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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 47

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 6

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 1

World Wide Web Usability: Introduction to This Special Issue BIBAHome Page for the Special IssueHTMLPDF 1-4
  Simon Buckingham Shum; Cliff McKnight
Designing Information-Abundant Web Sites: Issues and Recommendations BIBAHTMLPDF 5-29
  Ben Shneiderman
Fourth Generation Hypermedia: Some Missing Links for the World Wide Web BIBAHTMLPDF 31-65
  Michael Bieber; Fabio Vitali; Helen Ashman; V. Balasubramanian; Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
Virtual Hierarchies and Virtual Networks: Some Lessons from Hypermedia Usability Research Applied to the World Wide Web BIBAHTMLPDF 67-95
  P. A. Smith; I. A. Newman; L. M. Parks
How People Revisit Web Pages: Empirical Findings and Implications for the Design of History Systems BIBAHTMLPDF 97-137
  Linda Tauscher; Saul Greenberg
Gentler: A Tool for Systematic Web Authoring BIBAHTMLPDF 139-168
  Harold Thimbleby
Dialogical Techniques for the Design of Web Sites BIBAHTMLPDF 169-195
  Lewis E. Erskine; David R. N. Carter-Tod; John K. Burton
Experience with Developing Multimedia Courseware for the World Wide Web: The Need for Better Tools and Clear Pedagogy BIBAHTMLPDF 197-218
  David Benyon; Debbie Stone; Mark Woodroffe
Bulletin BIB 219-222

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 2

Task-Related Information Analysis BIBA 223-257
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Structure-Preserving Knowledge-Based System Development through Reusable Libraries: A Case Study in Diagnosis BIBA 259-288
  V. Richard Benjamins; Manfred Aben
Comparison of Contrasting Prolog Trace Output Formats BIBA 289-322
  Mukesh J. Patel; Benedict Du Boulay; Chris Taylor
Problems Integrating User Participation into Software Development BIBA 323-345
  C. M. Axtell; P. E. Waterson; C. W. Clegg
Bulletin BIB 347-353

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 3

Preface: Group Support Systems BIB 355-356
  Ajay S. Vinze
Future Research in Group Support Systems: Needs, Some Questions and Possible Directions BIBA 357-385
  Jay F., Jr. Nunamaker
Using Group Support Systems to Discover Hidden Profiles: An Examination of the Influence of Group Size and Meeting Structures on Information Sharing and Decision Quality BIBA 387-405
  Brian E. Mennecke
Satisfying User Preferences while Negotiating Meetings BIBA 407-427
  Sandip Sen; Thomas Haynes; Neeraj Arora
Attribution Accuracy When using Anonymity in Group Support Systems BIBA 429-452
  Stephen C. Hayne; Ronald E. Rice
The Debiasing Role of Group Support Systems: An Experimental Investigation of the Representativeness Bias BIBA 453-471
  Lai-Huat Lim; Izak Benbasat
Technology, Culture and Persuasiveness: A Study of Choice-Shifts in Group Settings BIBA 473-496
  Maha El-Shinnawy; Ajay S. Vinze
Groups Over Time: What Are We Really Studying? BIBA 497-511
  Joey F. George; Leonard M. Jessup

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 4

Neural Network-Based Decision Class Analysis for Building Topological-Level Influence Diagram BIBA 513-530
  Jae Kyeong Kim; Kyung Sam Park
Attribute Grammars as a Robust Technical Basis for a Human-Computer Interaction General Purpose Architecture BIBA 531-563
  Giovanni Adorni; Agostino Poggi; Giacomo Ferrari
Effects of Screen Presentation on Text Reading and Revising BIBA 565-589
  Annie Piolat; Jean-Yves Roussey; Olivier Thunin
User Performance and Acceptance of a Speech-Input Interface in a Health Assessment Task BIBA 591-602
  Thomas W. Dillon; A. F. Norcio
Bulletin BIB 603-607

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 5

The Effects of Motion and Stereopsis on Three-Dimensional Visualization BIBA 609-627
  Geoffrey S. Hubona; Gregory W. Shirah; David G. Fout
Evaluation of Verification Tools for Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 629-658
  Alun D. Preece; Stephane Talbot; Laurence Vignollet
The Epistemics of Accidents BIBA 659-688
  C. W. Johnson

IJHCS 1997 Volume 47 Issue 6

Generating Queries and Replies During Information-Seeking Interactions BIBA 689-734
  Bhavani Raskutti; Ingrid Zukerman
Accountability of Work Activity in High-Consequence Work Systems: Human Error in Context BIBA 735-766
  John C. McCarthy; Patrick G. T. Healey; Peter C. Wright; Michael D. Harrison
Structure of Operators' Mental Models in Coping with Anomalies Occurring in Nuclear Power Plants BIBA 767-789
  Ken'ichi Takano; Kunihide Sasou; Seiichi Yoshimura