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Proceedings of the 2010 Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment

Fullname:Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment
Note:Fish of the day: Play as an agent for change
Editors:Aukje Thomassen; Erik Champion
Location:Wellington, New Zealand
Dates:2010-Nov-22 to 2010-Nov-23
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-0566-2; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: IE10
Links:Conference Website
Elective music students experiences with Jam2Jam BIBAFull-Text 1
  Andrew Johnston; James Humberstone
Building better bad guys: a new framework for game AI design BIBAFull-Text 2
  David Conroy; Peta Wyeth
Sketch interaction in real time strategy games BIBAFull-Text 3
  Elwyn Benson; Peter Andreae
Playing in Traffic: pervasive gaming for commuters BIBAFull-Text 4
  Kah Chan
Towards the problem of maintaining suspense in interactive narrative BIBAFull-Text 5
  Yuliya Khrypko; Peter Andreae
Constructionist learning through serious games BIBAFull-Text 6
  Kah Chan
Pets and play: do they have fun? BIBAFull-Text 7
  Inosha Wickrama; Denisa Kera
Playing the museum: towards a rationale for games in exhibition design BIBAFull-Text 8
  Anton Berndt
Proposal for an installation of four games BIBAFull-Text 9
  Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath; Charles Walker
Up with the play: TUI prototype design for retail experiences BIBAFull-Text 10
  Stuart Foster; Sven Mehzoud; Rodney Adank
Interactive memories within museums BIBAFull-Text 11
  Tanya Marriott
Face to face: meeting histories on the street BIBAFull-Text 12
  Caroline McCaw; Morgan Oliver; A Leyton
Solving preadolescent anti socialism through play BIBAFull-Text 13
  Danielle Millar; Roshan Patel; Amber-Jean Hornsby
Roopadhyana BIBAFull-Text 14
  Roshan Patel
University culture and community building BIBAFull-Text 15
  Joel Schroyen; Mellissa Hartwick; Jo Anne Tay
Expressive video games BIBAFull-Text 16
  Joel Schroyen
More Than A Craze: photographs of New Zealand's early digital games scene: exhibition BIBAFull-Text 17
  Melanie Swalwell
Frightful realities BIBAFull-Text 18
  Karl Johan Thiart