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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 58

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Elsevier Science Publishers
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 6

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 1

Publisher's Note BIB 1-3
Exploring importance of location and prior knowledge of environment on mobile robot control BIBA 5-20
  Ali Safak Sekmen; Mitch Wilkes; Susan R. Goldman; Saleh Zein-Sabatto
Using large tables on small display devices BIBA 21-37
  Carolyn Watters; Jack Duffy; Kathryn Duffy
The effects of structural cues from multiple metaphors on computer users' information search performance BIBA 39-55
  Yu-chen Hsu; Thomas M. Schwen
Web site designs: Influences of designer's expertise and design constraints BIBA 57-87
  Aline Chevalier; Melody Y. Ivory
The evolution of Protege: an environment for knowledge-based systems development BIBA 89-123
  John H. Gennari; Mark A. Musen; Ray W. Fergerson; William E. Grosso; Monica Crubezy; Henrik Eriksson; Natalya F. Noy; Samson W. Tu
Balancing search and retrieval in hypertext: context-specific trade-offs in navigational tool use BIBAK 125-149
  Stephania Padovani; Mark Lansdale

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 2

Modelling and designing a low-cost high-fidelity mobile crane simulator BIBA 151-176
  Jiung-Yao Huang; Chung-Yun Gau
Integrating cognitive analyses in a large-scale system design process BIBA 177-206
  Ann M. Bisantz; Emilie Roth; Bart Brickman; Laura Lin Gosbee; Larry Hettinger; James McKinney
Personality types in software engineering BIBA 207-214
  Luiz Fernando Capretz
Making use of scenarios: a field study of conceptual design BIBA 215-239
  Morten Hertzum
Taking stock of Turing test: a review, analysis, and appraisal of issues surrounding thinking machines BIBA 240-257
  Appa Rao Korukonda

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 3

Factors affecting the adoption and diffusion of XML and Web services standards for E-business systems BIBA 259-279
  Minder Chen
An empirical study of the effects of interactivity on web user attitude BIBA 281-305
  Hock-Hai Teo; Lih-Bin Oh; Chunhui Liu; Kwok-Kee Wei
Comparing smart card adoption in Singapore and Australian universities BIBA 307-325
  Catherine Hui Min Lee; Yuk Wing Cheng; Arnold Depickere
Effects of content representation and readers' prior knowledge on the comprehension of hypertext BIBA 327-345
  Herve Potelle; Jean-Francois Rouet

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 4

Effects of "gender" of the computer on informational social influence: the moderating role of task type BIBA 347-362
  Eun-Ju Lee
Fuzzy query interface for a business database BIBA 363-391
  Rita A. Ribeiro; Ana M. Moreira
A method for team intention inference BIBA 393-413
  Taro Kanno; Keiichi Nakata; Kazuo Furuta
A unifying framework for intelligent DNS management BIBA 415-445
  Chang-Sheng Chen; Shian-Shyong Tseng; Chien-Liang Liu
Usability engineering of virtual environments (VEs): identifying multiple criteria that drive effective VE system design BIBA 447-481
  Kay M. Stanney; Mansooreh Mollaghasemi; Leah Reeves; Robert Breaux; David A. Graeber
Human performance modeling in temporary segmentation Chinese character handwriting recognizers BIBA 483-508
  Changxu Wu; Kan Zhang; Yongge Hu

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 5

Introduction: design and evaluation of notification user interfaces BIBA 509-514
  D. Scott McCrickard; Mary Czerwinski; Lyn Bartram
Moticons:: detection, distraction and task BIBA 515-545
  Lyn Bartram; Colin Ware; Tom Calvert
Establishing tradeoffs that leverage attention for utility: empirically evaluating information display in notification systems BIBA 547-582
  D. Scott McCrickard; Richard Catrambone; C. M. Chewar; John T. Stasko
Preparing to resume an interrupted task: effects of prospective goal encoding and retrospective rehearsal BIBA 583-603
  J. Gregory Trafton; Erik M. Altmann; Derek P. Brock; Farilee E. Mintz
Notification and awareness: synchronizing task-oriented collaborative activity BIBA 605-632
  John M. Carroll; Dennis C. Neale; Philip L. Isenhour; Mary Beth Rosson; D. Scott McCrickard

IJHCS 2003 Volume 58 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 633-635
  Cynthia L. Corritore; Beverly Kracher; Susan Wiedenbeck
Human performance and embedded intelligent technology in safety-critical systems BIBA 637-670
  Martha Grabowski; Stephen D. Sanborn
The importance of trust and community in developing and maintaining a community electronic network BIBA 671-696
  Alina Oxendine; Eugene Borgida; John L. Sullivan; Melinda S. Jackson
The role of trust in automation reliance BIBA 697-718
  Mary T. Dzindolet; Scott A. Peterson; Regina A. Pomranky; Linda G. Pierce; Hall P. Beck
The effects of errors on system trust, self-confidence, and the allocation of control in route planning BIBA 719-735
  Peter de Vries; Cees Midden; Don Bouwhuis
On-line trust: concepts, evolving themes, a model BIBA 737-758
  Cynthia L. Corritore; Beverly Kracher; Susan Wiedenbeck
The researcher's dilemma: evaluating trust in computer-mediated communication BIBA 759-781
  Jens Riegelsberger; M. Angela Sasse; John D. McCarthy
Empirical research in on-line trust: a review and critical assessment BIBA 783-812
  Sonja Grabner-Krauter; Ewald A. Kaluscha