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Proceedings of ACM IDC'14: Interaction Design and Children 2014-06-17

Fullname:IDC 2014 Conference on Interaction Design and Children
Editors:Ole Sejer Iversen; Lars Elbæk; Bo Stjerne Thomsen; Panos Markopoulos; Franca Garzotto; Christian Dindler
Location:Aarhus University, Denmark
Dates:2014-Jun-17 to 2014-Jun-20
Standard No:ISBN: 9781450322720; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: IDC14
Links:Conference Website
  1. Keynote address
  2. Embodied interaction
  3. Interacting together
  4. Designing for and with children
  5. Crafting interactions
  6. Applications for learning
  7. Wednesday short papers
  8. Thursday short papers
  9. Closing panel

Keynote address

Reempowering powerful ideas: designers' mission in the age of ubiquitous technology BIBAFull-Text 1-4
  Paulo Blikstein
The relations between play and learning in digital environments: the significance of motives and demands BIBAFull-Text 5-6
  Marilyn Fleer

Embodied interaction

Interpreting data from within: supporting human-data interaction in museum exhibits through perspective taking BIBAFull-Text 7-16
  Jessica Roberts; Leilah Lyons; Francesco Cafaro; Rebecca Eydt
Designing and evaluating touchless playful interaction for ASD children BIBAFull-Text 17-26
  Laura Bartoli; Franca Garzotto; Mirko Gelsomini; Luigi Oliveto; Matteo Valoriani
"Child as the measure of all things": the body as a referent in designing a museum exhibit to understand the nanoscale BIBAFull-Text 27-36
  Joan MoraGuiard; Narcis Pares

Interacting together

Emergent dialogue: eliciting values during children's collaboration with a tabletop game for change BIBAFull-Text 37-46
  Alissa N. Antle; Jillian L. Warren; Aaron May; Min Fan; Alyssa F. Wise
Designing digital peer support for children: design patterns for social interaction BIBAFull-Text 47-56
  Susanne Lindberg; Pontus Wärnestål; Jens Nygren; Petra Svedberg
Investigating interaction with tabletops in kindergarten environments BIBAFull-Text 57-66
  Dietrich Kammer; René Dang; Juliane Steinhauf; Rainer Groh
Exploring physical and digital identity with a teenage cohort BIBAFull-Text 67-76
  Lia Emanuel; Danaë Stanton Fraser

Designing for and with children

Sparkles of brilliance: incorporating cultural and social context in codesign of digital artworks BIBAFull-Text 77-84
  Foad Hamidi; Karla Saenz; Melanie Baljko
Participatory design strategies to enhance the creative contribution of children with special needs BIBAFull-Text 85-94
  Laura Malinverni; Joan MoraGuiard; Vanesa Padillo; MariaAngeles Mairena; Amaia Hervás; Narcis Pares
Play it our way: customization of game rules in children's interactive outdoor games BIBAFull-Text 95-104
  Tetske Avontuur; Rian de Jong; Eveline Brink; Yves Florack; Iris Soute; Panos Markopoulos
Giving ideas an equal chance: inclusion and representation in participatory design with children BIBAFull-Text 105-114
  Janet C. Read; Daniel Fitton; Matthew Hortton

Crafting interactions

Incorporating peephole interactions into children's second language learning activities on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 115-124
  Brenna McNally; Mona Leigh Guha; Leyla Norooz; Emily Rhodes; Leah Findlater
Search result visualization with characters for children BIBAFull-Text 125-134
  Tatiana Gossen; Rene Müller; Sebastian Stober; Andreas Nürnberger
A diary study of children's user experience with EBooks using flow theory as framework BIBAFull-Text 135-144
  Luca Colombo; Monica Landoni

Applications for learning

Waiting for learning: designing interactive education materials for patient waiting areas BIBAFull-Text 145-153
  Zeina Atrash Leong; Michael S. Horn
"It helped me do my science.": a case of designing social media technologies for children in science learning BIBAFull-Text 155-164
  Jason Yip; June Ahn; Tamara Clegg; Elizabeth Bonsignore; Daniel Pauw; Michael Gubbels
Fiabot!: design and evaluation of a mobile storytelling application for schools BIBAFull-Text 165-174
  Elisa Rubegni; Monica Landoni
Shake up the schoolyard: iterative design research for public playful installations BIBAFull-Text 175-183
  Rob Tieben; Linda de Valk; Pepijn Rijnbout; Tilde Bekker; Ben Schouten

