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International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 41

Editors:B. R. Gaines
Publisher:Academic Press
Standard No:ISSN 0020-7373; TA 167 A1 I5
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  1. IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 1/2
  2. IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 3
  3. IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 4
  4. IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 5
  5. IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 6

IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 1/2

Special Issue: Object-Oriented Approaches in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction

Editorial: Object-Oriented Approaches in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 1-3
  Hermann Kaindl
An Object-Based Representation System for Organic Synthesis Planning BIBA 5-32
  Amedeo Napoli; Claude Laurenco; Roland Ducournau
Developing Integrated Object Environments for Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems BIBA 33-58
  Jean-Paul A. Barthes
Class Library Implementation of an Open Architecture Knowledge Support System BIBA 59-107
  Brian R. Gaines
Managing Complex Objects in Peirce BIBA 109-148
  Gerard Ellis; Robert A. Levinson; Peter J. Robinson
Default Inheritance in an Object-Oriented Representation of Linguistic Categories BIBA 149-177
  Walter Daelemans; Koenraad De Smedt
Concurrent, Object-Oriented Natural Language Parsing: The ParseTalk Model BIBA 179-222
  Udo Hahn; Susanne Schacht; Norbert Broker
Types and Inheritance in Hypertext BIBA 223-241
  Mikael Snaprud; Hermann Kaindl
Binding Objects to Scenarios of Use BIBA 243-276
  John M. Carroll; Robert L. Mack; Scott P. Robertson; Mary Beth Rosson
Bulletin BIB 277-281

IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 3

A Systematic Approach to Outline Manipulation BIBA 283-308
  Geeng-Neng You; Roy Rada
An Empirical Study on End-Users' Update Performance for Different Abstraction Levels BIBA 309-328
  Hock Chuan Chan; Kwok Kee Wei; Keng Leng Siau
Applying Prolog Programming Techniques BIBA 329-350
  A. Bowles; D. Robertson; M. Vasconcelos; M. Vargas-Vera; D. Bental
A Note on the Quantification of Computer Programming Skill BIBA 351-362
  Harold Stanislaw; Beryl Hesketh; Sylvia Kanavaros; Tim Hesketh; Ken Robinson
Domain and Task Representation for Tutorial Process Models BIBA 363-383
  R. H. Kemp; S. P. Smith
Estimating the Number of Subjects Needed for a Thinking Aloud Test BIBA 385-397
  Jakob Nielsen
Mapping Domains to Methods in Support of Reuse BIBA 399-424
  John H. Gennari; Samson W. Tu; Thomas E. Rothenfluh; Mark A. Musen
Generation of Knowledge-Acquisition Tools from Domain Ontologies BIBA 425-453
  Henrik Eriksson; Angel R. Puerta; Mark A. Musen
Bulletin BIB 455-456

IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 4

Novice Programmer Errors: Language Constructs and Plan Composition BIBA 457-480
  Alireza Ebrahimi
Effects of Data Model and Task Characteristics on Designer Performance: A Laboratory Study BIBA 481-508
  Dinesh Batra; Solomon R. Antony
An Integrated Framework for Task Analysis and Systems Engineering: Approach, Example and Experience BIBA 509-526
  K. Brathen; E. Nordo; K. Veum
Model-Based Communicative Acts: Human-Computer Collaboration in Supervisory Control BIBA 527-551
  Patricia M. Jones; Christine M. Mitchell
A Taxonomy for Combining Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction Measurement Approaches: Towards a Common Framework BIBA 553-583
  Jenny Preece; H. Dieter Rombach
Tasks and Ontologies in Engineering Modelling BIBA 585-617
  Jan Top; Hans Akkermans

Book review

"Computers, Communication and Usability: Design Issues, Research and Methods for Integrated Services," edited by P. F. Byerley, P. J. Barnard, and J. May BIB 619-623
  Hartmut Wandke; Marion Wittstock
Bulletin BIB 625-631

IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 5

MacSHAPA and the Enterprise of Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis (ESDA) BIBA 633-681
  Penelope Sanderson; Jay Scott; Tom Johnston; John Mainzer; Larry Watanabe; Jeff James
A Methodology and Interactive Environment for Iconic Language Design BIBA 683-716
  S. K. Chang; G. Polese; S. Orefice; M. Tucci
Analyses of Factors Related to Positive Test Bias in Software Testing BIBA 717-749
  Laura Marie Leventhal; Barbee Eve Teasley; Diane Schertler Rohlman
Capturing Scheduling Knowledge from Repair Experiences BIBA 751-773
  Kazuo Miyashita; Katia Sycara; Riichiro Mizoguchi
Alphanumeric Entry on Pen-Based Computers BIBA 775-792
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Blair Nonnecke; Stan Riddersma; Craig McQueen; Malcolm Meltz
Bulletin BIB 793-800

IJHCS 1994 Volume 41 Issue 6

Varieties of Knowledge Elicitation Techniques BIBA 801-849
  Nancy J. Cooke
Experiences with CLARE: A Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environment BIBA 851-879
  Dadong Wan; Philip M. Johnson
Situating Natural Language Understanding Within Experience-Based Design BIBA 881-913
  Justin Peterson; Kavi Mahesh; Ashok Goel
Transforming Verbal Descriptions into Mathematical Formulas in Spreadsheet Calculation BIBA 915-948
  Pertti Saariluoma; Jorma Sajaniemi
Improved Efficiency through I- and E-Feedback: A Trackball with Contextual Force Feedback BIBA 949-974
  Frits L. Engel; Peter Goossens; Reinder Haakma
Bulletin BIB 975-986