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ICCHP'14: International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Part 1

Fullname:ICCHP 2014: 14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Part I
Editors:Klaus Miesenberger; Deborah Fels; Dominique Archambault; Petr Peňáz; Wolfgang Zagler
Location:Paris, France
Dates:2014-Jul-09 to 2014-Jul-11
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8547
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-08596-8 hcibib: ICCHP14-1; ISBN: 978-3-319-08595-1 (print), 978-3-319-08596-8 (online)
Links:Conference Webpage | Online Proceedings | Conference Series Website
  1. ICCHP 2014-07-09 Volume 1
    1. Accessible Media
    2. Digital Content and Media Accessibility
    3. Years of the Web: Weaving Accessibility
    4. Towards e-inclusion for People with Intellectual Disabilities
    5. The Impact of PDF/UA on Accessible PDF
    6. Accessibility of Non-verbal Communication
    7. Emotions for Accessibility (E4A)
    8. Games and Entertainment Software: Accessibility and Therapy
    9. Implementation and Take-up of eAccessibility
    10. Accessibility and Usability of Mobile Platforms for People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons
    11. Portable and Mobile Platforms for People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons
    12. People with Cognitive Disabilities: AT, ICT and AAC
    13. Autism: ICT and AT
    14. Access to Mathematics, Science and Music
    15. Blind and Visually Impaired People: AT, HCI and Accessibility

ICCHP 2014-07-09 Volume 1

Accessible Media

The Case of LIA -- Libri Italiani Accessibili BIBAKFull-Text 4-7
  Cristina Mussinelli
Semi-automatic DVS Authoring Method BIBAKFull-Text 8-12
  Inseon Jang; ChungHyun Ahn; Younseon Jang
Gaps between the Expectations of People with Hearing Impairment toward Subtitles and the Current Conditions for Subtitle Creation in Japan BIBAKFull-Text 13-16
  Sawako Nakajima; Naoyuki Okochi; Kazutaka Mitobe; Tetsujiro Yamagami
Empowerment by Digital Media of People with Disabilities BIBAKFull-Text 17-24
  Christian Bühler; Bastian Pelka
Tactile Captions: Augmenting Visual Captions BIBAKFull-Text 25-32
  Raja Kushalnagar; Vignesh Ramachandran; Tae Oh
Captioning System with Function of Inserting Mathematical Formula Images BIBAFull-Text 33-40
  Yoshinori Takeuchi; Yuji Sato; Kazuki Horiike; Daisuke Wakatsuki; Hiroki Minagawa; Noboru Ohnishi
Synote Second Screening: Using Mobile Devices for Video Annotation and Control BIBAKFull-Text 41-44
  Mike Wald; Yunjia Li; George Cockshull; David Hulme; Douglas Moore; Aidan Purdy-Say; James Robinson

Digital Content and Media Accessibility

A Comparison of the Listening Speed of the Korean TTS for the Blind: Based on Their Screen Reader Experiences BIBAKFull-Text 49-52
  Heeyeon Lee; Yujin Jang; Ki-Hyung Hong
Dynamic Subtitle Authoring Method Based on Audio Analysis for the Hearing Impaired BIBAKFull-Text 53-60
  Wootaek Lim; Inseon Jang; Chunghyun Ahn
Communicating Text Structure to Blind People with Text-to-Speech BIBAKFull-Text 61-68
  Laurent Sorin; Julie Lemarié; Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles; Mustapha Mojahid; Bernard Oriola
TTS-Based DAISY Content Creation System: Implementation and Evaluation of DaisyRings™ BIBAKFull-Text 69-76
  Kosei Fume; Yuka Kuroda; Taira Ashikawa; Yoshiaki Mizuoka; Masahiro Morita
Patterns of Blind Users' Hand Movements BIBAKFull-Text 77-84
  Vassilios Argyropoulos; Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Aineias Martos; Magda Nikolaraizi; Sofia Chamonikolaou
Dialogue-Based Information Retrieval from Images BIBAKFull-Text 85-92
  Pavel Hamrík; Ivan Kopecek; Radek Ošlejšek; Jaromír Plhák

