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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 57

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Elsevier Science Publishers
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 6

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 1

The effects of graphic organizers giving cues to the structure of a hypertext document on users' navigation strategies and performance BIBA 1-26
  Rachel Michael Nilsson; Richard E. Mayer
Vision-based user interfaces: methods and applications BIBA 27-73
  Marco Porta
A case study on integrating contextual information with analytical usability evaluation BIBA 75-99
  A. Blandford; G. Rugg

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 2

Loglinear and multidimensional scaling models of digital library navigation BIBA 101-119
  Barbara P. Buttenfield; Rene F. Reitsma
Driving usability into the public administration: the Italian experience*1 BIBAK 121-138
  Tiziana Catarci; Giacinto Matarazzo; Gianluigi Raiss
Footprints of information foragers: behaviour semantics of visual exploration BIBA 139-163
  Chaomei Chen; Timothy Cribbin; Jasna Kuljis; Robert MacRedie

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 3

Modelling multiple mind-matter interaction BIBA 165-214
  Catholijn M. Jonker; Jan Treur
Understanding user acceptance of digital libraries: what are the roles of interface characteristics, organizational context, and individual differences? BIBA 215-242
  James Y. L. Thong; Weiyin Hong; Kar-Yan Tam

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 4

Introduction: interactive graphical communication BIB 243-246
  Patrick G. T. Healey; N. Hari Narayanan; John Lee; Yasuhiro Katagiri
Animation: can it facilitate? BIBA 247-262
  Barbara Tversky; Julie Bauer Morrison; Mireille Betrancourt
Drawing in aphasia: moving towards the interactive BIBA 263-277
  Carol Sacchett
Multimedia design for communication of dynamic information BIBA 279-315
  N. Hari Narayanan; M. Hegarty
Evolution of interactive graphical representations into a design language: a distributed cognition account BIBA 317-345
  Daniela Giordano
Prolegomena of a theory of between-person coordination of speech and gesture BIBA 347-374
  Nobuhiro Furuyama
Graphical representation in graphical dialogue BIBA 375-395
  Patrick G. T. Healey; Nik Swoboda; Ichiro Umata; Yasuhiro Katagiri

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 5

Pushing back: evaluating a new behaviour for the back and forward buttons in web browsers BIBA 397-414
  Andy Cockburn; Bruce Mckenzie; Michael Jasonsmith
BlueSpace: personalizing workspace through awareness and adaptability BIBA 415-428
  Jennifer Lai; Anthony Levas; Paul Chou; Claudio Pinhanez; Marisa Viveros
First steps in building a model for the retrieval of court decisions BIBA 429-446
  Marie-Francine Moens; Rik De Busser

IJHCS 2002 Volume 57 Issue 6

Visual search strategies and eye movements when searching Chinese character screens BIBA 447-468
  Ravindra S. Goonetilleke; W. C. Lau; Heloisa M. Shih
ARKTOS: a knowledge engineering software tool for images BIBA 469-496
  Leen-Kiat Soh; Costas Tsatsoulis