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ICCHP'06: International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

Fullname:ICCHP'06: Computers Helping People with Special Needs: 10th International Conference
Editors:Klaus Miesenberger; Joachim Klaus; Wolfgang L. Zagler; Arthur I. Karshmer
Location:Linz, Austria
Dates:2006-Jul-11 to 2006-Jul-13
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4061
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/11788713; ISBN: 978-3-540-36020-9 (print), 978-3-540-36021-6 (online); hcibib: ICCHP006
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
  1. People with Disabilities: Accessible Content Processing
  2. People with Disabilities: Web Accessibility
  3. People with Disabilities: Automatic and Manual Evaluation of Websites
  4. People with Disabilities: Quality of Web Accessibility
  5. People with Disabilities: Accessible Tourism
  6. People with Disabilities: Materials for Teaching Accessibility and Design for All
  7. People with Disabilities: Entertainment Software Accessibility
  8. People with Disabilities: Human Computer Interface
  9. People with Disabilities: Assistive Homes and Environments
  10. People with Disabilities: Service Delivery
  11. People with Disabilities: Education and Training
  12. Deaf and Hard of Hearing People: Electronic Communication Aids
  13. People with Cognitive Problems and the Aging Population
  14. People with Specific Learning Difficulties
  15. People Using Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  16. People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Human Computer Interaction, Rehabilitation
  17. People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Innovative Interfaces to Wheelchairs
  18. Blind and Visually Impaired People: Human Computer Interface
  19. Blind and Visually Impaired People: Access to Information and Communication
  20. Blind People: Access to Graphics
  21. Blind People: Access to Mathematics
  22. Blind and Visually Impaired People: Mobility and Orientation
  23. Blind and Visually Impaired People: Education and Training

People with Disabilities: Accessible Content Processing

People with Disabilities: Accessible Content Processing BIBAFull-Text 1-5
  David Crombie
HODDER -- A Fully Automatic Braille Note Production System BIBAFull-Text 6-11
  Matthias Leopold
Maps Sonification System Using Digitiser for Visually Impaired Children BIBAFull-Text 12-15
  Gintautas Daunys; Vidas Lauruska
Document Processing for Accessibility: Standards and Initiatives BIBAFull-Text 16-23
  George Ioannidis; David Crombie; Francisco Martínez Calvo; Konstantina N. Geramani
Expressing Emotions Using Animated Text Captions BIBAFull-Text 24-31
  Raisa Rashid; Jonathan Aitken; Deborah I. Fels
Schulbuch Barrierefrei (Accessible School Books) -- Co-operation Between Publishers and Service Providers in Austria BIBAFull-Text 32-39
  Klaus Miesenberger; Reinhard Ruemer
Modelling Accessibility Constraints BIBAFull-Text 40-47
  Terje Gjøsæter; Jan Pettersen Nytun; Andreas Prinz; Mikael Snaprud; et al
Scientific PDF Document Reader with Simple Interface for Visually Impaired People BIBAFull-Text 48-52
  Toshihiro Kanahori; Masakazu Suzuki
English "Oblique" Listening System -- Rapid Listening System for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Its Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 53-60
  Shinichi Torihara; Miyoko Nakamura; Nami Ueda; Takuya Wada; Shun Ishizaki
Creating Pictures by Dialogue BIBAFull-Text 61-68
  Ivan Kopecek; Radek Ošlejšek
Automatic Annotation of Geographic Maps BIBAFull-Text 69-76
  Mirko Horstmann; Wilko Heuten; Andrea Miene; Susanne Boll
Towards the Use of Ontologies for Improving User Interaction for People with Special Needs BIBAFull-Text 77-84
  Shuaib Karim; A. Min Tjoa
A Model for Accessible Information Networks -- Findings of the EUAIN Project BIBAFull-Text 85-91
  Benoît Guillon; Catherine Desbuquois; Dominique Burger
Making the Past a Thing of the Future: Automated Workflow for the Conversion of Printed Items into Fully Structured Digital Objects Based on Common Open Metadata Standards BIBAFull-Text 92-95
  Claus Gravenhorst
Accessible Navigation of Rich Media: Exposing Structure, Content and Controls in the Mobile User Interface BIBAFull-Text 96-99
  Markku T. Häkkinen
The Essential Role of Libraries Serving Persons Who Are Blind and Print Disabled in the Information Age BIBAFull-Text 100-105
  George Kerscher