Years of the Web: Weaving Accessibility

Annotation Tool for the Smart Web Accessibility Platform BIBAKFull-Text 93-100
  Sébastien Aupetit; Vincent Rouillé
Iberoamerican Observatory of Web Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 101-108
  Carlos Benavidez; Claudia Cardoso; Jorge Fernandes; Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo; Henry Gutiérrez; Loïc Martínez-Normand
Checking Web Accessibility with the Content Accessibility Checker (CAC) BIBAKFull-Text 109-112
  Eduard Klein; Anton Bolfing; Markus Riesch
AdaptNow -- A Revamped Look for the Web: An Online Web Enhancement Tool for the Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 113-120
  Roberto Dias; Sergi Bermúdez i Badia
Accessibility of E-Commerce Websites for Vision-Impaired Persons BIBAKFull-Text 121-128
  Roopa Bose; Helmut Jürgensen
jCAPTCHA: Accessible Human Validation BIBAFull-Text 129-136
  Matthew Davidson; Karen Renaud; Shujun Li
Benefits and Challenges of Combining Automated and User Testing to Enhance e-Accessibility -- The European Internet Inclusion Initiative BIBAFull-Text 137-140
  Mikael Snaprud; Kamyar Rasta; Kim Andreasson; Annika Nietzio
Accessibility of MOOCs BIBAKFull-Text 141-144
  Marco Bohnsack; Steffen Puhl
A First Look into MOOCs Accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 145-152
  Najd A. Al-Mouh; Atheer S. Al-Khalifa; Hend S. Al-Khalifa
How to Increase Contrast Using Color Inversion BIBAKFull-Text 153-156
  Josef Köble

Towards e-inclusion for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Easy to Surf -- What Makes Websites Accessible to People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities BIBAKFull-Text 157-160
  Gabriela Antener; Anton Bolfing; Stefania Calabrese
"Easy-to-Read on the Web": State of the Art and Needed Research BIBAKFull-Text 161-168
  Klaus Miesenberger; Andrea Petz
Testing the Perceived Ease of Use in Social Media BIBAKFull-Text 169-176
  Julia George; Nils Dietzsch; Michael Bier; Hannes Zirpel; Alexander Perl; Susanne Robra-Bissantz
People with Learning Disabilities Using the iPad as a Communication Tool -- Conditions and Impact with Regard to e-inclusion BIBAKFull-Text 177-180
  Cordula Edler; Matthias Rath

The Impact of PDF/UA on Accessible PDF

Implementing PDF/UA in Microsoft Word -- How Can PDF/UA Become an Everyday Part of Document Authoring? BIBAKFull-Text 181-184
  Roberto Bianchetti; Samuel Hofer; Markus Erle
PAVE: A Web Application to Identify and Correct Accessibility Problems in PDF Documents BIBAKFull-Text 185-192
  Luchin Doblies; David Stolz; Alireza Darvishy; Hans-Peter Hutter
Correcting "Last Mile" Errors -- Quality Assurance of PDF/UA Documents without Being a Developer BIBAKFull-Text 193-196
  Roberto Bianchetti; Samuel Hofer; Markus Erle
PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC 2): The First Tool to Test PDF Documents for PDF/UA Compliance BIBAKFull-Text 197-201
  Andreas Uebelbacher; Roberto Bianchetti; Markus Riesch
A Strategic Approach to Document Accessibility: Integrating PDF/UA into Your Electronic Content BIBAKFull-Text 202-204
  Adam Spencer; Karen McCall

Accessibility of Non-verbal Communication

Multimodal Fusion and Fission within W3C Standards for Nonverbal Communication with Blind Persons BIBAFull-Text 209-213
  Dirk Schnelle-Walka; Stefan Radomski; Max Mühlhäuser
A Mind Map for Brainstorming Sessions with Blind and Sighted Persons BIBAKFull-Text 214-219
  Dirk Schnelle-Walka; Ali Alavi; Patrick Ostie; Max Mühlhäuser; Andreas Kunz
Presenting Non-verbal Communication to Blind Users in Brainstorming Sessions BIBAKFull-Text 220-225
  Stephan Pölzer; Klaus Miesenberger
Towards an Information State Update Model Approach for Nonverbal Communication BIBAFull-Text 226-230
  Dirk Schnelle-Walka; Stefan Radomski; Stephan Radeck-Arneth; Max Mühlhäuser
Virtual Braille-Keyboard in Co-located Meetings BIBAKFull-Text 231-236
  Emre Zaim; Markus Gruber; Gottfried Gaisbauer; Peter Heumader; Stephan Pölzer; Klaus Miesenberger
Accessibility of Brainstorming Sessions for Blind People BIBAKFull-Text 237-244
  Andreas Kunz; Klaus Miesenberger; Max Mühlhäuser; Ali Alavi; Stephan Pölzer; Daniel Pöll; Peter Heumader; Dirk Schnelle-Walka

Emotions for Accessibility (E4A)

