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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 54

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 6

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 1

An Exploratory Study of Program Comprehension Strategies of Procedural and Object-Oriented Programmers BIBAK 1-23
  Cynthia L. Corritore; Susan Wiedenbeck
Consulting Support During Conceptual Database Design in the Presence of Redundancy in Requirements Specifications: An Empirical Study BIBAK 25-51
  Dinesh Batra; Solomon R. Antony
Making Instructions "Visible" on the Interface: An Approach to Learning Fault Diagnosis Skills through Guided Discovery BIBAK 53-79
  Tom Kontogiannis; Nadia Linou
Explanations from Knowledge-Based Systems and Cooperative Problem Solving: An Empirical Study BIBAK 81-105
  Shirley Gregor
The User Action Framework: A Reliable Foundation for Usability Engineering Support Tools BIBAK 107-136
  Terence S. Andre; H. Rex Hartson; Steven M. Belz; Faith A. McCreary
Understanding Strategy Selection BIBAK 137-154
  Maxwell J. Roberts; Elizabeth J. Newton
Extracting Focused Knowledge from the Semantic Web BIBAK 155-184
  Louise Crow; Nigel Shadbolt

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 2

Editorial: Empirical Studies of Programmers BIB 185-188
  Irvin R. Katz; Marian Petre; Laura Leventhal
Near-Term Memory in Programming: A Simulation-Based Analysis BIBA 189-210
  Erik M. Altmann
Focal Structures and Information Types in Prolog BIBA 211-236
  Pablo Romero
Studying the Language and Structure in Non-Programmers' Solutions to Programming Problems BIBA 237-264
  John F. Pane; Chotirat "Ann" Ratanamahatana; Brad A. Myers
Rethinking the Evaluation of Algorithm Animations as Learning Aids: An Observational Study BIBA 265-284
  Colleen Kehoe; John Stasko; Ashley Taylor

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 3

Visual Representations for Recursion BIBAK 285-300
  Sho-Huan Tung; Ching-Tao Chang; Wing-Kwong Wong; Jihn-Chang Jehng
EXCOVE and Using Videos in Knowledge Elicitation BIBA 301-317
  Philip D. Carter; Jon D. Patrick; Frank P. Deane
A Simple Vision-Based Head Tracking Method for Eye-Controlled Human/Computer Interface BIB 319-332
  K. S. Park; C. J. Lim
Permissive User Interfaces BIBAK 333-350
  Harold Thimbleby
An Agent-Based Architecture for Multimodal Interaction BIBAK 351-405
  Catholijn M. Jonker; Jan Treur; Wouter C. A. Wijngaards
Theoretical Basis for Hierarchical Incremental Knowledge Acquisition BIBAK 407-452
  Ghassan Beydoun; Achim Hoffmann

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 4

Supporting Diagrammatic Knowledge Acquisition: An Ontological Analysis of Cartesian Graphs BIBAK 457-494
  Peter C.-H. Cheng; James Cupit; Nigel R. Shadbolt
A Multilevel Input System with Force-Sensitive Elements BIBAK 495-507
  Hui Tang; David J. Beebe; Arthur F. Kramer
Towards a Cognitive Approach to Human-Machine Cooperation in Dynamic Situations BIBAK 509-540
  Jean-Michel Hoc
User Attitude as a Mediator of Learning Performance Improvement in an Interactive Multimedia Environment: An Empirical Investigation of the Degree of Interactivity and Learning Styles BIBAK 541-583
  Vichuda (Nui) Kettanurak; K. Ramamurthy; William D. Haseman
The Influence of Reading Speed and Line Length on the Effectiveness of Reading from Screen BIBAK 585-612
  Mary C. Dyson; Mark Haselgrove
Using Critical Path Analysis to Model Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 613-636
  Chris Baber; Brian Mellor
Designing Habitable Dialogues for Speech-Based Interaction with Computers BIBA 637-662
  K. S. Hone; C. Baber

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 5

Editorial: Home Use of Information and Communications Technology BIB 663-664
  Andrew Monk; Robert Kraut
Interacting with the Telephone BIBA 665-699
  Hazel Lacohee; Ben Anderson
Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Family Perspectives on the Future of the Home PC BIBA 701-724
  David M. Frohlich; Susan Dray; Amy Silverman
Designing Our Town: MOOsburg BIBA 725-751
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson; Philip Isenhour; Craig Ganoe; Dan Dunlap; James Fogarty; Wendy Schafer; Christina Van Metre
Private and Public Digital Domestic Spaces BIBA 753-778
  Stefan Junestrand; Ulf Keijer; Konrad Tollmar

IJHCS 2001 Volume 54 Issue 6

Cognitive Activities in OO Development BIBAK 779-798
  David P. Tegarden; Steven D. Sheetz
Are Visual Programming Languages Better? The Role of Imagery in Program Comprehension BIBAK 799-829
  Raquel Navarro-Prieto; Jose J. Canas
How do Operators Monitor a Complex, Dynamic Work Domain? The Impact of Control Room Technology BIBAK 831-856
  Kim J. Vicente; Emilie M. Roth; Randall J. Mumaw
The Impact of Status and Audio Conferencing Technology on Business Meetings BIBAK 857-876
  Emma F. France; Anne H. Anderson; Michael Gardner
Assessing Users' Subjective Quality of Experience with the World Wide Web: An Exploratory Examination of Temporal Changes in Technology Acceptance BIBAK 877-901
  Michael G. Morris; Jason M. Turner
What do Web Users Do? An Empirical Analysis of Web Use BIBAK 903-922
  Andy Cockburn; Bruce McKenzie