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UI-HCI International 2007: 2nd International Conference on Usability and Internationalization, Part II: Global and Local User Interfaces

Fullname:UI-HCII 2007: 2nd International Conference on Usability and Internationalization, Part II: Global and Local User Interfaces
Note:Volume 11 of HCI International 2007
Editors:Nuray M. Aykin
Location:Beijing, China
Dates:2007-Jul-22 to 2007-Jul-27
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4560
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-540-73288-4 (print), 978-3-540-73289-1 (online); hcibib: IDGD07-2
Links:Online Proceedings | Publisher Book Page
  1. IDGD 2007-07-22 Volume 2
    1. Part I: Designing Global and Local Products and Services
    2. Part II: Enhancing and Personalizing the User Experience

IDGD 2007-07-22 Volume 2

Part I: Designing Global and Local Products and Services

Localization Issues: A Glimpse at the Korean User (From the Western Perspective) BIBAKFull-Text 3-12
  Björn-M. Braun; Kerstin Röse
Increasing the Usability of Text Entry in Mobile Devices for European Languages and Languages Used in Europe BIBAKFull-Text 13-21
  Martin Böcker; Karl Ivar Larsson; Bruno von Niman
User Centered Design Approach Applying CPV in Mobile Service Design BIBAKFull-Text 22-29
  Chang K. Cho; Cheol Lee; Myung Hwan Yun
Design Guidelines to the Application of Extreme Design with Korean Anthropometry BIBAKFull-Text 30-39
  Yongju Cho; Eui S. Jung; Sungjoon Park; Seong W. Jeong; Woojin Park
Developing Character Input Methods for Driver Information Systems BIBAKFull-Text 40-47
  Youngseok Cho; Sung Ho Han; Sang W. Hong; Yong S. Park; Wonkyu Park; Sunghyun Kang
Linguistic Analysis of Websites: A New Method of Analysing Language, the Poor Cousin of Usability BIBAKFull-Text 48-56
  Sabrina Duda; Michael Schiessl; Gerald Wildgruber; Christian Rohrer; Paul Fu
Human Communication Based on Icons in Crisis Environments BIBAFull-Text 57-66
  Siska Fitrianie; Dragos Datcu; Léon J. M. Rothkrantz
ICT for Low-Literate Youth in Ethiopia: The Usability Challenge BIBAFull-Text 67-76
  Marije Geldof
Design for Facilitating eBay Transactions Using Skype BIBAKFull-Text 77-83
  Frank Y. Guo; Sulekha Nair
Localization in Korea of User Interface of the 3G Mobile Handset Built on Open OS BIBAKFull-Text 84-90
  Sungmoo Hong
Usability of Multilingual Communication Tools BIBAFull-Text 91-97
  Rieko Inaba
The Universal Design Model of Set Top Box BIBAKFull-Text 98-102
  Yen-Yu Kang; Han-yu Lin
"A Quick Dip at the Iceberg's Tip" -- Rapid Immersion Approaches to Understanding Emerging Markets BIBAKFull-Text 103-108
  Anjali Kelkar
Adobe Approaches to Culturalization: Two Case Studies BIBAKFull-Text 109-113
  Hyolin Kim; Judy Shade
User-Centered Design: Component-Based Web Technology BIBAKFull-Text 114-122
  Esin O. Kiris; Howard Abrams; Roman Longoria
Color Your Website: Use of Colors on the Web BIBAKFull-Text 123-132
  Irina Kondratova; Ilia Goldfarb
Cultural Environment for Social Learning and Adaptation in Different Countries -- A Comparison of Minority Foreigners and Majority Foreigners BIBAFull-Text 133-139
  Masaaki Kurosu; Masako Morishita
Transborder Data Protection and the Effects on Business and Government BIBAKFull-Text 140-149
  Julian Ligertwood; Margaret Jackson
Designing Globally Accepted Human Interfaces for Instant Messaging BIBAKFull-Text 150-159
  Chiuhsiang Joe Lin; Dylan Sung; Ching-Chow Yang; Yung-Tsan Jou; Chih-Wei Yang; Lai-Yu Cheng
User Validation of Cultural Dimensions of a Website Design BIBAKFull-Text 160-167
  Aaron Marcus; Chava Alexander
Usability Challenges in Designing Foreign Language Keypads for Handheld Devices BIBAKFull-Text 168-177
  Parul Nanda; Kem-Laurin Kramer
Comparing User and Software Information Structures for Compatibility BIBAKFull-Text 178-182
  Thomas Plocher; Torkil Clemmensen
Regulating India's Digital Public Cultures: A Grey or Differently Regulated Area BIBAFull-Text 183-192
  Nimmi Rangaswamy
Entrepreneurial Digital Photography -- A Case Study for Design Research Method in the Emerging Indian Market BIBAKFull-Text 193-200
  Naznin Rao
Culturally Adaptive Software: Moving Beyond Internationalization BIBAFull-Text 201-210
  Katharina Reinecke; Abraham Bernstein
Local Websites as the New Existence of Traditional Local Cultures in the Virtual Space: An Overview on the Local Websites of Turkey BIBAKFull-Text 211-218
  Kerem Rizvanoglu; Özgürol Öztürk
Word Processing in Spanish Using an English Keyboard: A Study of Spelling Errors BIBAKFull-Text 219-227
  Néstor J. Rodriguez; Maria I. Diaz
Introducing New Methodologies for Identifying Design Patterns for Internationalization and Localization BIBAFull-Text 228-237
  Nicole Schadewitz; Timothy Jachna
The Globalization of User Research: Emerging Trends and Complexities BIBAKFull-Text 238-248
  Robert M. Schumacher; Yiner Ya
Chinese Web Browser Design Utilising Cultural Icons BIBAKFull-Text 249-258
  Siu-Tsen Shen; Stephen D. Prior; Kuen-Meau Chen; Man-Lai You

