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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 5

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 4

IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 1

Opinion-Distribution Model for Subjective Rating Studies BIBA 1-15
  John Allnatt
CASTE: A System for Exhibiting Learning Strategies and Regulating Uncertainties BIBA 17-52
  G. Pask; B. C. E. Scott
A "Universal" Word Puzzle Solver BIBA 53-74
  Nicholas V. Findler; Brian M. Willis
Human Operators and Automatic Adaptive Controllers: A Comparative Study on a Particular Control Task BIBA 75-104
  Ian H. Witten; Malcolm J. Corbin
Psychological Evaluation of Two Conditional Constructions Used in Computer Languages BIBA 105-113
  M. E. Sime; T. R. G. Green; D. J. Guest
Random Logic Nets: Stability and Adaptation BIB 115-131
  I. Aleksander

Book Reviews

"The ALPHA Automatic Programming System," edited by A. P. Yershov BIB 133-136
  F. R. A. Hopgood
"Computer Graphics, Computer Art," by H. W. Franke BIB 133-136
  A. M. Andrew
"Speech Synthesis," by J. N. Holmes BIB 133-136
  J. J. Sparkes

IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 2

What Do Standard Transformational Grammars Produce? -- A Computational Study BIBA 137-202
  Michael H. O'Malley
Digital Image Processing for Information Extraction BIBA 203-214
  Fred C. Billingsley
Towards More Intelligent Teaching Systems BIBA 215-236
  J. R. Hartley; D. H. Sleeman
Experience with a Mini-Computer-Based Hospital Administration System BIBA 237-266
  T. C. S. Kennedy; P. V. Facey

Book Reviews

"Man-Machine System Experiments," by H. M. Parsons BIB 267-270
  B. R. Gaines
"Mathematical Neurobiology," by J. S. Griffith BIB 267-270
  B. Porter
"Human Information Processing. An Introduction to Psychology," by P. H. Lindsay and D. A. Norman BIB 267-270
  John Annett

IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 3

The Computer-Aided Learning Program at the National Research Council of Canada BIBA 271-287
  W. L. Haney; W. C. Brown; J. Brahan
SASLIP, A Simple List Processor BIBA 289-300
  J. A. Macnaughton; K. H. V. Booth
Research and Development in Saskatchewan Education BIBA 301-320
  F. E. Whitworth
Making Computer-Aided Instruction Make a Difference in College Teaching BIBA 321-328
  Stephen K. Lower
The Computer-Aided Instruction Activities of the Division of Educational Research Services at the University of Alberta BIBA 329-336
  S. Hunka
Language Standards for Computer-Aided Learning BIBA 337-345
  J. W. Brahan
A Co-Operative Research Project in Computer-Aided Learning BIBA 347-354
  J. W. Brahan; W. C. Brown
A Computer-Aided Learning System BIBA 355-369
  Jean Lavoie
The Role of the Mini-Computer in Computer-Aided Instruction BIBA 371-383
  P. A. V. Thomas
Computer-Assisted Mathematics Instruction for Community College Students BIBA 385-395
  W. P. Olivier
Instructional Applications of the Computer at the University of Louvain BIBA 397-420
  A. Jones
The Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Teaching System BIBA 421-436
  J. R. Hartley
Computer-Assisted Instruction on a Small Computer BIBA 437-442
  Ann Brebner; H. J. Hallworth

IJMMS 1973 Volume 5 Issue 4

A Theory of Conversations and Individuals (Exemplified by the Learning Process on CASTE) BIBA 443-566
  G. Pask; B. C. E. Scott; D. Kallikourdis
Response Routing in Selcuk Networks and Lashley's Dilemma BIBA 567-575
  Kenan E. Sahin
An Automaton Framework for Neural Nets that Learn BIBA 577-583
  William L. Kilmer; Michael A. Arbib
An Interactive Graphics System for Computer-Assisted Musical Composition BIBA 585-605
  Lorne D. Fredlund; Jeffrey R. Sampson