People with Disabilities: Web Accessibility

Browsing Web Based Documents Through an Alternative Tree Interface: The WebTree Browser BIBAFull-Text 106-113
  Esmond Walshe; Barry McMullin
Web Pages for Blind People -- Generating Web-Based Presentations by Means of Dialogue BIBAFull-Text 114-119
  Ludek Bártek; Ivan Kopecek
Architecture for Personal Web Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 120-127
  Myriam Arrue; Markel Vigo; Julio Abascal
Dynamically Generated Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for Barrier-Free Web-Applications BIBAKFull-Text 128-135
  Kerstin Altmanninger; Wolfram Wöß
Designing a Web Page Considering the Interaction Characteristics of the Hard-of-Hearing BIBAFull-Text 136-143
  Miki Namatame; Tomoyuki Nishioka; Muneo Kitajima
Accessible Websites for People with Dementia: A Preliminary Investigation into Information Architecture BIBAFull-Text 144-151
  Nada Savitch; Panayiotis Zaphiris

People with Disabilities: Automatic and Manual Evaluation of Websites

People with Disabilities: Automatic and Manual Evaluation of Web Sites BIBAFull-Text 152-155
  Helen Petrie; Gerhard Weber
Web Accessibility Testing: When the Method Is the Culprit BIBAFull-Text 156-163
  Giorgio Brajnik
Test Case Description Language (TCDL): Test Case Metadata for Conformance Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 164-171
  Christophe Strobbe; Sandor Herramhof; Evangelos Vlachogiannis; Carlos A. Velasco
The BenToWeb XHTML 1.0 Test Suite for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 BIBAFull-Text 172-175
  Christophe Strobbe; Sandor Herramhof; Evangelos Vlachogiannis; Johannes Koch; et al
An Environment for Defining and Handling Guidelines for the Web BIBAFull-Text 176-183
  Barbara Leporini; Fabio Paternò; Antonio Scorcia
Interpreting Results from Large Scale Automatic Evaluation of Web Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 184-191
  Christian Bühler; Helmut Heck; Olaf Perlick; Annika Nietzio; Nils Ulltveit-Moe
Managing and Monitoring Web Site Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 192-198
  Shadi Abou-Zahra
Semi-automatic Evaluation of Web Accessibility with HERA 2.0 BIBAFull-Text 199-206
  Carlos Benavídez; José L. Fuertes; Emmanuelle Gutiérrez; Loïc Martínez
Automatic Control of Simple Language in Web Pages BIBAFull-Text 207-214
  Constantin Jenge; Sven Hartrumpf; Hermann Helbig; Rainer Osswald
Test Case Management Tools for Accessibility Testing BIBAFull-Text 215-222
  Sandor Herramhof; Helen Petrie; Christophe Strobbe; Evangelos Vlachogiannis; et al
Testing Web Navigation for All: An Agent-Based Approach BIBAFull-Text 223-229
  Martin González; Marcos González; Cristóbal Rivera; Ignacio Pintado; Agueda Vidau
University of Illinois Tools and Techniques for Functional Web Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 230-233
  Hadi Bargi Rangin
A Proposed Architecture for Large Scale Web Accessibility Assessment BIBAKFull-Text 234-241
  Mikael Holmesland Snaprud; Nils Ulltveit-Moe; Anand Balachandran Pillai; et al

