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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 15

Editors:Kay M. Stanney; Gavriel Salvendy
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISSN 1044-7318
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 1
  2. IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 2
  3. IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 3

IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 1

Editorial: Design Versus design: A Nordic Perspective BIB 1-4
  Ann Lantz; Jan Gulliksen
Design Versus design-From the Shaping of Products to the Creation of User Experiences BIBA 5-20
  Jan Gulliksen; Ann Lantz
Dialogue Design-With Mutual Learning as Guiding Principle BIBA 21-40
  Janni Nielsen; Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld; Oluf Danielsen
Ethnographic Fieldwork Under Industrial Constraints: Toward Design-in-Context BIBA 41-50
  Werner Sperschneider; Kirsten Bagger
Alarms -- Localization, Orientation, and Recognition BIB 51-66
  Marcus Sanchez Svensson; Hans Tap
Interaction Styles: An Aesthetic Sense of Direction in Interface Design BIBA 67-85
  Trond Are Oritsland; Jacob Buur
User Study of Video-Mediated Communication in the Domestic Environment With Intellectually Disabled Persons BIBA 87-103
  Stefan Junestrand; Goran Molin; Konrad Tollmar; Ulf Keijer
Visitor-Oriented Design-Three Studies of Visitor Accommodation and a Call for Action BIBA 105-120
  Anders Hedman
Visualizing Discussion History BIBA 121-134
  Jarkko Leponiemi
Book Review BIB 135-137
  Robert Stone
Book Review BIB 139-141
  Arnold Lund
Criteria For Evaluating Usability Evaluation Methods BIBA 145-181
  H. Rex Hartson; Terence S. Andre; Robert C. Williges
The Evaluator Effect: A Chilling Fact About Usability Evaluation Methods BIBA 183-204
  Morten Hertzum; Niels Ebbe Jacobsen

IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 2

Introduction to Mediated Reality BIB 205-208
  Steve Mann; Woodrow Barfield
Early Experiences of Visual Memory Prosthesis for Supporting Episodic Memory BIBA 209-230
  Jyrki Hoisko
Wearable Mobility Aid for Low Vision Using Scene Classification in a Markov Random Field Model Framework BIBA 231-244
  M. R. Everingham; B. T. Thomas; T. Troscianko
Testing Visual Search Performance Using Retinal Light Scanning as a Future Wearable Low Vision Aid BIBA 245-263
  Sun-Kai V. Lin; Eric J. Seibel; Thomas A., III Furness
Mediated Reality Through Glasses or Binoculars? Exploring Use Models of Wearable Computing in the Context of Aircraft Maintenance BIBA 265-284
  Daniel Fallman
Seeing with the Brain BIB 285-295
  Paul Bach-y-Rita; Mitchell E. Tyler; Kurt A. Kaczmarek
The Internet Chair BIBA 297-311
  Michael Cohen

IJHCI 2003 Volume 15 Issue 3

On the Advantages of a Systematic Inspection for Evaluating Hypermedia Usability BIBA 315-335
  A. De Angeli; M. Matera; M. F. Costabile; F. Garzotto; P. Paolini
Flexible User Interfaces for Group Collaboration BIBA 337-360
  Ivan Marsic; Bogdan Dorohonceanu
Training Novice Users in Developing Strategies for Responding to Errors When Browsing the Web BIBA 361-377
  Jonathan Lazar; Anthony Norcio
Effects of Cursor Orientation and Required Precision on Positioning Movements on Computer Screens BIBA 379-389
  J. G. Phillips; J. W. Meehan; T. J. Triggs
Muscular Activity in Relation to Support of the Upper Extremity in Work With a Computer Mouse BIBA 391-406
  Jarmo Sillanpaa; Mika Nyberg; Jukka Uitti; Esa-Pekka Takala; Pertti Kivi; Iiro Kilpikari; Pekka Laippala
Evaluation of Shoulder Muscular Fatigue Induced During VDT Tasks BIBA 407-417
  Atsuo Murata; Atsushi Uetake; Syuichiro Matsumoto; Yosuke Takasawa
Does the Use of E-Mail Change Over Time? BIBA 419-431
  A. Lantz
Presenting Movement in a Computer-Based Dance Tutor BIBA 433-452
  Katherine E. Sukel; Richard Catrambone; Irfan Essa; Gabriel Brostow
Development and Evaluation of a Parenting Intervention Program: Integration of Scientific and Practical Approaches BIBA 453-467
  David Segal; Peter Y. Chen; Donald A. Gordon; Christoph D. Kacir; Julius Gylys
Immersive Virtual Reality for Reducing Experimental Ischemic Pain BIBA 469-486
  Hunter G. Hoffman; Azucena Garcia-Palacios; Veronica Kapa; Jennifer Beecher; Sam R. Sharar
Book Review BIB 487
  Gavriel Salvendy
Book Review BIB 489-490
  Nancy J. Lightner