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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 49

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 6

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 1

A Knowledge-Level Testing Method BIBA 1-20
  Corinne Haouche-Gingins; Jean Charlet
Some Advantages of Video Conferencing over High-Quality Audio Conferencing: Fluency and Awareness of Attentional Focus BIBA 21-58
  Owen Daly-Jones; Andrew Monk; Leon Watts
Apparency of Contingencies in Single Panel and Pull-Down Menus BIBA 59-78
  Diane Lindwarm Alonso; Kent L. Norman
Are Computers Scapegoats? Attributions of Responsibility in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 79-94
  Youngme Moon; Clifford Nass

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 2

Formal Description and Evaluation of User-Adapted Interfaces BIBA 95-120
  Fiorella de Rosis; Sebastiano Pizzutilo; Berardina de Carolis
Knowledge Modeling Directed by Situation-Specific Models BIBA 121-157
  Michel Benaroch
Transparent Fuzzy Modelling BIBA 159-179
  M. Setnes; R. Babuska; H. B. Verbruggen
A Relational Model of Cognitive Maps BIBA 181-200
  B. Chaib-Draa; J. Desharnais

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 3

Side-by-Side Collaboration: A Case Study BIBA 201-222
  Nick V. Flor
A Formal and Structured Approach to the Use of Task Analysis in Accident Modelling BIBA 223-244
  R. M. Botting; C. W. Johnson
Training Software Engineers in a Novel Usability Evaluation Technique BIBA 245-279
  Ann E. Blandford; Simon J. Buckingham Shum; Richard M. Young
Problem Domain Categories in Requirements Engineering BIBA 281-304
  N. A. M. Maiden; M. Hare

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 4

Editorial: Problem-Solving Methods BIB 305-313
  V. Richard Benjamins; Dieter Fensel
A Competence Theory Approach to Problem Solving Method Construction BIBA 315-338
  B. J. Wielinga; J. M. Akkermans; A. Th. Schreiber
Inverse Verification of Problem-Solving Methods BIBA 339-361
  Dieter Fensel; Arno Schonegge
Construction of Problem-Solving Methods as Parametric Design BIBA 363-389
  A. Ten Teije; F. van Harmelen; A. Th. Schreiber; B. J. Wielinga
The CommonKADS Library in Perspective BIBA 391-416
  Andre Valente; Joost Breuker; Walter van de Velde
Some Principles for Libraries of Task Decomposition Methods BIBA 417-435
  Klas Orsvarn
A Library of Problem-Solving Components Based on the Integration of the Search Paradigm with Task and Method Ontologies BIBA 437-470
  Enrico Motta; Zdenek Zdrahal
Supporting Organization and Use of Problem-Solving Methods Libraries by a Formal Approach BIBA 471-495
  Christine Pierret-Golbreich
Generalized Directive Models: Integrating Model Development and Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 497-522
  Kieron O'Hara; Nigel Shadbolt; Gertjan van Heijst
Reuse, CORBA, and Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 523-546
  John H. Gennari; Heyning Cheng; Russ B. Altman; Mark A. Musen
Preserving Conceptual Structures in Design and Implementation of Industrial KBSs BIBA 547-575
  Piet-Hein Speel; Manfred Aben
A Structure of Problem-Solving Methods for Real-Time Decision Support in Traffic Control BIBA 577-600
  Martin Molina; Josefa Hernandez; Jose Cuena
Domain-Oriented Library of Scheduling Methods: Design Principle and Real-Life Application BIBA 601-626
  Masahiro Hori; Taketoshi Yoshida
Knowledge Reuse among Diagnostic Problem-Solving Methods in the Shell-Kit D3 BIBA 627-649
  Frank Puppe

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 5

Making the Most of Ecological Interface Design: The Role of Self-Explanation BIBA 651-674
  Dianne E. Howie; Kim J. Vicente
Formal Architectural Abstractions for Interactive Software BIBA 675-715
  Panos Markopoulos; Peter Johnson; Jon Rowson
Modelling Self-Confidence in Users of a Computer-Based System Showing Unrepresentative Design BIBA 717-742
  P. Briggs; B. Burford; C. Dracup
Formulating the Cognitive Design Problem of Air Traffic Management BIBA 743-766
  John Dowell

IJHCS 1998 Volume 49 Issue 6

Editorial: The Challenge of Situated Cognition for Symbolic Knowledge-Based Systems BIB 767-769
  Tim Menzies; William J. Clancey
Situated Learning using Descriptive Models BIBA 771-796
  Tariq M. Khan; John E. M. Mitchell; K. E. Brown; R. Roy Leitch
An Ontology for Framing BIBA 797-830
  John O'Neill
Brahms: Simulating Practice for Work Systems Design BIBA 831-865
  William J. Clancey; Patricia Sachs; Maarten Sierhuis; Ron van Hoof
Towards Situated Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 867-893
  Tim Menzies
Taking Up the Situated Cognition Challenge with Ripple Down Rules BIBA 895-926
  Debbie Richards; Paul Compton
Constructive Cognition in a Situated Background BIBA 927-933
  Alain T. Rappaport