People with Disabilities: Quality of Web Accessibility

People with Disabilities: Quality of Web Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 242-244
  Dominique Burger
Towards Web Accessibility Certification: The Findings of the Support-EAM Project BIBAKFull-Text 245-252
  Dominique Burger; Pierre Guillou
Raising the Expertise of Web Designers Through Training -- The Experience of BFWD -- Accessible Web Design (Barrierefreies Webdesign) in Austria BIBAFull-Text 253-257
  Klaus Miesenberger; Daniela Ortner
The Role of Benchmarking in Concerted Actions to Increase Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 258-262
  Finn Aslaksen; Frank Fardal; Mikael Snaprud
A Ubiquitous Social Community Portal Service for Social Networking with Convenient Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 263-270
  Yung Bok Kim
Web Accessibility Conformity Assessment -- Implementation Alternatives for a Quality Mark in Austria BIBAFull-Text 271-278
  Marie-Luise Leitner; Klaus Miesenberger; Daniela Ortner; Christine Strauss
Accessible Interfaces to Empower the User BIBAFull-Text 279-286
  Mari Luz Guenaga; Javier Oliver; Ander Barbier
A GOMS Model for Keyboard Navigation in Web Pages and Web Applications BIBAFull-Text 287-294
  Martin Schrepp; Patrick Fischer

People with Disabilities: Accessible Tourism

People with Disabilities: Accessible Tourism Introduction to the Special Thematic Session BIBAFull-Text 295-297
  Franz Pühretmair
Accessibility Add-on Box Enabling Barrier-Free Tourism Information Systems (TIS) BIBAKFull-Text 298-305
  Michael Winkler; Wolfram Wöß
Development of a Mobile Tourist Information System for People with Functional Limitations: User Behaviour Concept and Specification of Content Requirements BIBAFull-Text 306-313
  Sascha M. Sommer; Marion Wiethoff; Sari Valjakka; Dionisis Kehagias; Dimitrios Tzovaras
Objective Accessibility Assessment of Public Infrastructures BIBAFull-Text 314-321
  Christophe Ponsard; Vincent Snoeck
BAIM -- Information for People with Reduced Mobility in the Field of Public Transport BIBAFull-Text 322-328
  Christian Bühler; Helmut Heck; Dirk Sischka; Josef Becker
Accessible Information Space to Promote Accessible Tourism BIBAFull-Text 329-336
  Franz Pühretmair; Klaus Miesenberger

People with Disabilities: Materials for Teaching Accessibility and Design for All

People with Disabilities: Materials for Teaching Accessibility and Design for All BIBAFull-Text 337-340
  Gerhard Weber; Julio Abascal
Teaching Web Accessibility with "Contramano" and Hera BIBAFull-Text 341-348
  Carlos Benavídez; José L. Fuertes; Emmanuelle Gutiérrez; Loïc Martínez
Introducing Media Managers to Usability and Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 349-352
  Christoph Haffner; Gerhard Weber
Evaluating the Length of Virtual Horizontal Bar Chart Columns Augmented with Wrench and Sound Feedback BIBAFull-Text 353-360
  Tatiana G. Evreinova; Grigori Evreinov; Roope Raisamo
"Assistec" -- A University Course on Assistive Technologies BIBAFull-Text 361-368
  Kerstin Matausch; Barbara Hengstberger; Klaus Miesenberger

People with Disabilities: Entertainment Software Accessibility

People with Disabilities: Entertainment Software Accessibility BIBAFull-Text 369-371
  Dominique Archambault
Semi Automatic Generator of Tactile Video Games for Visually Impaired Children BIBAFull-Text 372-379
  Alexis Sepchat; Nicolas Monmarché; Mohamed Slimane; Dominique Archambault
Making the Mainstream Accessible: What's in a Game? BIBAFull-Text 380-387
  Matthew T. Atkinson; Sabahattin Gucukoglu; Colin H. C. Machin; Adrian E. Lawrence
Access Invaders: Developing a Universally Accessible Action Game BIBAFull-Text 388-395
  Dimitris Grammenos; Anthony Savidis; Yannis Georgalis; Constantine Stephanidis
Internet and Accessible Entertainment BIBAFull-Text 396-402
  Morten Tollefsen; Are Flyen
Guidelines for the Development of Accessible Computer Games BIBAFull-Text 403-406
  Roland Ossmann; Klaus Miesenberger

