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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 10

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 6

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 1

Guest Editorial BIB 1-2
  P. Hajek
The GUHA Method -- Its Aims and Techniques (Twenty-Four Questions and Answers) BIBA 3-22
  Petr Hajek; Tomas Havranek
Some Remarks on Computer Realizations of GUHA Procedures BIBA 23-28
  Jan Rauch
An Application of the GUHA Method in Medicine BIBA 29-35
  Z. Renc; K. Kubat; J. Kourim
On Interpretation of GUHA Results BIBA 37-46
  Z. Renc
GUHA-Style Processing of Mixed Data BIBA 47-57
  Tomas Havranek; Dan Pokorny
Enumeration Calculi and Rank Methods BIBA 59-65
  Tomas Havranek
A GUHA Procedure with Correlational Quantifiers BIBA 67-74
  T. Havranek; J. Vosahlo
The GUHA Method and Desk Calculators BIBA 75-86
  Dan Pokorny
Statistics of Multidimensional Contingency Tables and the GUHA Method BIBA 87-93
  Tomas Havranek

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 2

Manual Optimization of Ill-Structured Problems BIBA 95-111
  James R. Buck; Walton M. Hancock
A Syntactic View of Semantic Networks BIBA 113-119
  D. Partridge
Schenker's Theory of Tonal Music -- Its Explication Through Computational Processes BIBA 121-138
  R. E. Frankel; S. J. Rosenschein; S. W. Smoliar
FOCUS on Education -- An Interactive Computer System for the Development and Analysis of Repertory Grids BIBA 139-173
  Mildred L. G. Shaw; Laurie F. Thomas
An Economic Basis for Certain Methods of Evaluating Probabilistic Forecasts BIBA 175-183
  Judea Pearl
Analysis of Subjective Assessments of Structural Failures BIBA 185-195
  D. I. Blockley
Empirical and Formal Language Design Applied to a Unified Control Construct for Interactive Computing BIBA 197-216
  David W. Embley

Book Reviews

"Representation and Understanding: Studies in Cognitive Science," edited by D. G. Bobrow and A. Collins BIB 217-220
  S. Soule
"Mechanisms of Speech Recognition," by W. A. Ainsworth BIB 217-220
  W. Jassem

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 3

Editorial: Man-Computer Conference Issue BIBA 221-223
  D. R. Hill; Brian Gaines
Man-Computer Communication -- What Next? BIB 225-232
  B. R. Gaines
CHOREO: An Interactive Computer Model for Dance BIBA 233-250
  G. J. Savage; J. M. Officer
The Computer as an Artistic Tool BIBA 251-262
  Lynn Sveinson
Computer Graphic Aided Music Composition BIBA 263-271
  Theo Goldberg; Guenther F. Schrack
Template Mode -- An Aid for the Interactive Graphic User BIBA 273-283
  U. G. Lama
A Program Structure for Event-Based Speech Synthesis by Rules within a Flexible Segmental Framework BIBA 285-294
  David R. Hill
Trends in Artificial Intelligence BIBA 295-299
  Patrick Hayes
A Teachable Machine in the Real World BIBA 301-312
  Peter M. Andreae; John H. Andreae
MYCIN: A Knowledge-Based Consultation Program for Infectious Disease Diagnosis BIBA 313-322
  William Van Melle
A Paradigmatic Example of an Artificially Intelligent Instructional System BIBA 323-339
  John Seely Brown; Richard R. Burton

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 4

Communication between Two Self-Organizing Systems Modelled by Controlled Markov Chains BIBA 343-366
  John S. Nicolis; E. N. Protonotarios; M. Theologou
On Dealing with Quantification in Natural Language Utterances BIBA 367-394
  Peter B. Sheridan
PRUF -- A Meaning Representation Language for Natural Languages BIBA 395-460
  L. A. Zadeh
A Q-Analysis of Television Programmes BIBA 461-479
  J. H. Johnson

Book Review

"Humanized Input: Techniques for Reliable Keyed Input," by Tom Gilb and Gerald M. Weinberg BIB 481
  Bruce Anderson

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 5

Linguistic Models and Fuzzy Truths BIBA 483-494
  Ronald R. Yager
An Experimental Study of the Effects of Data Display Media on Decision Effectiveness BIBA 495-505
  Kenneth A. Kozar; Gary W. Dickson
Why an Examination was Slower On-Line than on Paper BIBA 507-519
  Wilfred J. Hansen; Richard Doring; Lawrence R. Whitlock
Adaptive Training of Perceptual-Motor Skills: Issues, Results, and Future Directions BIBA 521-551
  Gavan Lintern; Daniel Gopher
The Performance of College Freshmen and Seniors During Co-Operative Problem Solving BIBA 553-568
  Robert N. Parrish
A Text-to-Speech Translation System for Italian BIBA 569-591
  Leonardo Lesmo; Marco Mezzalama; Piero Torasso
Andre Tchaikovsky Meets the Computer: A Concert Pianist's Impromptu Encounter with a Musicianship Teaching Aid BIBA 593-602
  Martin R. Lamb
Interactive Instruction in Solving Fault Finding Problems BIBA 603-611
  J. B. Brooke; K. D. Duncan; E. C. Marshall

IJMMS 1978 Volume 10 Issue 6

A State-Space Description of Transfer Effects in Isomorphic Problem Situations BIBA 613-623
  George F. Luger
Two Experimental Comparisons of Relational and Hierarchical Database Models BIBA 625-637
  Margaret Brosey; Ben Shneiderman
A Procedure for Predicting Program Editor Performance from the User's Point of View BIBA 639-650
  D. W. Embley; M. T. Lan; D. W. Leinbaugh; G. Nagy
A Design-Interpretation Analysis of Natural English with Applications to Man-Computer Interaction BIBA 651-668
  John C., Jr. Thomas
Fast Text-to-Speech Algorithms for Esperanto, Spanish, Italian, Russian and English BIBA 669-692
  Bruce Arne Sherwood
A Rule-Based Approach to Knowledge Acquisition for Man-Machine Interface Programs BIBA 693-711
  D. A. Waterman