Wednesday short papers

CamQuest: design and evaluation of a tablet application for educational use in preschools BIBAFull-Text 185-188
  Jennie Berggren; Catherine Hedler
Connecting children to nature with technology: sowing the seeds for pro-environmental behaviour BIBAFull-Text 189-192
  Bronwyn J. Cumbo; Jeni Paay; Jesper Kjeldskov; Brent C. Jacobs
Connected messages: a maker approach to interactive community murals with youth BIBAFull-Text 193-196
  Orkan Telhan; Yasmin B. Kafai; Richard Lee Davis; KFai Steele; Barrie M. Adleberg
Design and evaluation of interactive musical fruit BIBAFull-Text 197-200
  Cumhur Erkut; Stefania Serafin; Jonas Fehr; Henrique M. R. Fernandes Figueira; Theis B. Hansen; Nicholas J. Kirwan; Mariam R. Zakarian
Understanding child-defined gestures and children's mental models for touchscreen tabletop interaction BIBAFull-Text 201-204
  Karen Rust; Meethu Malu; Lisa Anthony; Leah Findlater
Jigsaw together: a distributed collaborative game for players with diverse skills and preferences BIBAFull-Text 205-208
  Dimitris Grammenos; Antonis Chatziantoniou
ChiroBot: modular-robotic manipulation via spatial hand gestures BIBAFull-Text 209-212
  Jasjeet Singh Seehra; Ansh Verma; Karthik Ramani
Affective communication aid using wearable devices based on biosignals BIBAFull-Text 213-216
  Yuji Takano; Kenji Suzuki
Screen time for children BIBAFull-Text 217-220
  Steven LeMay; Terry Costantino; Sheilah O'Connor; Eda ContePitcher
Power puppet: science and technology education through puppet building BIBAFull-Text 221-224
  Firaz Peer; Michael Nitsche; Lauren Schaffer
Motivating children's initiations with novelty and surprise: initial design recommendations for autism BIBAFull-Text 225-228
  Alyssa M. Alcorn; Helen Pain; Judith Good
MakeScape lite: a prototype learning environment for making and design BIBAFull-Text 229-232
  Brian A. Danielak; Adam Mechtley; Matthew Berland; Leilah Lyons; Rebecca Eydt
StampOn in a museum: helping children's scientific inquiry BIBAFull-Text 233-236
  Keita Muratsu; Ayako Ishiyama; Fusako Kusunoki; Shigenori Inagaki; Takao Terano
Children as co-researchers: more than just a role-play BIBAFull-Text 237-240
  Fenne van Doorn; Mathieu Gielen; Pieter Jan Stappers
Considering visual programming environments for documenting physical computing artifacts BIBAFull-Text 241-244
  EvaSophie Katterfeldt; Heidi Schelhowe
A study of Auti: a socially assistive robotic toy BIBAFull-Text 245-248
  Helen E. Andreae; Peter M. Andreae; Jason Low; Deidre Brown
Design with the deaf: do deaf children need their own approach when designing technology? BIBAFull-Text 249-252
  Leigh Ellen Potter; Jessica Korte; Sue Nielsen
Applying the CHECk tool to participatory design sessions with children BIBAFull-Text 253-256
  Maarten Van Mechelen; Gavin Sim; Bieke Zaman; Peggy Gregory; Karin Slegers; Matthew Horton
Low-fidelity prototyping tablet applications for children BIBAFull-Text 257-260
  Etienne Bertou; Suleman Shahid
An OWL in the classroom: development of an interactive storytelling application for preschoolers BIBAFull-Text 261-264
  Iris Soute; Henk Nijmeijer
KIKIWAKE: participatory design of language play game for children to promote creative activity-based on recognition of Japanese phonology BIBAFull-Text 265-268
  Takahiro Nakadai; Tomoki Taguchi; Ryohei Egusa; Miki Namatame; Masanori Sugimoto; Fusako Kusunoki; Etsuji Yamaguchi; Shigenori Inagaki; Yoshiaki Takeda; Hiroshi Mizoguchi
Exploring challenging group dynamics in participatory design with children BIBAFull-Text 269-272
  Maarten Van Mechelen; Mathieu Gielen; Vero vanden Abeele; Ann Laenen; Bieke Zaman