People with Disabilities: Human Computer Interface

A Classification, Based on ICF, for Modelling Human Computer Interaction BIBAFull-Text 407-414
  M. Billi; L. Burzagli; P. L. Emiliani; F. Gabbanini; P. Graziani
Evaluation of Reaction Forces During Human Computer Interaction for Optimization and Development -- A Pilot Research BIBAFull-Text 415-420
  Stefan Mina; Lisa Ehrenstrasser; Robert Lurf; Barbara Prazak
A User-Orientation Evaluation Framework: Assessing Accessibility Throughout the User Experience Lifecycle BIBAFull-Text 421-428
  Alexandros Mourouzis; Margherita Antona; Evagelos Boutsakis; Constantine Stephanidis
Basic Research of Input Support Device by Using Sympathetic Skin Response BIBAFull-Text 429-436
  Chikamune Wada; Fumihiko Masuda
Unskilled Finger Key Pressing and Brain Coherence BIBAFull-Text 437-441
  Ling-Fu Meng; Chiu-Ping Lu; Ching-Horng Chen
Customizing User Interfaces with Input Profiles BIBAFull-Text 442-449
  Mario Mühlehner
Computerized Assessment Approach for Evaluating Computer Interaction Performance BIBAFull-Text 450-456
  Ming-Chung Chen; Chi-Nung Chu; Ting-Fang Wu; Chih-Ching Yeh

People with Disabilities: Assistive Homes and Environments

People with Disabilities: Assistive Homes and Environments BIBAFull-Text 457-460
  Gerhard Nussbaum
Prototyping and Evaluation of New Remote Controls for People with Visual Impairment BIBAFull-Text 461-468
  Michiaki Yasumura; Ryo Yoshida; Megumi Yoshida
Constructing Adaptive User Interface Through Semantic Descriptions BIBAFull-Text 469-472
  Hyun Namgoong; Kyung-il Kim; Yun Koo Chung
A Proposal for a Home-Based Health Monitoring System for the Elderly or Disabled BIBAFull-Text 473-479
  HyungJun Kim; Bart Jarochowski; DaeHyun Ryu
Helping People with ICT Device Control by Eye Gaze BIBAFull-Text 480-487
  Fangmin Shi; Alastair Gale; Kevin Purdy
IRCS -- Infra Red Code System: Access to Infra Red Codes for Ambient and Assisted Living BIBAFull-Text 488-491
  Klaus Miesenberger; Gerhard Nussbaum; Martin Bartsch; Thomas Mayrhofer; et al
The DAT Project: A Smart Home Environment for People with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 492-499
  Renzo Andrich; Valerio Gower; Antonio Caracciolo; Giovanni Del Zanna; Marco Di Rienzo
Selection by Visualization of Topological Layouts for Adapted Living Area Design BIBAFull-Text 500-507
  Arnaud Puret; Sébastien Aupetit; Pierre Gaucher; Nicolas Monmarché; Mohamed Slimane
Wireless Communicator for Patients in Intensive Care BIBAFull-Text 508-515
  Cecília Sik Lányi; Viktor Magyar

People with Disabilities: Service Delivery

The Development and Application of the Assistive Devices Application System for Clients with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 516-523
  Tzyh-Chyang Chang; Jiann-Der Lee; Shwu-Jiuan Wu; Juei-Fen Huang
EASTIN: A Trans-national Information Network on Assistive Technologies BIBAFull-Text 524-531
  Renzo Andrich; Roberto Da Dalt; Renzo Giust; Andrea Agnoletto
Participation in Development of Computers Helping People BIBAFull-Text 532-535
  Lars Bruhn; Jürgen Homann; Gerlinde Renzelberg
Developing Pedagogical Multimedia Resources Targeting Children with Special Educational Needs BIBAFull-Text 536-543
  Paloma Cantón; Ángel Lucas González; Gonzalo Mariscal; Carlos Ruiz

