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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 43

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 5/6

IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 1

The Role of Flight Progress Strips in En Route Air Traffic Control: A Time-Series Analysis BIBA 1-13
  Mark B. Edwards; Dana K. Fuller; O. U. Vortac; Carol A. Manning
StEP(3D): A Standardized Evaluation Plan for Three-Dimensional Interaction Techniques BIBASummary 15-41
  Scott B. Grissom; Gary Perlman
Consultant-2: Pre- and Post-Processing of Machine Learning Applications BIBA 43-63
  D. Sleeman; M. Rissakis; S. Craw; N. Graner; S. Sharma
A Comprehension-Based Model of Correct Performance and Errors in Skilled, Display-Based, Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 65-99
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson
Using Interaction Framework to Guide the Design of Interactive Systems BIBA 101-130
  Ann E. Blandford; Michael D. Harrison; Philip J. Barnard
Structured and Opportunistic Processing in Design: A Critical Discussion BIBA 131-151
  Linden J. Ball; Thomas C. Ormerod

IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 2

Parallel Earcons: Reducing the Length of Audio Messages BIBA 153-175
  Stephen Brewster; Peter C. Wright; Alistair D. N. Edwards
A Reformulation Technique and Tool for Knowledge Interchange during Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 177-212
  Ole Jakob Mengshoel
Keyboard User Verification: Toward an Accurate, Efficient, and Ecologically Valid Algorithm BIBA 213-222
  Renee Napier; William Laverty; Doug Mahar; Ron Henderson; Michael Hiron; Michael Wagner
Can Computer Personalities be Human Personalities? BIBA 223-239
  Clifford Nass; Youngme Moon; B. J. Fogg; Byron Reeves; D. Christopher Dryer
Levels and Types of Mediation in Instructional Systems: An Individual Differences Approach BIBA 241-259
  Nigel Ford
Internet: Which Future for Organized Knowledge, Frankenstein or Pygmalion? BIBA 261-274
  Luciano Floridi
Bulletin BIB 275-277

IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 3

Knowledge-Based Hypermedia

Editorial: Knowledge-Based Hypermedia BIB 279
  David Madigan
Schema-Based Authoring and Querying of Large Hypertexts BIBA 281-299
  Bernd Amann; Michel Scholl; Antoine Rizk
Rich Hypertext: A Foundation for Improved Interaction Techniques BIBA 301-321
  Kurt Normark; Kasper Østerbye
Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components BIBA 323-361
  Brian R. Gaines; Mildred G. Shaw
Adding Macroscopic Semantics to Anchors in Knowledge-Based Hypertext BIBA 363-382
  Jocelyne Nanard; Marc Nanard
A Demonstrational Interface for Recording Technical Procedures by Annotation of Videotaped Examples BIBA 383-417
  Henry Lieberman
Experiences with Semantic Net Based Hypermedia BIBA 419-439
  W. Wang; R. Rada
Hypermedia Exploration with Interactive Dynamic Maps BIBA 441-464
  Mountaz Zizi; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Repertory Hypergrids for Large-Scale Hypermedia Linking BIBA 465-481
  David Madigan; C. Richard Chapman; Jonathan R. Gavrin; Ole Villumsen; John H. Boose
Selective Text Utilization and Text Traversal BIBA 483-497
  Gerard Salton; James Allan
Bulletin BIB 499-501

IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 4

Strategies of Failure Diagnosis in Computer-Controlled Manufacturing Systems: Empirical Analysis and Implications for the Design of Adaptive Decision Support Systems BIBA 503-521
  Udo Konradt
Evaluating Group Effectiveness through a Computer-Supported Cooperative Training Environment BIBA 523-538
  Kathleen M. Swigger; Robert Brazile
Cognitive and Computer Models of Physical Systems BIBA 539-559
  S. Chandra; D. I. Blockley
A User-Adapted Iconic Language for the Medical Domain BIBA 561-577
  B. De Carolis; F. De Rosis; S. Errore
Optimizing Digraph-Latency Based Biometric Typist Verification Systems: Inter and Intra Typist Differences in Digraph Latency Distributions BIBA 579-592
  D. Mahar; R. Napier; M. Wagner; W. Laverty; R. D. Henderson; M. Hiron
A Model for Justification Production by Expert Planning Systems BIBA 593-619
  Susan M. Bridges
Erratum BIB 621

IJHCS 1995 Volume 43 Issue 5/6

The Role of Formal Ontology in the Information Technology

Editorial: The Role of Formal Ontology in the Information Technology BIB 623-624
  N. Guarino; R. Poli
Formal Ontology, Conceptual Analysis and Knowledge Representation BIBA 625-640
  Nicola Guarino
Formal Ontology, Common Sense and Cognitive Science BIBA 641-667
  Barry Smith
Top-Level Ontological Categories BIBA 669-685
  John F. Sowa
Bimodality of Formal Ontology and Mereology BIBA 687-696
  Roberto Poli
Knowledge Representation in Conceptual Realism BIBA 697-721
  Nino B. Cocchiarella
Classical Mereology and Restricted Domains BIBA 723-740
  Carola Eschenbach; Wolfgang Heydrich
Sheaf Mereology and Husserl's Morphological Ontology BIBA 741-763
  Jean Petitot
Algebraic Semantics for Natural Language: Some Philosophy, Some Applications BIBA 765-784
  Godehard Link
Ontological Domains, Semantic Sorts and Systematic Ambiguity BIBA 785-807
  Johannes Dolling
A Linguistic Ontology BIBA 809-818
  Kathleen Dahlgren
Sketch of an Ontology Underlying the Way We Talk About the World BIBA 819-830
  Jerry R. Hobbs
Taxonomies of Logically Defined Qualitative Spatial Relations BIBA 831-846
  A. G. Cohn; D. A. Randell; Z. Cui
Towards a Causal Ontology Coping with the Temporal Constraints between Causes and Effects BIBA 847-863
  Paolo Terenziani
Midwinters, End Games, and Body Parts: A Classification of Part-Whole Relations BIBA 865-889
  Peter Gerstl; Simone Pribbenow
Ontological Foundations for State and Identity Within the Object-Oriented Paradigm BIBA 891-906
  Flavio Bonfatti; Luca Pazzi
Toward Principles for the Design of Ontologies Used for Knowledge Sharing BIBA 907-928
  Thomas R. Gruber
On the Relationship between Ontology Construction and Natural Language: A Socio-Semiotic View BIBA 929-944
  John A. Bateman
An Environment for Reusing Ontologies within a Knowledge Engineering Approach BIBA 945-965
  Thomas Pirlein; Rudi Studer