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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 11

Editors:Kay M. Stanney; Gavriel Salvendy
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISSN 1044-7318
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 1
  2. IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 2
  3. IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 3
  4. IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 4

IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 1

Toward an Information Society for All: HCI Challenges and R&D Recommendations BIBA 1-28
  Constantine Stephanidis; Gavriel Salvendy
Implications for Design of Computer Interfaces for Chinese Users in Mainland China BIBA 29-46
  Yee-Yin Choong; Gavriel Salvendy
An Analysis of the Performance and Usability of a Software User Coach for Navy Manpower Planning BIBA 47-69
  Jean MacMillan; B. Charles Tatum; Barbara Freeman; Gary A. Ropp

IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 2

Can a More Neutral Position of the Forearm When Operating a Computer Mouse Reduce the Pain Level for Visual Display Unit Operators? A Prospective Epidemiological Intervention Study BIBA 79-94
  Arne Aaras; Ola Ro; Magne Thoresen
Psychological Mood State, Psychosocial Aspects of Work, and Musculoskeletal Discomfort in Intensive Video Display Terminal (VDT) Work BIBA 95-107
  Frank T. Conway
Effect of Physical Ergonomics on VDT Workers' Health: A Longitudinal Intervention Field Study in a Service Organization BIBA 109-135
  Antoinette Derjani Bayeh; Michael J. Smith
Extending Effective Target Width in Fitts' Law to a Two-Dimensional Pointing Task BIBA 137-152
  Atsuo Murata
Toward the Task-Complete Development of Activity-Oriented User Interfaces BIBA 153-182
  Chris Stary

IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 3

Cognitive Walkthroughs: Understanding the Effect of Task-Description Detail on Evaluator Performance BIBA 185-200
  Andrew Sears; David J. Hess
Facilitate Complex Search Tasks in Hypertext by Externalizing Functional Properties of a Work Domain BIBA 201-229
  Wei Xu; Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard S. Mark
An Investigation of Groupware Support for Collaborative Awareness Through Distortion-Oriented Views BIBA 231-255
  Andy Cockburn; Philip Weir

IJHCI 1999 Volume 11 Issue 4

How Experienced Users Avoid Getting Lost in Large Display Networks BIBA 269-299
  Jennifer Watts-Perotti; David D. Woods
Templates for Search Queries: A User-Centered Feature for Improving Web Search Tools BIBA 301-315
  Xiaowen Fang; Gavriel Salvendy
A Corporate Style Guide That Includes Domain Knowledge BIBA 317-338
  Eva Olsson; Jan Gulliksen
Identification of an Acceptable Mixture of Key and Speech Inputs in Bimodal Interfaces BIBA 339-348
  Atsuo Murata
Decision Support for Indexing and Retrieval of Information in Hypertext Systems BIBA 349-371
  Wenli Zhu; Mark R. Lehto