People with Disabilities: Education and Training

Accessibility Issues in Two Specifications for E-Learning Tests: IMS QTI 1.2 and IMS QTI 2.0 BIBAFull-Text 544-551
  Christophe Strobbe
Informatics Teachers and Their Competences in Inclusive Education BIBAFull-Text 552-559
  L'udmila Jašková
ECDL bf: Equal Opportunities Through Equal Access to an ECDL E-Learning Solution BIBAFull-Text 560-567
  Andrea Petz; Klaus Miesenberger
Searching Knowledge CinemaSense as a Case Study in Collaborative Production of a WWW Service in Two Universities BIBAFull-Text 568-574
  Antti Raike

Deaf and Hard of Hearing People: Electronic Communication Aids

Deaf and Hard of Hearing People: Electronic Communication Aids BIBAFull-Text 575-578
  Hans-Heinrich Bothe
User Evaluation of the SYNFACE Talking Head Telephone BIBAFull-Text 579-586
  Eva Agelfors; Jonas Beskow; Inger Karlsson; Jo Kewley; Giampiero Salvi; Neil Thomas
Towards a Service Integration Portal for Deaf People BIBAFull-Text 587-594
  Christophe Ponsard; Christiane Broekman; Cécile Lamy; Martine Fraiture
A Proposal of the Universal Sign Code BIBAFull-Text 595-598
  Kazuyuki Kanda; Tsutomu Kimura; Daisuke Hara
Bilingual Sign Language Dictionary BIBAFull-Text 599-606
  José L. Fuertes; Ángel L. González; Gonzalo Mariscal; Carlos Ruiz
Improvements and Evaluations in Sign Animation Used as Instructions for Stomach X-Ray Examination BIBAKFull-Text 607-614
  Kazunari Morimoto; Takao Kurokawa; Syouhei Kawamura
Speech Technologies in a Computer-Aided Speech Therapy System BIBAFull-Text 615-622
  András Kocsor; Dénes Paczolay
Automatic Synthesis of Training Data for Sign Language Recognition Using HMM BIBAFull-Text 623-626
  Kana Kawahigashi; Yoshiaki Shirai; Jun Miura; Nobutaka Shimada
Communication Supporting System in a Classroom Environment for the Hearing Impaired BIBAFull-Text 627-634
  Yoshinori Takeuchi; Yudai Sakashita; Daisuke Wakatsuki; Hiroki Minagawa; Noboru Ohnishi
Efficient Generation of Large Amounts of Training Data for Sign Language Recognition: A Semi-automatic Tool BIBAFull-Text 635-642
  Ruiduo Yang; Sudeep Sarkar; Barbara Loeding; Arthur Karshmer
Composition Corrector -- A Computer-Based Tool to Support Professional Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Writers BIBAFull-Text 643-650
  Martha Birnbaum; Corine Bickley; Brianne Burger
VoxAid 2006: Telephone Communication for Hearing and/or Vocally Impaired People BIBAFull-Text 651-658
  Bálint Tóth; Géza Németh
Evaluation of Effect of Delay on Sign Video Communication BIBAFull-Text 659-666
  Kaoru Nakazono; Yuji Nagashima; Mina Terauchi
Japanese JSL Translation and Searching Display Conditions for Expressing Easy-to-Understand Sign Animation BIBAFull-Text 667-674
  Sumihiro Kawano; Chie Izumi; Takao Kurokawa; Kazunari Morimoto
Design and Development of Several Mobile Communication Systems for People with Hearing Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 675-682
  Jose L. Martín; Sira E. Palazuelos; Jerónimo Arenas; Javier Macías; Santiago Aguilera
Captioning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People by Editing Automatic Speech Recognition in Real Time BIBAFull-Text 683-690
  Mike Wald
Improving Baby Caring with Automatic Infant Cry Recognition BIBAFull-Text 691-698
  Sandra E. Barajas-Montiel; Carlos A. Reyes-García; Emilio Arch-Tirado; Mario Mandujano

