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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 46

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 2/3
  3. IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 4
  4. IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 5
  5. IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 6

IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 1

Applying Decision Requirements to User-Centered Design BIBA 1-15
  Gary Klein; George L. Kaempf; Steve Wolf; Marvin Thorsden; Thomas Miller
Automation-Induced Monitoring Inefficiency: Role of Display location BIBA 17-30
  Indramani L. Singh; Robert Molloy; Raja Parasuraman
Using Information Systems While Performing Complex Tasks: An Example from Architectural Design BIBA 31-54
  Erica de Vries; Ton de Jong
Automated Acquisition of User Preferences BIBA 55-77
  L. Karl Branting; Patrick S. Broos
The Dynamics of Work Organization, Knowledge and Technology During Software Development BIBA 79-101
  P. E. Waterson; C. W. Clegg; C. M. Axtell
Browsing Hierarchical Data with Multi-Level Dynamic Queries and Pruning BIBA 103-124
  Harsha P. Kumar; Catherine Plaisant; Ben Shneiderman
Abstraction in Conceptual Model Design BIBA 125-150
  Diana Kao; Norman P. Archer
Abstract Models for HCI BIBA 151-177
  Andrew M. Dearden; Michael D. Harrison
Bulletin BIB 179-180

IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 2/3

Editorial: Using Explicit Ontologies in Knowledge-Based System Development BIB 181
  Brian Gaines
Using Explicit Ontologies in KBS Development BIBA 183-292
  G. van Heijst; A. Th. Schreiber; B. J. Wielinga
Understanding, Building and Using Ontologies BIBA 293-310
  Nicola Guarino
Roles are Not Classes: A Reply to Nicola Guarino BIBA 311-318
  G. van Heijst; A. Th. Schreiber; B. J. Wielinga
Trading Cost of Reuse in KBS Development using Explicit Ontologies BIBA 319-325
  Masahiro Hori
Impediments in the Use of Explicit Ontologies for KBS Development BIBA 327-337
  Daniel E. O'Leary
Using Explicit Ontologies to Create Problem Solving Methods BIBA 339-364
  Chantal Reynaud; Francoise Tort
Engineering Ontologies BIBA 365-406
  Pim Borst; Hans Akkermans; Jan Top
Bulletin BIB 407-408

IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 4

Content-Based Visualization for Intelligent Problem-Solving Environments BIBA 409-441
  Jeff Yost; Andrew F. Varecka; Michael M. Marefat
The Poverty of Media Richness Theory: Explaining People's Choice of Electronic Mail vs. Voice Mail BIBA 443-467
  Maha El-Shinnawy; M. Lynne Markus
Activities and Communication Modes BIBA 469-483
  Antonios Michailidis; Roy Rada
Delegating to Software Agents BIBA 485-500
  Allen E. Milewski; Steven H. Lewis
Human-Computer Interaction: Psychology as a Science of Design BIBA 501-522
  John M. Carroll
Using Meta-Knowledge within a Multilevel Framework for KBS Development BIBA 523-547
  Robert T. Plant; Rose Gamble
Bulletin BIB 549-550

IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 5

Silicon Sycophants: The Effects of Computers that Flatter BIBA 551-561
  B. J. Fogg; Clifford Nass
The Influence of Interaction Style and Experience on User Perceptions of Software Packages BIBA 563-588
  Susan Wiedenbeck; Sid Davis
Statistical Evaluation of Rough Set Dependency Analysis BIBA 589-604
  Ivo Duntsch; Gunther Gediga
Active Distributed Framework for Adaptive Hypermedia BIBA 605-626
  Antonina Dattolo; Vincenzo Loia
Applying a Library of Problem-Solving Methods on a Real-Life Task BIBA 627-652
  Piet-Hein Speel; Manfred Aben
Integrating User and Computer System Concerns in the Design of Interactive Systems BIBA 653-679
  Ann E. Blandford; David J. Duke
Bulletin BIB 681-683

IJHCS 1997 Volume 46 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 685-686
  Brian Gaines
Model-Based Virtual Document Generation BIBA 687-706
  Thomas R. Gruber; Sunil Vemuri; James Rice
The Ontolingua Server: A Tool for Collaborative Ontology Construction BIBA 707-727
  Adam Farquhar; Richard Fikes; James Rice
Knowledge Acquisition, Modelling and Inference Through the World Wide Web BIBA 729-759
  Brian R. Gaines; Mildred L. G. Shaw
Use of HTML Forms in Complex User Interfaces for Server-Side Applications BIBA 761-771
  Bertrand Ibrahim
FixtureNet: Interactive Computer-Aided Design via the World Wide Web BIBA 773-788
  Rick Wagner; Giuseppe Castanotto; Ken Goldberg
ANATAGONOMY: A Personalized Newspaper on the World Wide Web BIBA 789-803
  Tomonari Kamba; Hidekazu Sakagami; Yoshiyuki Koseki
Supporting Social Navigation on the World Wide Web BIBA 805-825
  Andreas Dieberger
Basic Support for Cooperative Work on the World Wide Web BIBA 827-846
  R. Bentley; W. Appelt; U. Busbach; E. Hinrichs; D. Kerr; K. Sikkel; J. Trevor; G. Woetzel
The TCE Corporate Technical Memory: Groupware on the Cheap BIBA 847-860
  Mark Leighton Fisher
Ubiquitous Tele-Embodiment: Applications and Implications BIBA 861-877
  Eric Paulos; John Canny
Bulletin BIB 879-882