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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 6

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 4
  5. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 5
  6. IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 6

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 1

Computing Dominant Points on Simple Shapes BIBA 1-12
  B. Rosenberg
A Theory for the Neural Basis of Language. Part 1: A Neural Network Model BIBA 13-48
  Robert J. Baron
Design and Test of a Cognitive Model BIB 49-104
  Michael A. Cunningham; Harry J. Gray
Design and Tests of Computer-Furthered Instruction BIBA 105-124
  Lawrence A. Sherr; Francis D. Tuggle; H. Gordon Fitch
Describing Music to a Computer BIBA 125-134
  B. C. Styles

Book Reviews

"Man-Machine Systems Experiments," by H. M. Parsons BIB 135-139
  W. T. Singleton
"Feedback Mechanisms in Animal Behaviour," by D. J. McFarland BIB 135-139
  N. R. Chalmers
"Fitting Equations to Data: Computer Analysis of Multifactor Data for Scientists and Engineers," by C. Daniel and F. S. Wood BIB 135-139
  J. N. R. Jeffers

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 2

Heuristic Strategies for Using Computers to Enrich Education BIBA 137-154
  T. A. Dwyer
A Theory for the Neural Basis of Language: Part 2. Simulation Studies of the Model BIBA 155-204
  Robert J. Baron
Natural Information Processing BIBA 205-235
  D. P. Partridge; E. B. James
Programming by Non-Programmers BIBA 237-260
  Lance A. Miller
Student Models in Computer-Aided Instruction BIBA 261-276
  John A. Self

Book Reviews

"Computer Simulation of Human Behaviour," edited by J. M. Dutton and W. H. Starbuck BIB 277-284
  L. M. Jones
"Understanding Natural Language," by T. Winograd BIB 277-284
  Karen Sparck Jones
"Mathematical Models in Linguistics," by M. Gross BIB 277-284
  A. F. Parker-Rhodes
"The Psychology of Computer Programming," by Gerald M. Weinberg BIB 277-284
  I. J. Blain

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 3

An Algebra for Patterns on a Complex, I BIBA 285-307
  R. H. Atkin
The Design of Interactive Procedures for Man-Machine Communication BIBA 309-334
  T. C. S. Kennedy
An Easily-Implemented Language for Computer Control of Complex Experiments BIBA 335-359
  T. R. G. Green; D. J. Guest
Human Errors in Programming BIBA 361-376
  Edward A. Youngs

Book Reviews

"Structured Programming," by O.-J. Dahl, E. W. Dijkstra and C. A. R. Hoare BIB 377-380
  F. R. A. Hopgood
"Mathematical Model Techniques for Learning Theories," by G. Levine and C. J. Burke BIB 377-380
  D. R. J. Laming
"Frontiers of Pattern Recognition," edited by S. Watanabe BIB 377-380
  I. Aleksander; M. C. Fairhurst

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 4

Requirements for Effective Authoring Systems and Assistance BIBA 381-400
  K. L. Zinn
Easy Author-Entry Systems: A Review and a Prototype BIBA 401-419
  M. W. Dowsey
An Interrogative Authoring System BIBA 421-444
  A. Y. Paloian
PLATO IV Authoring BIBA 445-463
A Concept for a Primary Author's Language (PAL) BIBA 465-478
  Peter Ripota
The Design and Production of Learner-Controlled Courseware for the TICCIT System: A Progress Report BIBA 479-491
  C. Victor Bunderson

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 5

Performance of a Speech Synthesis System BIBA 493-511
  W. A. Ainsworth
Concept Representation in Natural and Artificial Languages: Axioms, Extensions and Applications for Fuzzy Sets BIBA 513-561
  Joseph A., Jr. Goguen
A Step Toward Automatic Analysis of Student Programming Errors in a Batch Environment BIBA 563-578
  G. Nagy; M. Carlson Pennebaker
The Effects of 10 Communication Modes on the Behavior of Teams During Co-Operative Problem-Solving BIBA 579-619
  Robert B. Ochsman; Alphonse Chapanis

Book Reviews

"Intelligence: Its Organization and Development," by Michael Cunningham BIB 621-626
  J. Annett
"Psychotechnology -- Electronic Control of Mind and Behaviour," edited by R. L. Schwitzgebel and R. K. Schwitzgebel BIB 621-626
  A. M. Andrew
"Human and Artificial Thinking," edited by A. Elithorn and D. Jones BIB 621-626
  M. J. B. Duff
"Pattern Recognition Techniques," by J. R. Ullman BIB 621-626
  K. Paton

IJMMS 1974 Volume 6 Issue 6

COKO III: The Cooper-Kozdrowicki Chess Program BIBA 627-699
  Edward W. Kozdrowicki; Dennis W. Cooper
A Theoretical Approach for Character Recognition Based on Phenomenological Attributes BIBA 701-714
  B. Blesser; R. Shillman; T. Kuklinksi; C. Cox; M. Eden; J. Ventura
Logical Properties of the Perceived Behaviour Patterns of a Dynamical System BIBA 715-728
  D. G. Tonge

Book Reviews

"The Metaphorical Brain: An Introduction to Cybernetics as Artificial Intelligence and Brain Theory," by Michael A. Arbib BIB 729-736
  R. L. Gregory
"Computers, Management and Information," by David Firnberg BIB 729-736
  John Naughton
"Foundations of the Theory of Learning Systems," by Ya. Z. Tsypkin BIB 729-736
  P. Young; J. Kittler
"Pattern Recognition Learning and Thought," by Leonard Uhr BIB 729-736
  I. Aleksander