People with Cognitive Problems and the Aging Population

People with Cognitive Problems and the Aging Population BIBAFull-Text 699-700
  Erwin Fugger; Martin Morandell; Barbara Prazak
A Semi-autonomous Wheelchair Towards User-Centered Design BIBAFull-Text 701-708
  Sven Rönnbäck; Jouni Piekkari; Kalevi Hyyppä; Tomas Berglund; Simo Koskinen
Computer Control by Tracking Head Movements for the Disabled BIBAFull-Text 709-715
  HyungJun Kim; DaeHyun Ryu
Healthcare Service with Ubiquitous Sensor Networks for the Disabled and Elderly People BIBAFull-Text 716-723
  Yung Bok Kim; Daeyoung Kim
Guiding Support for 'Way-Finding' in Unknown Buildings: Design and Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 724-731
  José M. Falcó; Roberto Casas; Álvaro Marco; Jorge L. Falcó
Mobile Computing in Medicine: Designing Mobile Questionnaires for Elderly and Partially Sighted People BIBAKFull-Text 732-739
  Andreas Holzinger; Peter Sammer; Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof
NeurOSS -- Open Source Software for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation BIBAFull-Text 740-743
  Jyrki Rissanen
DALMA -- Location Aware Alarm System for People with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 744-751
  Roberto Casas; Álvaro Marco; Jorge L. Falcó; Héctor Gracia; José I. Artigas
Usage of IT and Electronic Devices, and Its Structure, for Community-Dwelling Elderly BIBAFull-Text 752-758
  Madoka Ogawa; Hiroki Inagaki; Yasuyuki Gondo
A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study of the Efficacy of Cognitive Intervention on Elderly People and on Patient's with Alzheimer's Disease BIBAFull-Text 759-765
  J. J. Yanguas; C. Buiza; I. Etxeberria; N. Galdona; M. F. González; E. Urdaneta
Compensatory Use of Computers by Disabled Older Adults BIBAFull-Text 766-769
  Boaz Kahana; Eva Kahana; Loren Lovegreen; Gul Seçkin
Computer Aids Clients with Psychiatric Disabilities in Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs BIBAFull-Text 770-776
  Tzyh-Chyang Chang; Jiann-Der Lee; Shwu-Jiuan Wu; Ming-Jen Yang; Chun-Hua Shih; et al
Ethically Aware Design of a Location System for People with Dementia BIBAFull-Text 777-784
  Roberto Casas; Álvaro Marco; Jorge L. Falcó; José I. Artigas; Julio Abascal

People with Specific Learning Difficulties

TouchStory: Towards an Interactive Learning Environment for Helping Children with Autism to Understand Narrative BIBAFull-Text 785-792
  Megan Davis; Kerstin Dautenhahn; Chrystopher Nehaniv; Stuart D. Powell
Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for Dyslexic Students BIBAFull-Text 793-800
  Cara Nicole Greene
A New Audio Testing System for the Newly Blind and the Learning Disabled to Take the National Center Test for University Admissions BIBAFull-Text 801-808
  Mamoru Fujiyoshi; Akio Fujiyoshi
Embodied Agents in Language Learning for Children with Language Challenges BIBAFull-Text 809-816
  Dominic W. Massaro
Web Design for Dyslexics: Accessibility of Arabic Content BIBAFull-Text 817-822
  Areej Al-Wabil; Panayiotis Zaphiris; Stephanie Wilson
Flexibility in Virtual Environments -- A Fully Adjustable Virtual Classroom BIBAFull-Text 823-830
  Zoltán Geiszt; Cecília Sik-Lányi; Péter Károlyi
Temporal Orientation Panel for Special Education BIBAFull-Text 831-838
  Jorge L. Falcó; Carmen Muro; Inmaculada Plaza; Armando Roy
Developing a TriAccess Reading Environment BIBAFull-Text 839-846
  Chien-Chuan Cko; Ming-Chung Chen; Li-Yuan Chen; Jun-Nan Guo; Ji-Fu Liu; An-Jun Luo
A Platform for Creating Adaptive Communicators BIBAFull-Text 847-854
  María Dolores Paredes Garrido; Oscar Pino Morillas; María José Rodríguez Fórtiz; et al
Do Text-to-Speech Synthesisers Pronounce Correctly? A Preliminary Study BIBAFull-Text 855-862
  D. G. Evans; E. A. Draffan; A. James; P. Blenkhorn

