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International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 4

Editors:B. R. Gaines; D. R. Hill
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 4

IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 1

Test Retest Reliability and Cost Analyses of Automated and Face to Face Intelligence Testing BIBA 1-22
  David L. Elwood
Machine Intelligence: The Best of Both Worlds? BIBA 23-31
  E. B. James; D. Partridge
Developing Measures to Reveal Individual Styles in the Use of an Acceleration Control BIBA 33-44
  J. H. F. Huddleston
A Criticism of Adaptive Neural Nets as Models of Perception BIBA 45-53
  B. Rosenberg
Prominence Patterns in Air Traffic Control Messages BIBA 55-78
  R. W. A. Scarr; M. A. A. Tatham

Book Reviews

"Models of Human Memory," edited by D. A. Norman BIB 79-84
  D. Corcoran
"Modern Applied Algebra," by Garrett Birkhoff and Thomas C. Bartee BIB 79-84
  I. Witten
"Innovations: Scientific, Technological and Social," by Dennis Gabor BIB 79-84
  A. M. Andrew

IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 2

An Iterative Array which Can Represent the Rotation and Translation of Objects BIBA 85-103
  R. Baker
Basic Directions in Automatic Speech Recognition BIBA 105-118
  David J. Broad
On a Class of Automata Models of Learning Machines BIBA 119-127
  G. Langholz
Automated WAIS Testing Correlated with Face-to-Face WAIS Testing: A Validity Study BIBA 129-137
  David L. Elwood
From Cohomology in Physics to q-Connectivity in Social Science BIBA 139-167
  R. H. Atkin
Axioms for Adaptive Behaviour BIBA 169-199
  B. R. Gaines
A Note on Grossberg's Learning Equations BIB 201-203
  William L. Kilmer

Book Reviews

"Cybernetics, Art and Ideas," edited by Jasia Reichardt BIB 205-209
  A. M. Andrew
"Management Techniques," by J. Argenti BIB 205-209
  R. J. Beishon
"Automatic Interpretation and Classification of Images," edited by A. Grasselli BIB 205-209
  R. C. Grimsdale
"Electronic Image Storage," by B. Kazan and M. Knoll BIB 205-209
  J. A. Turner

IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 3

A Fresh Look at Cognition and the Individual BIB 211-216
  G. Pask
Learning Strategies and Individual Competence BIBA 217-253
  G. Pask; B. C. E. Scott
Human Behavior in an Interactive Environment Using a Simple Spoken Word Recognizer BIBA 255-284
  T. R. Addis
An Interactive Speech Processing System Using a Large Computer BIBA 285-317
  J. B. Millar
Controlling the Learning of Diagnostic Tasks BIBA 319-340
  J. R. Hartley; D. H. Sleeman; Pat Woods
Multi-Dimensional Structure in the Game of Chess BIBA 341-362
  R. H. Atkin
Automated versus Face-to-Face Intelligence Testing: Comparison of Test-Retest Reliabilities BIBA 363-369
  David L. Elwood

Book Reviews

"Annual Review of Information Science and Technology," edited by C. A. Cuadra BIB 371-381
  D. M. Yates
"Software Engineering," edited by Julius T. Tou BIB 371-381
  M. L. V. Pitteway
"Adaption and Learning in Automatic Systems," by Ya. Z. Tsypkin BIB 371-381
  Peter C. Young
"Computers in the Classroom," edited by Joseph B. Margolin and Marianne R. Misch BIB 371-381
  R. Harrison
"Computer Programming in Quantitative Biology," by R. G. Davies BIB 371-381
  J. N. R. Jeffers

IJMMS 1972 Volume 4 Issue 4

An Abbreviated Guide to Planning for Speech Interaction with Machines: The State of the Art BIBA 383-410
  David R. Hill
Formants in Automatic Speech Recognition BIBA 411-424
  David J. Broad
Spline Function Interpolation in Interactive Hemodynamic Simulation BIBA 425-438
  D. Ting; H. Greenfield
Structural Models of Simple Sensory Motor Co-Ordination BIBA 439-457
  Richard L. Didday
Descriptions and Plans in an Interactive Robot Simulation System BIBA 459-488
  Peter F. Rowat; Richard S. Rosenberg

Book Reviews

"The Computer and Music," edited by Harry B. Lincoln BIB 489-494
  K. Attenborough
"Data Structures: Theory and Practice," by A. T. Berztiss BIB 489-494
  F. R. A. Hopgood
"Visual Prosthesis -- The Interdisciplinary Dialogue," edited by T. D. Sterling, E. A. Bering, Jr., S. V. Pollack, and H. G. Vaughan, Jr. BIB 489-494
  J. P. Wilson