA 33-50
  Nancy L. Staisey; Jo W. Tombaugh; Richard F. Dillon
Microcomputers and Disabled People BIBA 51-58
  Phil Odor
Evaluation of Electronic Learning Aids: Texas Instruments' "Speak Spell" BIBA 59-67
  C. D. Terrell; O. Linyard
SAKI: Twenty-Five Years of Adaptive Training into the Microprocessor Era BIBA 69-74
  Gordon Pask
Tracking the Creativity Cycle with a Microcomputer BIBA 75-85
  Mildred L. G. Shaw; Brian R. Gaines
The Design of a Dynamic Book for Information Search BIBA 87-107
  Stephen A. Weyer
A Study of TRIP: A Computer System for Animating Time-Rate-Distance Problems BIBA 109-126
  Laura Gould; William Finzer
An Evaluation of Micro-CAL in Schools BIBA 127-141
  J. R. Hartley; K. Bostrom
Trends and Prospects for Microcomputer-Based Education BIBA 143-148
  G. M. Mills; T. T. Stonier

IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 2

Knowledge Refining for a Diagnostic Aid (An Example of Applied Epistemics) BIBA 151-164
  T. R. Addis
On the Relative Comprehensibility of Various Control Structures by Novice Fortran Programmers BIBA 165-171
  C. H. Smith; H. E. Dunsmore
Problem Solving as a Basis for Program Synthesis: Design and Experimentation of the BIS System BIBA 173-188
  Francesco Caio; Giovanni Guida; Marco Somalvico
A Computer Package for the Evaluation of Neuron Models Involving Large Uniform Networks BIBA 189-210
  M. H. Lee; A. R. Marudarajan
Human Factors in the Design and Use of Computing Languages BIBA 211-224
  Andrew Arblaster
Plans and Initial Progress with BLEND -- An Electronic Network Communication Experiment BIBA 225-233
  B. Shackel

Book Reviews

"Computing Skills and the User Interface," edited by M. J. Coombs and J. L. Alty BIB 235-237
  Susanne Maass
"Structures and Operations in Engineering and Management Systems," edited by O. Biorke and O. I. Franksen BIB 235-237
  T. R. Addis

IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 3


Automated Psychological Testing BIB 239-240
  B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
The Automated Pictorial Paired and Associate Learning Task BIBA 241-246
  John Wedgwood
Automated Psychological Testing: Some Principles and Practice BIBA 247-263
  Alick Elithorn; Sue Mornington; Andreas Stavrou
Some Experiences in Administering a Psychometric Test with a Light Pen and Microcomputer BIBA 265-278
  J. Ridgway; M. J. MacCulloch; H. E. Mills
Automated Psychological Testing BIBA 279-289
  James A. Thompson; Sarah L. Wilson
Automated Psychological Testing for the Severely Physically Handicapped BIBA 291-296
  Sarah L. Wilson; James A. Thompson; Geoffrey Wylie
Automated Testing of Geriatric Patients Using a Microcomputer-Based System BIBA 297-300
  A. C. Carr; Sarah L. Wilson; A. Ghosh; R. J. Ancill; R. T. Woods
Pros and Cons of Tailored Testing: An Examination of Issues Highlighted by Experience with an Automated Testing System BIBA 301-304
  Pamela Jane Volans
A Comparison of Conventional and Automated Administration of Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices BIBA 305-310
  E. J. Calvert; R. C. Waterfall
System Requirements for Interactive Testing BIBA 311-320
  J. Graham Beaumont
Detailed Computer Analysis of Performance on a Single Psychological Test BIBA 321-330
  J. A. Weinman
Automated Tailored Testing Using Raven's Matrices and the Mill Hill Vocabulary Tests: A Comparison with Manual Administration BIBA 331-344
  Kathleen Watts; Alan Baddeley; Moyra Williams
PLANET: Some Experience in Creating an Integrated System for Repertory Grid Applications on a Microcomputer BIBA 345-360
  Mildred L. G. Shaw
A Computerized Approach to Psychological Screening -- The Bexley-Maudsley Automated Psychological Screening and The Bexley-Maudsley Category Sorting Test BIBA 361-369
  William Acker

IJMMS 1982 Volume 17 Issue 4


Monthly Publication BIB 373-374
  B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
The Goals and Methods of Computer Users BIBA 375-399
  Kathy Lang; Robin Auld; Terry Lang
Semantics for Fuzzy Reasoning BIBA 401-415
  Robin Giles
NLI: A Robust Interface for Natural Language Person-Machine Communication BIBA 417-433
  Giovanni Guida; Carlo Tasso
Data Base Interaction Using a Hand Print Terminal BIBA 435-458
  Philip G. Barker
Task Taxonomies: A General Review and Evaluation BIBA 459-472
  Michael A. Companion; Gregory M. Corso