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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 52

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 6

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 1

The Impact of Animated Interface Agents: A Review of Empirical Research BIBA 1-22
  Doris M. Dehn; Susanne Van Mulken
Evaluating Focus Theories for Dialogue Management BIBA 23-76
  Renaud Lecuche; Dave Robertson; Catherine Barry; Chris Mellish
On the Use of Shared Task Models in Knowledge Acquisition, Strategic User Interaction and Clarification Agents BIBA 77-110
  Frances M. T. Brazier; Catholijn M. Jonker; Jan Treur; Niek J. E. Wijngaards
Navigation Strategies with Ecological Displays BIBA 111-129
  Catherine M. Burns
A Framework for Understanding Human Factors in Web-Based Electronic Commerce BIBA 131-163
  Gareth E. Miles; Andrew Howes; Anthony Davies
Video Data and Video Links in Mediated Communication: What Do Users Value? BIBA 165-187
  Anne H. Anderson; Lucy Smallwood; Rory Macdonald; Jim Mullin; Annemarie Fleming; Claire O'Malley

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 2

Dialogues on Function Allocation BIBA 191-201
  John C. McCarthy; Enda Fallon; Liam Bannon
Function Allocation: Algorithm, Alchemy or Apostasy? BIBA 203-216
  T. B. Sheridan
The Fiction of Function Allocation, Revisited BIBA 217-233
  Robert B. Fuld
The "Charge of the Byte Brigade" and a Socio-Technical Response BIBA 235-251
  Chris W. Clegg; Melanie Older Gray; Patrick E. Waterson
Principles for Modelling Function Allocation BIBA 253-265
  Erik Hollnagel; Andreas Bye
KOMPASS: A Method for Complementary Function Allocation in Automated Work Systems BIBA 267-287
  Gudela Grote; Cornelia Ryser; Toni Waler; Anna Windischer; Steffen Weik
Allocation of Function: Scenarios, Context and the Economics of Effort BIBA 289-318
  Andy Dearden; Michael Harrison; Peter Wright
Exploring the Implications of Allocation of Function for Human Resource Management in the Royal Navy BIBA 319-334
  John Strain; Ken Eason
Function Allocation: A Perspective from Studies of Work Practice BIBA 335-355
  Peter Wright; Andy Dearden; Bob Fields
Cooperation, Reliability of Socio-Technical Systems and Allocation of Function BIBA 357-379
  Laurence Rognin; Pascal Salembier; Moustapha Zouinar

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 3

The Role of Knowledge Modelling Techniques in Software Development: A General Approach Based on a Knowledge Management Tool BIBA 385-421
  J. Cuena; M. Molina
Understanding and Facilitating the Browsing of Electronic Text BIBA 423-452
  Elaine G. Toms
Assessing Word-Processing Skills by Event Stream Analysis BIBA 453-469
  R. D. Dowsing
Measurement of Presence and its Consequences in Virtual Environments BIBA 471-491
  Sarah Nichols; Clovissa Haldane; John R. Wilson
Incremental Acquisition of Search Knowledge BIBA 493-530
  Ghassan Beydoun; Achim Hoffmann
Toward the Optimal Link Structure of the Cyber Shopping Mall BIBA 531-551
  Jinwoo Kim; Byunggon Yoo
The Reuse of Knowledge: A User-Centred Approach BIBA 553-579
  Debbie Richards

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 4

A Plan-Based Agent Architecture for Interpreting Natural Language Dialogue BIBAK 583-635
  Liliana Ardissono; Guido Boella; Leonardo Lesmo
Speech Recognition for Command Entry in Multimodal Interaction BIBAK 637-667
  David A. Tyfa; Mark Howes
The Collaborative Production of Computer Commands in Command and Control BIBAK 669-699
  Paul Luff; Christian Heath
Accountability and Automation Bias BIBAK 701-717
  Linda J. Skitka; Kathleen Mosier; Mark D. Burdick
A Theoretical Model of Differential Social Attributions Toward Computing Technology: When the Metaphor becomes the Model BIBAK 719-750
  George M. Marakas; Richard D. Johnson; Jonathan W. Palmer
Variables Affecting Information Technology End-User Satisfaction: A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature BIBAK 751-771
  Mo Adam Mahmood; Janice M. Burn; Leopoldo A. Gemoets; Carmen Jacquez

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 5

Self-Instructive Spreadsheets: An Environment for Automatic Knowledge Acquisition and Tutor Generation BIBA 775-803
  M. Lentini; D. Nardi; A. Simonetta
Consumer Web Search Behaviour: Diagrammatic Illustration of Wayfinding on the Web BIBAK 805-830
  Chris Hodkinson; Geoffrey Kiel; Janet R. McColl-Kennedy
The Impact of Data Models and Task Complexity on End-User Performance: An Experimental Investigation BIBAK 831-845
  Chechen Liao; Prashant C. Palvia
Evaluating Environments for Functional Programming BIBAK 847-878
  Jon Whittle; Andrew Cumming
An Efficient Camera Calibration Method for Vision-Based Head Tracking BIBAK 879-898
  K. S. Parka; C. J. Lim
Some Human Dimensions of Computer Virus Creation and Infection BIBAK 899-913
  Andy Bissett; Geraldine Shipton
Keyword Comparison: A User-Centered Feature for Improving Web Search Tools BIBAK 915-931
  Xiaowen Fang; Gavriel Salvendy
Peripheral Participation in Video-Mediated Communication BIBA 933-958
  Andrew Monk; Leon Watts

IJHCS 2000 Volume 52 Issue 6

Evaluating a Domain-Specialist-Oriented Knowledge Management System BIBAK 961-990
  Timothy C. Lethbridge
Creating an Effective Training Environment for Enhancing Telework BIBAK 991-1005
  Viswanath Venkatesh; Cheri Speier
Using Intentional Models for the Interface Design of Multi-Level Systems BIBAK 1007-1029
  Alan W. Colman; Ying K. Leung
Calculators are Needlessly Bad BIBAK 1031-1069
  Harold Thimbleby
Ontology-Driven Document Enrichment: Principles, Tools and Applications BIBAK 1071-1109
  Enrico Motta; Simon Buckingham Shum; John Domingue
WonderTools? A Comparative Study of Ontological Engineering Tools BIBAKWonderTools website 1111-1133
  A. J. Duineveld; R. Stoter; M. R. Weiden; B. Kenepa; V. R. Benjamins