Part II: Enhancing and Personalizing the User Experience

Evaluation and Usability of Back Translation for Intercultural Communication BIBAKFull-Text 259-265
  Tomohiro Shigenobu
Contextual User Research for International Software Design BIBAFull-Text 266-273
  David A. Siegel; Susan M. Dray
Language Issues in Cross Cultural Usability Testing: A Pilot Study in China BIBAKFull-Text 274-284
  Xianghong Sun; Qingxin Shi
Extending the User Experience to Localized Products BIBAKFull-Text 285-292
  Yanxia Yang
The Technologist and Internet Security and Privacy Practices BIBAKFull-Text 295-304
  Greg Adamson
A Statistical Model of Relationship Between Affective Responses and Product Design Attributes for Capturing User Needs BIBAKFull-Text 305-313
  Sangwoo Bahn; Cheol Lee; Joo Hwan Lee; Myung Hwan Yun
Guidelines to Develop Emotional Awareness Devices from a Cultural-Perspective: A Latin American Example BIBAFull-Text 314-323
  César A. Collazos; María Paula González; H. Andrés Neyem; Christian Sturm
User Interaction with User-Adaptive Information Filters BIBAKFull-Text 324-333
  Henriette S. M. Cramer; Vanessa Evers; Maarten van Someren; Bob J. Wielinga; Sam Besselink; Lloyd Rutledge; Natalia Stash; Lora Aroyo
A System for Adaptive Multimodal Interaction in Crisis Environments BIBAKFull-Text 334-343
  Dragos Datcu; Zhenke Yang; Léon J. M. Rothkrantz
Integrating Emotions and Knowledge in Aesthetics Designs Using Cultural Profiles BIBAKFull-Text 344-353
  Rosa Gil; César A. Collazos
"Only Famous Companies I Would Ever Buy": Understanding How People Learn to Trust Web Sites BIBAKFull-Text 354-362
  Emilie West Gould
A User Experience Study on C2C E-Commerce Localization in China BIBAKFull-Text 363-371
  Dan Guo; Zhengjie Liu; Zhiwei Guo; Kai Qian
Towards Cultural Adaptability in Driver Information and Assistance Systems BIBAKFull-Text 372-381
  Rüdiger Heimgärtner
Sound Detection as an Aid to Increase Detectability of CCTV in Surveillance System BIBAKFull-Text 382-389
  Yongjun Kim; Sang Won Lee; Daniel Hyundo Lee; Jaeyong Kim; Myun W. Lee
Approaches to Create a Universal User Experience in Handheld Electronic Product BIBAKFull-Text 390-396
  Joonhwan Kim; Wanje Park; Scott Song; Boeun Park; Hyunkook Jang
Statistical Modeling of Affective Responses from Visual and Auditory Attributes in the Movies BIBAKFull-Text 397-406
  In Ki Kim; Kyung Jae Lee; Woojin Chang; Myung Hwan Yun
User-Specific Service Generation: A Morphological Approach to Customized Blog Creation BIBAKFull-Text 407-416
  Namjoong Kim; Hyojeong Lim; Sookyeong Seo; Yoo Suk Hong; Yongtae Park