People Using Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Investigation on Effect of Prosody in Finger Braille BIBAFull-Text 863-869
  Manabi Miyagi; Masafumi Nishida; Yasuo Horiuchi; Akira Ichikawa
Internet Chat System for the Deaf-Blind Using Doubled Braille Display -- DB4DB BIBAFull-Text 870-873
  Makoto Kobayashi
Using Iconicity to Evaluate Symbol Use BIBAFull-Text 874-881
  David Gareth Evans; Lisa Bowick; Marianne Johnson; Paul Blenkhorn
Development of a Voice-Input Voice-Output Communication Aid (VIVOCA) for People with Severe Dysarthria BIBAFull-Text 882-885
  Mark S. Hawley; Pam Enderby; Phil Green; Stuart Cunningham; Rebecca Palmer
EMU -- A European Multilingual Text Prediction Software BIBAFull-Text 886-893
  Christian Beck; Gottfried Seisenbacher; Georg Edelmayer; Wolfgang Zagler
Design and Evaluation of a Versatile Architecture for a Multilingual Word Prediction System BIBAFull-Text 894-901
  Sira E. Palazuelos-Cagigas; José L. Martín-Sánchez; Lisset Hierrezuelo Sabatela; et al

People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Human Computer Interaction, Rehabilitation

People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Human Computer Interaction, Rehabilitation BIBAFull-Text 902-904
  Michiaki Yasumura; Kazuyuki Itoh; Akira Ichikawa; Akira Okamoto
Electromyogram-Based Cursor Control System for Users with Motor Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 905-912
  Craig Chin; Armando Barreto; Miguel, Jr. Alonso
A Tongue Based Control for Disabled People BIBAFull-Text 913-918
  Lotte N. S. Andreasen Struijk
An Alternative Chinese Keyboard Layout Design for Single-Digit Typists BIBAFull-Text 919-925
  Ming-Chung Chen; Ting-Fang Wu
An Integrated Design for a Myoelectrically-Based Writing Module for a Controlled Prosthesis BIBAFull-Text 926-934
  Andres Herrera; Malek Adjouadi; Melvin Ayala
Development of a Power Assisted Handrail -- Handrail Trajectory and Standing Up Motion BIBAKFull-Text 935-942
  Yoshiyuki Takahashi; Osamu Nitta; Shigeru Okikawa; Takashi Komeda
Trial Usage of Rehabilitation System: Simple Driving Simulator for the Driving Skill Evaluation of People with Cerebrovascular Disease: CVD BIBAKFull-Text 943-949
  Kaoru Inoue; Yuko Ito; Yumi Ikeda; Atsuko Tanimura; Keisuke Suzuki; Yoshiyuki Takahashi; et al
Eye Movement Communication Control System Based on EOG and Voluntary Eye Blink BIBAFull-Text 950-953
  Junichi Hori; Koji Sakano; Michio Miyakawa; Yoshiaki Saitoh
Eye as an Actuator BIBAFull-Text 954-961
  Marcela Fejtová; Jan Fejt; Olga Štepánková
Nonlinear Mapping of Pupil Centre Coordinates from Image Sensor to Screen for Gaze Control Systems BIBAFull-Text 962-965
  Gintautas Daunys; Nerijus Ramanauskas
Keyboard Adaptations for Children with Cerebral Palsy BIBAFull-Text 966-972
  Ting-Fang Wu; Ming-Chung Chen
Light Spot Operated Mouse Emulator for Cervical Spinal-Cord Injured PC Users BIBAFull-Text 973-980
  Kazuyuki Itoh
Design and Implementation of a Chorded On-Screen Keyboard for People with Physical Impairments BIBAFull-Text 981-988
  Yun-Lung Lin; Ming-Chung Chen; Yao-Ming Yeh; Wen-Jeng Tzeng; Chih-Ching Yeh

