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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 20

  1. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 6
  7. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 7
  8. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 8
  9. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 9
  10. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 10
  11. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 11
  12. IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 12

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 1

Component-based tailorability: Enabling highly flexible software applications BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 1-22
  Volker Wulf; Volkmar Pipek; Markus Won
Haptic-feedback support for cognitive mapping of unknown spaces by people who are blind BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 23-35
  O. Lahav; D. Mioduser
A social network-based system for supporting interactive collaboration in knowledge sharing over peer-to-peer network BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 36-50
  Stephen J. H. Yang; Irene Y. L. Chen

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 2

Organizing domain-specific information on the Web: An experiment on the Spanish business Web directory BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 51-66
  Wingyan Chung; Guanpi Lai; Alfonso Bonillas; Wei Xi; Hsinchun Chen
Applying models of visual search to map display design BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 67-77
  Joshua Shive; Gregory Francis
Navigation techniques for small-screen devices: An evaluation on maps and web pages BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 78-97
  Stefano Burigat; Luca Chittaro; Silvia Gabrielli
The politeness effect: Pedagogical agents and learning outcomes BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 98-112
  Ning Wang; W. Lewis Johnson; Richard E. Mayer; Paola Rizzo; Erin Shaw; Heather Collins
A usability comparison of three alternative message formats for an SMS banking service BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 113-123
  G. Peevers; G. Douglas; M. A. Jack

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 3

Designing and evaluating driver support systems with the user in mind

Designing and evaluating driver support systems with the user in mind BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 125-131
  Pierre Fastrez; Jean-Baptiste Haué
Do in-vehicle advanced signs enhance older and younger drivers' intersection performance? Driving simulation and eye movement results BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 132-144
  J. K. Caird; S. L. Chisholm; J. Lockhart
A visual sign of lateral acceleration for steering assistance BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 145-157
  Isabelle Milleville-Pennel
An empirical investigation of a dynamic brake light concept for reduction of rear-end collisions through manipulation of optical looming BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 158-172
  Zhonghai Li; Paul Milgram
Driver safety and information from afar: An experimental driving simulator study of wireless vs. in-car information services BIBAFull-TextFull-Text 173-184
  Leila Takayama; Clifford Nass
The role of intervening variables in driver-ACC cooperation BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 185-197
  Bako Rajaonah; Nicolas Tricot; Françoise Anceaux; Patrick Millot
Iterative design of MOVE: A situationally appropriate vehicle navigation system BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 198-215
  Joonhwan Lee; Jodi Forlizzi; Scott E. Hudson

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 4

Cue effectiveness in mitigating postcompletion errors in a routine procedural task BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 217-232
  Phillip H. Chung; Michael D. Byrne
The effect of dynamics on identifying basic emotions from synthetic and natural faces BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 233-242
  Jari Kätsyri; Mikko Sams
A multiscale progressive model on virtual navigation BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 243-256
  Xiaolong Zhang
Beyond web content accessibility guidelines: Design of enhanced text user interfaces for blind internet users BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 257-270
  Stefan Leuthold; Javier A. Bargas-Avila; Klaus Opwis
Extending Ecological Interface Design principles: A manufacturing case study BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 271-286
  Connor Upton; Gavin Doherty
Semi-public end-user content contributions -- A case-study of concerns and intentions in online photo-sharing BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 287-300
  Jörgen Skågeby

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 5

Real-time classification of evoked emotions using facial feature tracking and physiological responses BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 303-317
  Jeremy N. Bailenson; Emmanuel D. Pontikakis; Iris B. Mauss; James J. Gross; Maria E. Jabon; Cendri A. C. Hutcherson; Clifford Nass; Oliver John
A user study of auditory versus visual interfaces for use while driving BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 318-332
  Jaka Sodnik; Christina Dicke; Saso Tomazic; Mark Billinghurst
Designing haptic icons to support collaborative turn-taking BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 333-355
  Andrew Chan; Karon MacLean; Joanna McGrenere
An empirical examination of factors contributing to the creation of successful e-learning environments BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 356-369
  Richard D. Johnson; Steven Hornik; Eduardo Salas
Interactions of perceptual and conceptual processing: Expertise in medical image diagnosis BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 370-390
  Junya Morita; Kazuhisa Miwa; Takayuki Kitasaka; Kensaku Mori; Yasuhito Suenaga; Shingo Iwano; Mitsuru Ikeda; Takeo Ishigaki
Retraction notice to "Key factors of heuristic evaluation for game design: Towards massively multi-player online role-playing game" [Int. J. Human-Computer Studies 65 (2007) 709-723] BIBAFull-TextFull-Text 391
  Seungkeun Song; Joohyeon Lee

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 6

Evaluating system utility and conceptual fit using CASSM BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 393-409
  Ann Blandford; Thomas R. G. Green; Dominic Furniss; Stephann Makri
Uncertainty-tolerant design: Evaluating task performance and drag-and-link information gathering for a news-writing task BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 410-424
  Simon Attfield; Ann Blandford; John Dowell; Paul Cairns
Age- and experience-related user behavior differences in the use of complicated electronic devices BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 425-437
  Neung Eun Kang; Wan Chul Yoon
Usability of optically simulated haptic feedback BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 438-451
  Koert van Mensvoort; Dik J. Hermes; Maurice van Montfort
Office window of the future? -- Field-based analyses of a new use of a large display BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 452-465
  Batya Friedman; Nathan G. Freier; Peter H., Jr. Kahn; Peyina Lin; Robin Sodeman
In praise of forgiveness: Ways for repairing trust breakdowns in one-off online interactions BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 466-480
  Asimina Vasalou; Astrid Hopfensitz; Jeremy V. Pitt