Detection and Utilization of Emotional State for Disabled Users BIBAKFull-Text 248-255
  Yehya Mohamad; Dirk T. Hettich; Elaina Bolinger; Niels Birbaumer; Wolfgang Rosenstiel; Martin Bogdan; Tamara Matuz
Influence of Emotions on Web Usability for Users with Motor Disorders BIBAKFull-Text 256-259
  José Laparra-Hernández; Juan-Manuel Belda-Lois; Álvaro Page; Alberto Ferreras Remesal
User Participation in the Design of an Alternative Communication System for Children with Diskinetic Cerebral Palsy Including Emotion Management BIBAFull-Text 260-263
  Juan-Manuel Belda-Lois; Amparo López-Vicente; José Laparra-Herrero; Rakel Poveda-Puente; Alberto Ferreras-Remesal

Games and Entertainment Software: Accessibility and Therapy

Digital Video Games for Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment BIBAKFull-Text 264-271
  Arlene Astell; Norman Alm; Richard Dye; Gary Gowans; Philip Vaughan; Maggie Ellis
"Gardener" Serious Game for Stroke Patients BIBAKFull-Text 272-275
  Ágnes Nyéki; Veronika Szucs; Péter Csuti; Ferenc Szabó; Cecilia Sik Lanyi
Towards an Interactive Leisure Activity for People with PIMD BIBAKFull-Text 276-282
  Robby van Delden; Dennis Reidsma; Wietske van Oorsouw; Ronald Poppe; Peter van der Vos; Andries Lohmeijer; Petri Embregts; Vanessa Evers; Dirk Heylen
Blind Bowling Support System Which Detects a Number of Remaining Pins and a Ball Trajectory BIBAKFull-Text 283-288
  Makoto Kobayashi
Interacting Game and Haptic System Based on Point-Based Approach for Assisting Patients after Stroke BIBAKFull-Text 289-296
  Mario Covarrubias; Alessandro Mansutti; Monica Bordegoni; Umberto Cugini
Exploring the Usage of 3D Virtual Worlds and Kinect Interaction in Exergames with Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 297-300
  Hugo Paredes; Fernando Cassola; Leonel Morgado; Fausto de Carvalho; Silvia Ala; Francisco Cardoso; Benjamim Fonseca; Paulo Martins
Games for Wireless Cubes in Cognitive Enhancement Therapy BIBAKFull-Text 301-308
  Krzysztof Dobosz; Magdalena Dobosz; Tomasz Depta; Tomasz Fiolka; Marcin Wojaczek
Mobile Gamebook for Visually Impaired People BIBAKFull-Text 309-312
  Krzysztof Dobosz; Jakub Ptak; Marcin Wojaczek; Tomasz Depta; Tomasz Fiolka

Implementation and Take-up of eAccessibility

Accessibility and Inclusion Requirements for Future e-Identity Solutions BIBAKFull-Text 316-323
  Trenton Schulz; Lothar Fritsch
Roadmap to eAccessibility BIBAKFull-Text 324-331
  Andrea Petz; Klaus Miesenberger
Web Accessibility for Older Readers: Effects of Font Type and Font Size on Skim Reading Webpages in Thai BIBAKFull-Text 332-339
  Sorachai Kamollimsakul; Helen Petrie; Christopher Power
Self-Service Terminals for Older and Disabled Users: Attitudes of Key Stakeholders BIBAKFull-Text 340-347
  Helen Petrie; Jenny S. Darzentas; Christopher Power
Speaking the Language of Web Developers: Evaluation of a Web Accessibility Information Resource (WebAIR) BIBAKFull-Text 348-355
  David Swallow; Christopher Power; Helen Petrie; Anna Bramwell-Dicks; Lucy Buykx; Carlos A. Velasco; Aidan Parr; Joshue O Connor

Accessibility and Usability of Mobile Platforms for People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons

A Multimodal Tablet-Based Application for the Visually Impaired for Detecting and Recognizing Objects in a Home Environment BIBAKFull-Text 356-359
  Rabia Jafri; Syed Abid Ali
Usage Situation Changes of Touchscreen Computers in Japanese Visually Impaired People: Questionnaire Surveys in 2011-2013 BIBAKFull-Text 360-368
  Takahiro Miura; Masatsugu Sakajiri; Haruo Matsuzaka; Murtada Eljailani; Kazuki Kudo; Naoya Kitamura; Junji Onishi; Tsukasa Ono
Accessible Single Button Characteristics of Touchscreen Interfaces under Screen Readers in People with Visual Impairments BIBAKFull-Text 369-376
  Takahiro Miura; Masatsugu Sakajiri; Murtada Eljailani; Haruo Matsuzaka; Junji Onishi; Tsukasa Ono
Tablet-Based Braille Entry via a Framework Promoting Custom Finger Spacing BIBAKFull-Text 377-382
  Stephanie Ludi; Michael Timbrook; Piper Chester
Nonvisual Presentation, Navigation and Manipulation of Structured Documents on Mobile and Wearable Devices BIBAKFull-Text 383-390
  Martin Lukas Dorigo; Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer; Ingo Stengel; Paul Dowland
Never too Old to Use a Tablet: Designing Tablet Applications for the Cognitively and Physically Impaired Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 391-398
  Luuk Muskens; Rico van Lent; Alexander Vijfvinkel; Paul van Cann; Suleman Shahid
Tablets in the Rehabilitation of Memory Impairment BIBAKFull-Text 399-402
  Krzysztof Dobosz; Magdalena Dobosz; Tomasz Fiolka; Marcin Wojaczek; Tomasz Depta