Computer Task-Based Evaluation Technique for Measuring Everyday Risk-Taking Behavior BIBAKFull-Text 417-421
  Kentaro Kotani; Chiho Tateda; Ken Horii
Validating a Multilingual and Multimodal Affective Database BIBAKFull-Text 422-431
  Juan Miguel López; Idoia Cearreta; Inmaculada Fajardo; Nestor Garay
Tools to Increase the Strategic Value of User Experience Design BIBAKFull-Text 432-440
  James E. Nieters; David Grabel; Vijay Agrawal
Incorporation of User Preferences into Mobile Web Service Conversations BIBAKFull-Text 441-450
  Jonghun Park; Wan Lee; Jae-Yoon Jung; Kangchan Lee
Dealing with Computer Literacy and Age Differences in the Design of a Ubicomp System to Cope with Cognitive Decline in Lonely Elders BIBAFull-Text 451-459
  Marcela D. Rodríguez; Alejandro Aguirre; Alberto L. Morán; Oscar Mayora-Ibarra
Sharing Stories: Learning with Stories BIBAKFull-Text 460-468
  Nina Sabnani
The Digital Packaging of Electronic Money BIBAKFull-Text 469-475
  Supriya Singh
Security Design Based on Social and Cultural Practice: Sharing of Passwords BIBAKFull-Text 476-485
  Supriya Singh; Anuja Cabraal; Catherine Demosthenous; Gunela Astbrink; Michele Furlong
Mobile Personalization at Large Sports Events User Experience and Mobile Device Personalization BIBAKFull-Text 486-495
  Xu Sun; Andrew May
How Should You Frame Questions to Measure User Attitudes Accurately? An Experimental Design Study BIBAKFull-Text 496-505
  Seema Swamy
Measuring the Emotional Drivers of Visual Preference in China BIBAKFull-Text 506-509
  Hsun Tang; JiaMing Lang; JinYu Lou; Kenneth Farmer
Developing Adaptive Mobile Support for Crisis Response in Synthetic Task Environments BIBAKFull-Text 510-519
  Guido M. te Brake; Nanja J. J. M. Smets
Structural User Preferences of Interfaces and Time Orientation BIBAKFull-Text 520-526
  Nancy Thiels; Theresa Maxeiner; Kerstin Röse
Overcoming the Language Barrier: The Potential of the Visual Language LoCoS in International Human-Computer Communication BIBAKFull-Text 527-536
  Marleen Vanhauer; Karina Oertel; Jörg Voskamp
A Remote Study on East-West Cultural Differences in Mobile User Experience BIBAKFull-Text 537-545
  Qifeng Yan; Guanyi Gu
Cultural and Social Aspects of Security and Privacy -- The Critical Elements of Trusted Online Service BIBAKFull-Text 546-553
  Yinan Yang; Edward Lewis; Lawrie Brown
Dynamic Scripting in Crisis Environments BIBAKFull-Text 554-563
  Zhenke Yang; Léon J. M. Rothkrantz
How to Quantify User Experience: Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on Summative Usability Testing BIBAKFull-Text 564-573
  Ronggang Zhou