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 7

Collaborative and social aspects of software development

Collaborative and social aspects of software development BIBFull-TextFull-Text 481-483
  Judith Good; Pablo Romero
An institutional analysis of software teams BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 484-494
  Josh Tenenberg
The social side of software engineering -- A real ad hoc collaboration network BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 495-505
  Sébastien Cherry; Pierre N. Robillard
Collaboration and co-ordination in mature eXtreme programming teams BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 506-518
  Helen Sharp; Hugh Robinson
Pair programming and the mysterious role of the navigator BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 519-529
  Sallyann Bryant; Pablo Romero; Benedict du Boulay
Empirical evaluation of distributed pair programming BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 530-544
  Brian Hanks
Public participation in proprietary software development through user roles and discourse BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 545-557
  David G. Hendry
User and developer mediation in an Open Source Software community: Boundary spanning through cross participation in online discussions BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 558-570
  Flore Barcellini; Françoise Détienne; Jean-Marie Burkhardt

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 8

Technological opportunities for supporting people with dementia who are living at home BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 571-586
  Joseph P. Wherton; Andrew F. Monk
Social enjoyment with electronic photograph displays: Awareness and control BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 587-604
  Siân E. Lindley; Andrew F. Monk
Zoom interaction design for pen-operated portable devices BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 605-627
  Thorsten Büring; Jens Gerken; Harald Reiterer
Multimedia interfaces for users with high functioning autism: An empirical investigation BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 628-639
  Ouriel Grynszpan; Jean-Claude Martin; Jacqueline Nadel

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 9

Measuring and defining the experience of immersion in games BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 641-661
  Charlene Jennett; Anna L. Cox; Paul Cairns; Samira Dhoparee; Andrew Epps; Tim Tijs; Alison Walton
Physiology-based affect recognition for computer-assisted intervention of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 662-677
  Changchun Liu; Karla Conn; Nilanjan Sarkar; Wendy Stone
Prior language experience and language anxiety as predictors for non-native language commercial website use intention BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 678-687
  Hui-Jen Yang; Wen-Yu Tsao; Yun-Long Lay; Minder Chen; YiChing Liou
Misuse of automated decision aids: Complacency, automation bias and the impact of training experience BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 688-699
  J. Elin Bahner; Anke-Dorothea Hüper; Dietrich Manzey

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 10

Effects of haptic feedback, stereoscopy, and image resolution on performance and presence in remote navigation BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 701-717
  Sangyoon Lee; Gerard Jounghyun Kim
Evaluating usability of a commercial electronic health record: A case study BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 718-728
  Paula J. Edwards; Kevin P. Moloney; Julie A. Jacko; François Sainfort
Relative role of merging and two-handed operation on command selection speed BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 729-740
  Nicholas Y. Chen; François Guimbretière; Corinna E. Löckenhoff
Entertainment modeling through physiology in physical play BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 741-755
  Georgios N. Yannakakis; John Hallam

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 11

Ontology-based information extraction and integration from heterogeneous data sources BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 759-788
  Paul Buitelaar; Philipp Cimiano; Anette Frank; Matthias Hartung; Stefania Racioppa
Flattery may get computers somewhere, sometimes: The moderating role of output modality, computer gender, and user gender BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 789-800
  Eun-Ju Lee
Avatars in social media: Balancing accuracy, playfulness and embodied messages BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 801-811
  Asimina Vasalou; Adam Joinson; Tanja Bänziger; Peter Goldie; Jeremy Pitt
A framework for process-solution analysis in collaborative learning environments BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 812-832
  Crescencio Bravo; Miguel A. Redondo; M. Felisa Verdejo; Manuel Ortega

IJHCS 2008 Volume 20 Issue 12

Mobile human-computer interaction

Mobile human-computer interaction BIBFull-TextFull-Text 833-837
  Antti Oulasvirta; Stephen Brewster
Control centric approach in designing scrolling and zooming user interfaces BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 838-856
  Parisa Eslambolchilar; Roderick Murray-Smith
The performance of hand postures in front- and back-of-device interaction for mobile computing BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 857-875
  Jacob O. Wobbrock; Brad A. Myers; Htet Htet Aung
Route-following assistance for travelers with cognitive impairments: A comparison of four prompt modes BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 876-888
  Stephen Fickas; McKay Sohlberg; Pei-Fang Hung
Older people and mobile phones: A multi-method investigation BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 889-901
  Sri Kurniawan
Mobile technologies in mobile spaces: Findings from the context of train travel BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 902-915
  Carolyn Axtell; Donald Hislop; Steve Whittaker
Organisational usability of mobile computing -- Volatility and control in mobile foreign exchange trading BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 916-929
  Carsten Sørensen; Adel Al-Taitoon
Kei-Tying teens: Using mobile phone e-mail to bond, bridge, and break with social ties -- a study of Japanese adolescents BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 930-943
  Jeffrey Boase; Tetsuro Kobayashi
Theorizing mobility in community networks BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 944-962
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson
Storied spaces: Cultural accounts of mobility, technology, and environmental knowing BIBAKFull-TextFull-Text 963-976
  Johanna Brewer; Paul Dourish