Portable and Mobile Platforms for People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons

Transit Information Access for Persons with Visual or Cognitive Impairments BIBAFull-Text 403-410
  German Flores; Benjamin Cizdziel; Roberto Manduchi; Katia Obraczka; Julie Do; Tyler Esser; Sri Kurniawan
Indoor Navigation System for the Visually Impaired Using One Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Barometer to Guide in the Subway Stations and Commercial Centers BIBAKFull-Text 411-418
  Jesus Zegarra Flores; René Farcy
Communication System for Persons with Cerebral Palsy BIBAKFull-Text 419-426
  Yohan Guerrier; Janick Naveteur; Christophe Kolski; Franck Poirier
Determining a Blind Pedestrian's Location and Orientation at Traffic Intersections BIBAKFull-Text 427-432
  Giovanni Fusco; Huiying Shen; Vidya Murali; James M. Coughlan
The Design and Evaluation of the Body Water Management System to Support the Independent Living of the Older Adult BIBAKFull-Text 433-436
  Airi Tsuji; Naoki Yabuno; Noriaki Kuwahara; Kazunari Morimoto
An Investigation into Incorporating Visual Information in Audio Processing BIBAFull-Text 437-440
  Ender Tekin; James M. Coughlan; Helen J. Simon
Indoor Positioning for Visually Impaired People Based on Smartphones BIBAKFull-Text 441-444
  Thomas Moder; Petra Hafner; Manfred Wieser

People with Cognitive Disabilities: AT, ICT and AAC

Extended Scaffolding by Remote Collaborative Interaction to Support People with Dementia in Independent Living -- A User Study BIBAFull-Text 445-450
  Henrike Gappa; Gabriele Nordbrock; Manuela Thelen; Jaroslav Pullmann; Yehya Mohamad; Carlos A. Velasco
Effective Application of PALRO: A Humanoid Type Robot for People with Dementia BIBAKFull-Text 451-454
  Kaoru Inoue; Naomi Sakuma; Maiko Okada; Chihiro Sasaki; Mio Nakamura; Kazuyoshi Wada
The Feasibility and Efficacy of Technology-Based Support Groups among Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia BIBAKFull-Text 455-458
  Sara J. Czaja; Richard Schulz; Dolores Perdomo; Sankaran N. Nair
Making Music Meaningful with Adaptive Immediate Feedback Drill for Teaching Children with Cognitive Impairment: A Dual Coding Strategy to Aural Skills BIBAKFull-Text 459-462
  Yu Ting Huang; Chi Nung Chu
Evaluating New Interaction Paradigms in SEN Teaching: Defining the Experiment BIBAKFull-Text 463-470
  Paloma Cantón; José L. Fuertes; Ángel L. González; Loïc Martínez
How to Make Online Social Networks Accessible for Users with Intellectual Disability? BIBAKFull-Text 471-477
  Carmit-Noa Shpigelman; Carol J. Gill

Autism: ICT and AT

Improving Social and Communication Skills of Adult Arabs with ASD through the Use of Social Media Technologies BIBAKFull-Text 478-485
  Alaa Mashat; Mike Wald; Sarah Parsons
The Role of User Emotional Attachment in Driving the Engagement of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Using a Smartphone App Designed to Develop Social and Life Skill Functioning BIBAKFull-Text 486-493
  Joseph Mintz
Gamification for Low-Literates: Findings on Motivation, User Experience, and Study Design BIBAKFull-Text 494-501
  Dylan Schouten; Isabel Pfab; Anita Cremers; Betsy van Dijk; Mark Neerincx
Designing Tangible and Multitouch Games for Autistic Children BIBAKFull-Text 502-505
  Weiqin Chen
You Talk! -- YOU vs AUTISM BIBAKFull-Text 506-512
  Alessandro Signore; Panagiota Balasi; Tangming Yuan
A Game-Based Intervention for Improving the Communication Skills of Autistic Children in Pakistan BIBAKFull-Text 513-516
  Muneeb Imtiaz Ahmad; Suleman Shahid; Johannes S. Maganheim

