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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 45

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 6

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 1

Knowledge Acquisition in Poetry Criticism: The Expert's Eye Movements as an Information Tool BIBA 1-18
  Johan Lauwereyns; Gery d'Ydewalle
A Critical Assessment of Potential Measurement Biases in the Technology Acceptance Model: Three Experiments BIBA 19-45
  Fred D. Davis; Viswanath Venkatesh
User Verification through Pointing Characteristics: An Exploration Examination BIBA 47-57
  Kate Barrelle; William Laverty; Ron Henderson; Jon Gough; Michael Wagner; Michael Hiron
A Representational Analysis of Relational Information Displays BIBA 59-74
  Jiajie Zhang
Stress and Operator Decision Making in Coping with Emergencies BIBA 75-104
  Tom Kontogiannis
Which Way Now? Analysing and Easing Inadequacies in WWW Navigation BIBA 105-129
  Andy Cockburn; Steve Jones
Announcements BIB 131-133

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 2

User Interface Issues Raised by Knowledge Refinement BIBA 135-155
  Andrew Basden; Peter R. Hibberd
Design of a User Interface for a Knowledge Refinement Tool BIBA 157-183
  Andrew Basden; Alex J. Brown; Stephen D. A. Tetlow; Peter R. Hibberd
External Cognition: How Do Graphical Representations Work? BIBA 185-213
  Mike Scaife; Yvonne Rogers
Training Experiences and Usage Intentions: A Field Study of a Graphical User Interface BIBA 215-241
  Ritu Agarwal; Jayesh Prasad; Michael C. Zanino
The Importance of Usability in the Establishment of Organizational Software Standards for End User Computing BIBA 243-258
  Michael G. Morris; Andrew P. Dillon
Announcements BIB 259-262

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 3

Dialogue Design in Speech-Mediated Data-Entry: The Role of Syntactic Constraints and Feedback BIBA 263-286
  A. C. Murray; D. M. Jones; C. R. Frankish
The Impacts on User Performance and Satisfaction of a Voice-Based Front-End Interface for a Standard Software Tool BIBA 287-303
  Kathleen K. Molnar; Marilyn G. Kletke
Applications of Abduction: Knowledge-Level Modelling BIBA 305-335
  Tim Menzies
Speech versus Keying in Command and Control: Effect of Concurrent Tasking BIBA 337-348
  R. I. Damper; M. A. Tranchant; S. M. Lewis
Designing Intelligent Help for Information Processing Systems BIBA 349-377
  Conroy Mallen
Erratum BIB 379

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 4

Human-Centered Knowledge Acquisition: A Structural Learning Theory Approach BIBA 381-396
  David P. Hale; Shane Sharpe; Dwight A. Haworth
Computer Aided Instruction Systems for Plant Operators BIBA 397-412
  Hiroshi Ujita; Takeshi Yokota; Naoshi Tanikawa; Keiko Mutoh
Virtual Spaces and Real World Places: Transfer of Route Knowledge BIBA 413-428
  Bob G. Witmer; John H. Bailey; Bruce W. Knerr; Kimberly C. Parsons
Tools for Spreadsheet Auditing BIBA 429-442
  J. Steve Davis
Intelligent Multimedia Repositories (IMRs) for Project Estimation and Management: An Empirical Study BIBA 443-482
  Barry G. Silverman; Nabil Bedewi
Movement Characteristics using a Mouse with Tactile and Force Feedback BIBA 483-493
  Motoyuki Akamatsu; I. Scott MacKenzie
Bulletin BIB 495-497

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 5

Interactive Improvement of Decision Trees through Flaw Analysis and Interpretation BIBA 499-526
  Katsuhiko Tsujino; Vlad G. Dabija; Shogo Nishida
Generating Explanations in a Simulation-Based Learning Environment BIBA 527-551
  Rachel Pilkington; Alec Grierson
Information Retrieval through Hybrid Navigation of Lattice Representations BIBA 553-578
  Claudio Carpineto; Giovanni Romano
Differences in Expert and Novice Situation Awareness in Naturalistic Decision Making BIBA 579-597
  Josephine M. Randel; H. Lauren Pugh; Stephen K. Reed
Patterns in Information Search for Decision Making: The Effects of Information Abstraction BIBA 599-616
  N. P. Archer; M. M. Head; Y. Yuan
Bulletin BIB 617-618

IJHCS 1996 Volume 45 Issue 6

User Analysis in HCI -- The Historical Lessons from Individual Differences Research BIBA 619-637
  Andrew Dillon; Charles Watson
The Role of Prior Experience and Task Characteristics in Object-Oriented Modeling: An Empirical Study BIBA 639-667
  Ritu Agarwal; Atish P. Sinha; Mohan Tanniru
Can Computers be Teammates? BIBA 669-678
  Clifford Nass; B. J. Fogg; Youngme Moon
Information Requirements of Aircraft Inspection: Framework and Analysis BIBA 679-695
  Colin G. Drury; Prasad Prabhu
Advances in Local Student Modeling using Informal Fuzzy Reasoning BIBA 697-722
  Lois Wright Hawkes; Sharon J. Derry
Self-Monitoring During Exploration of an Interactive Device BIBA 723-747
  Carol-Ina Trudel; Stephen J. Payne