Thursday short papers

Detecting handwriting errors with visual feedback in early childhood for Chinese characters BIBAFull-Text 273-276
  Will W. W. Tang; Hong Va Leong; Grace Ngai; Stephen C. F. Chan
Adapting design probes to explore health management practices in pediatric type 1 diabetes BIBAFull-Text 277-280
  Damyanka Tsvyatkova; Cristiano Storni
Design guidelines for more engaging electronic books: insights from a cooperative inquiry study BIBAFull-Text 281-284
  Luca Colombo; Monica Landoni; Elisa Rubegni
Do interactions speak louder than words?: Dialogic Reading of an Interactive Tablet-based Ebook with Children between 16 Months and Three Years of Age BIBAFull-Text 285-288
  Hendrik Knoche; Niklas Ammitzbøll Rasmussen; Kasper Boldreel; Joachim Lykke Østergaard Olesen; Anders Etzerodt Salling Pedersen
Building an internet of school things ecosystem: a national collaborative experience BIBAFull-Text 289-292
  Chris Joyce; Han Pham; Danae Stanton Fraser; Stephen Payne; David Crellin; Sean McDougall
TangiPlan: designing an assistive technology to enhance executive functioning among children with adhd BIBAFull-Text 293-296
  Orad Weisberg; Ayelet GalOz; Ruth Berkowitz; Noa Weiss; Oran Peretz; Shlomi Azoulai; Daphne KoplemanRubin; Oren Zuckerman
ExciteTray: developing an assistive technology to promote self-feeding among young children BIBAFull-Text 297-300
  Ayelet GalOz; Orad Weisberg; Tal KerenCapelovitch; Yair Uziel; Ronit Slyper; Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss; Oren Zuckerman
Understanding and fostering children's storytelling during game narrative design BIBAFull-Text 301-304
  Laura Benton; Asimina Vasalou; Daniel Gooch; Rilla Khaled
Interactive and live performance design with children BIBAFull-Text 305-308
  Karen Rust; Elizabeth Foss; Elizabeth Bonsignore; Brenna McNally; Chelsea Hordatt; Meethu Malu; Bie Mei; Hubert Kofi Gumbs
Designing digital media for creative mathematical learning BIBAFull-Text 309-312
  Chronis Kynigos; Foteini Moustaki
Craft, click and play: crafted videogames, a new approach for physical-digital entertainment BIBAFull-Text 313-316
  Jesus Ibanez Martinez
Head mounted displays and deaf children: Facilitating Sign Language in Challenging Learning Environments BIBAFull-Text 317-320
  Michael Jones; M. Jeannette Lawler; Eric Hintz; Nathan Bench; Fred Mangrubang; Mallory Trullender
3D printed tactile picture books for children with visual impairments: a design probe BIBAFull-Text 321-324
  Abigale Stangl; Jeeeun Kim; Tom Yeh
Meta-designing interactive outdoor games for children: a case study BIBAFull-Text 325-328
  Susanne Lagerström; Iris Soute; Yves Florack; Panos Markopoulos
The effects of visual contextual structures on children's imagination in story authoring interfaces BIBAFull-Text 329-332
  Sharon Lynn Chu; Francis Quek
Towards a constructively aligned approach to teaching interaction design & children BIBAFull-Text 333-336
  Eva Eriksson; Olof Torgersson
Using digital game as clinical screening test to detect color deficiency in young children BIBAFull-Text 337-340
  LinhChi Nguyen; Weiquan Lu; Ellen YiLuen Do; Audrey Chia; Yuan Wang
SmartHolder: sensing and raising families' awareness of tooth brushing habits BIBAFull-Text 341-344
  Ana Caraban; Maria José Ferreira; Vítor Belim; Olga Lyra; Evangelos Karapanos
Action!: co-designing interactive technology with immigrant teens BIBAFull-Text 345-348
  Karen E. Fisher; Ann Peterson Bishop; Lassana Magassa; Phil Fawcett
RaBit EscAPE: a board game for computational thinking BIBAFull-Text 349-352
  Panagiotis Apostolellis; Michael Stewart; Chris Frisina; Dennis Kafura
FabCode: visual programming environment for digital fabrication BIBAFull-Text 353-356
  Harshit Agrawal; Rishika Jain; Prabhat Kumar; Pradeep Yammiyavar
Frog pond: a code-first learning environment on evolution and natural selection BIBAFull-Text 357-360
  Michael S. Horn; Corey Brady; Arthur Hjorth; Aditi Wagh; Uri Wilensky

Closing panel

How can interaction with digital creative tools support child development?: (closing panel) BIBAFull-Text 361
  Allison Druin; Paulo Blikstein; Marilyn Fleer; Janet C. Read; Bo Stjerne Thomsen; Brian David Johnson; Mitch Resnick