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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 42

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 1
  2. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 2
  3. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 3
  4. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 4
  5. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 5
  6. IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 6

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Brian Gaines
Measuring the Value of Knowledge BIBA 3-30
  Yoram Reich
The PROCOPE Semantic Network: An Alternative to Action Grammars BIBA 31-69
  Sebastien Poitrenaud
Tragic Loss or Good Riddance? The Impending Demise of Traditional Scholarly Journals BIBA 71-122
  Andrew M. Odlyzko
Bulletin BIB 123-135

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 2

SHAPE: A Machine Learning System from Examples BIBA 137-155
  Francisco Botana; Antonio Bahamonde
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Considering Time Relationships BIBA 157-168
  Kyung Sam Park; Soung Hie Kim
Comparing Telephone-Computer Interface Designs: Are Software Simulations as Good as Hardware Prototypes? BIBA 169-184
  N. P. Archer; Y. Yuan
Error-Information in Tutorial Documentation: Supporting Users' Errors to Facilitate Initial Skill Learning BIBA 185-206
  Ard W. Lazonder; Hans van der Meij
SOL: A Shared Object Toolkit for Cooperative Interfaces BIBA 207-234
  Gareth Smith; Tom Rodden
Bulletin BIB 235-244

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 3

A Guessing Measure of Program Comprehension BIBA 245-263
  J. Steve Davis
Agent Systems that Negotiate and Learn BIBA 265-288
  Siegfried R. Bocionek
Speech versus Keying in Command and Control Applications BIBA 289-305
  R. I. Damper; S. D. Wood
Reflection and Goal Management in Exploratory Learning BIBA 307-339
  Carol-Ina Trudel; Stephen J. Payne
Bulletin BIB 341-351

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 4

User Errors in Database Query Composition BIBA 353-381
  John B. Smelcer
There Was a Long Pause: Influencing Turn-Taking Behaviour in Human-Human and Human-Computer Spoken Dialogues BIBA 383-411
  Anne Johnstone; Umesh Berry; Tina Nguyen; Alan Asper
CODE4: A Unified System for Managing Conceptual Knowledge BIBA 413-451
  Doug Skuce; Timothy C. Lethbridge
Bulletin BIB 453-463

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 5

Acquisition and Exploitation of Gradual Knowledge BIBA 465-499
  Rose Dieng; Olivier Corby; Stephane Lapalut
Rethinking Video as a Technology for Interpersonal Communications: Theory and Design Implications BIBA 501-529
  Steve Whittaker
Cognitive Support: Designing Aiding to Supplement Human Knowledge BIBA 531-571
  H. P. de Greef; M. A. Neerincx

IJHCS 1995 Volume 42 Issue 6

Special Issue: Real-World Applications of Uncertain Reasoning

Editorial: Real-World Applications of Uncertain Reasoning BIB 573-574
  David Heckerman; Abe Mamdani; Michael P. Wellman
Student Assessment Using Bayesian Nets BIBA 575-591
  Joel Martin; Kurt VanLehn
A Probabilistic Approach to Determining Biological Structure: Integrating Uncertain Data Sources BIBA 593-616
  Russ B. Altman
Time Series Prediction using Belief Network Models BIBA 617-632
  Paul Dagum; Adam Galper
Classifying Delinquent Customers for Credit Collections: An Application of Probabilistic Inductive Learning BIBA 633-646
  Ozden Gur-Ali; William A. Wallace
Blocking Gibbs Sampling in Very Large Probabilistic Expert Systems BIBA 647-666
  Claus S. Jensen; Uffe Kjaerulff; Augustine Kong
Bayesian Inference-Based Fusion of Radar Imagery, Military Forces and Tactical Terrain Models in the Image Exploitation System/Balanced Technology Initiative BIBA 667-686
  T. S. Levitt; C. L. Winter; C. J. Turner; R. A. Chestek; G. J. Ettinger; S. M. Sayre
Reactive Scheduling: Improving the Robustness of Schedules and Restricting the Effects of Shop Floor Disturbances by Fuzzy Reasoning BIBA 687-704
  Jurgen Dorn; Roger Kerr; Gabi Thalhammer
Bulletin BIB 705-712