Access to Mathematics, Science and Music

Intelligent Tutoring Math Platform Accessible for Visually Impaired People BIBAKFull-Text 519-524
  Piotr Brzoza; Michal Mackowski
Gesture-Based Browsing of Mathematics BIBAKFull-Text 525-532
  Shereen El Bedewy; Klaus Miesenberger; Bernhard Stöger
Towards the 8-Dot Nemeth Braille Code BIBAKFull-Text 533-536
  Aineias Martos; Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Vassilis Argyropoulos; Despina Deligiorgi
AudioFunctions: Eyes-Free Exploration of Mathematical Functions on Tablets BIBAFull-Text 537-544
  Marzia Taibbi; Cristian Bernareggi; Andrea Gerino; Dragan Ahmetovic; Sergio Mascetti
Markdown -- A Simple Syntax for Transcription of Accessible Study Materials BIBAKFull-Text 545-548
  Jens Voegler; Jens Bornschein; Gerhard Weber
Making Graph Theory Algorithms Accessible to Blind Students BIBAFull-Text 549-556
  Lukáš Másilko; Jirí Pecl
Braille Capability in Accessible e-Textbooks for Math and Science BIBAKFull-Text 557-563
  Katsuhito Yamaguchi; Masakazu Suzuki; Toshihiro Kanahori
MathMelodies: Inclusive Design of a Didactic Game to Practice Mathematics BIBAFull-Text 564-571
  Andrea Gerino; Nicolò Alabastro; Cristian Bernareggi; Dragan Ahmetovic; Sergio Mascetti
An Interactive Workspace for Helping the Visually Impaired Learn Linear Algebra BIBAKFull-Text 572-579
  Bassam Almasri; Islam Elkabani; Rached Zantout
The LEAN Math Accessible MathML Editor BIBAKFull-Text 580-587
  John A. Gardner
SVGPlott -- Generating Adaptive and Accessible Audio-Tactile Function Graphs BIBAKFull-Text 588-595
  Jens Bornschein; Denise Prescher; Gerhard Weber
Free Tools to Help Blind People with Musical Learning BIBAFull-Text 596-601
  Nadine Jessel
The Development of a Music Presentation System by Two Vibrators BIBAKFull-Text 602-605
  Nobuyuki Sasaki; Satoshi Ohtsuka; Kazuyoshi Ishii; Tetsumi Harakawa
Multimodal Interface for Working with Algebra: Interaction between the Sighted and the Non Sighted BIBAKFull-Text 606-613
  Silvia Fajardo Flores; Dominique Archambault
Performance Metrics and Their Extraction Methods for Audio Rendered Mathematics BIBAKFull-Text 614-621
  Hernisa Kacorri; Paraskevi Riga; Georgios Kouroupetroglou

Blind and Visually Impaired People: AT, HCI and Accessibility

Developing Tactile Graphic Output Functions Necessitated in the Performance of Research Using Statistical Methods by Blind Persons BIBAKFull-Text 622-629
  Kazunori Minatani
The Study of a New Actuator for a Two-Point Body-Braille System BIBAKFull-Text 630-633
  Nobuyuki Sasaki; Kazuya Nakajima; Satoshi Ohtsuka; Kazuyoshi Ishii; Tetsumi Harakawa
Design Guidelines of Tools for Facilitating Blind People to Independently Format Their Documents BIBAKFull-Text 634-641
  Lourdes M. Morales; Sonia M. Arteaga; Peter Cottrell; Sri Kurniawan
Contribution to the Automation of the Tactile Images Transcription Process BIBAKFull-Text 642-649
  Yong Chen; Zehira Haddad; Jaime Lopez Krahe
Dots and Letters: Accessible Braille-Based Text Input for Visually Impaired People on Mobile Touchscreen Devices BIBAKFull-Text 650-657
  Elke Mattheiss; Georg Regal; Johann Schrammel; Markus Garschall; Manfred Tscheligi
Real-Time Text Tracking for Text-to-Speech Translation Camera for the Blind BIBAKFull-Text 658-661
  Hideaki Goto; Takuma Hoda
Towards Displaying Graphics on a Cheap, Large-Scale Braille Display BIBAKFull-Text 662-669
  Elisabeth Wilhelm; Thorsten Schwarz; Gerhard Jaworek; Achim Voigt; Bastian E. Rapp