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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 6

Editors:Gavriel Salvendy
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISSN 1044-7318
Links:Table of Contents
  1. IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 4

IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1

From Users' Task Knowledge to High-Level Interface Specification BIBA 1-15
  Suzanne Sebillotte; Dominique L. Scapin
Winners and Losers from Computerization: A Study of the Psychosocial Work Conditions and Health of Swedish State Employees BIBA 17-35
  Gunner Aronsson; Margareta Dallner; Carl Aborg
Performance Variability as an Indicator of Fatigue and Boredom Effects in a VDT Data-Entry Task BIBA 37-45
  Christopher S. Pan; Richard L. Shell; Lawrence M. Schleifer
Contours and Borders in Animated Mimic Displays BIBA 47-64
  Kevin B. Bennett; Ed Madigan
Human-Machine Cooperation: Toward an Activity Regulation Assistance for Different Air Traffic Control Levels BIBA 65-104
  Frederic Vanderhaegen; Igor Crevits; Serge Debernard; Patrick Millot
Quantitative and Qualitative Differences Between Experts and Novices in Chucking Computer Software Knowledge BIBA 105-118
  Nong Ye; Gavriel Salvendy

IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2

Human-Computer Interaction and Lean Production: The Shop Floor Example BIBA 121-154
  Hans-Jorg Bullinger; Klaus-Peter Fahnrich; Michael Thines; Rainer Bamberger
Brain Potential Correlates of Supraliminal Contrast Functions and Defocus BIBA 155-176
  Ove Franzen; Gunnar Lennerstrand; Hans Richter
Effects of Electronic Performance Monitoring on Job Design and Worker Stress: Results of Two Studies BIBA 177-190
  Pascale Carayon
Multimedia and Its Impact on Training Engineers BIBA 191-204
  Bonnie Daily
New Analysis of HRV Through Wavelet Transform BIBA 205-217
  Hiroyuki Tsuji; Hirohiko Mori

IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3

Percentage of Procedural Knowledge Acquired as a Function of the Number of Experts from Whom Knowledge is Acquired for Diagnosis, Debugging, and Interpretation Tasks BIBA 221-233
  Chin-Jung Chao; Gavriel Salvendy
Self-Assessment of VDT Operator Health: Hierarchical Structure and Validity Analysis of a Health Checklist BIBA 235-252
  Francois Sainfort; Pascale Carayon
Ergodynamics and Macroergonomics in Analysis of Decision-Making Efficiency and Complexity BIBA 253-274
  Valery F. Venda; Hal W. Hendrick
A Method for Assessing the Usability of Graphical, Direct-Manipulation Style Interfaces BIBA 275-297
  Donna L. Cuomo
Automated Speech Recognition for Spreadsheet Tasks: Performance Effects for Experts and Novices BIBA 299-318
  Michael J. DeHaemer; George Wright; Thomas W. Dillon
Effects of Six Different Highlighting Modes on Visual Search Performance in Menu Options BIBA 319-334
  Geerd Philipsen

IJHCI 1994 Volume 6 Issue 4

The Full-Time VDT Operator as a Working Person: Musculoskeletal Work Discomfort and Life Situation BIBA 339-364
  Gunnela Westlander
Error Training: Replication and the Function of Exploratory Behavior BIBA 365-372
  Tanja Dormann; Michael Frese
An Empirical Evaluation of Knowledge, Cognitive Style, and Structure upon the Performance of a Hypertext Task BIBA 373-390
  Ralph D. Korthauer; Richard J. Koubek
Parallel Use of Hand Gestures and Force-Input Device for Interacting with 3D and Virtual Reality Environments BIBA 391-413
  Monica Bordegoni
Human Processing of Two-Dimensional Graphics: Information Volume Concepts and Effects in Graph-Task Fit Anchoring Frameworks BIBA 414-456
  Joseph K. Tan