People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Innovative Interfaces to Wheelchairs

People with Motor and Mobility Impairment: Innovative Multimodal Interfaces to Wheelchairs BIBAKFull-Text 989-991
  Andreas Holzinger; Alexander K. Nischelwitzer
Accessible User Interface Framework for Severely Physically Disabled People BIBAFull-Text 992-998
  Michael Mahr; Alexander K. Nischelwitzer
MediaWheelie -- A Best Practice Example for Research in Multimodal User Interfaces (MUIs) BIBAKFull-Text 999-1005
  Alexander K. Nischelwitzer; Bernd Sproger; Michael Mahr; Andreas Holzinger
NIBLUM: Non-Invasive Bluetooth Mouse for Wheelchair Users BIBAFull-Text 1006-1013
  Roberto Casas; Marcos Quilez; Borja Romero; Oscar Casas
Smart Wheelchair Based on Ultrasonic Positioning System BIBAFull-Text 1014-1020
  HyungJun Kim; DaeHyun Ryu
Scenarios of Use for a Modular Robotic Mobility Enhancement System for Profoundly Disabled Children in an Educational and Institutional Care Environment BIBAFull-Text 1021-1028
  Peter Mayer; Paul Panek; Georg Edelmayer; Marnix Nuttin; Wolfgang Zagler

Blind and Visually Impaired People: Human Computer Interface

Blind and Visually Impaired People: Human Computer Interface BIBAFull-Text 1029-1030
  Grigori Evreinov
A Framework for Blind User Interfacing BIBAFull-Text 1031-1038
  Fernando Alonso; José L. Fuertes; Ángel L. González; Loïc Martínez
An Approach for Direct Manipulation by Tactile Modality for Blind Computer Users: Development of the Second Trial Production BIBAFull-Text 1039-1046
  Shigenobu Shimada; Masami Shinohara; Yutaka Shimizu; Makoto Shimojo
Making Nonaccessible Applications Accessible for Visually Impaired BIBAFull-Text 1047-1054
  Tomáš Zahradnický; Róbert Lórencz
Usability Evaluation of the MOST Mobile Assistant (SlatTalker) BIBAFull-Text 1055-1062
  Zoltan Juhasz; Andras Arato; Gabor Bognar; Laszlo Buday; Gergely Eberhardt; et al
Non-visual Access to GUIs: Leveraging Abstract User Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 1063-1070
  Kris Van Hees; Jan Engelen
Design Guidelines for Audio-Haptic Immersive Applications for People with Visual Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 1071-1078
  Fernando Alonso; José L. Fuertes; Loïc Martínez; Héctor Szabo
The Amodal Communication System Through an Extended Directional Input BIBAFull-Text 1079-1086
  Georgios Yfantidis; Grigori Evreinov

Blind and Visually Impaired People: Access to Information and Communication

Multimedia Browser for Internet Online Daisy Books BIBAFull-Text 1087-1093
  Piotr Brzoza; Dominik Spinczyk
Automated Book Reader for Persons with Blindness BIBAFull-Text 1094-1101
  Malek Adjouadi; Eddy Ruiz; Lu Wang
RoboBraille -- Automated Braille Translation by Means of an E-Mail Robot BIBAFull-Text 1102-1109
  Lars Ballieu Christensen
Accessing Music Notation Through Touch and Speech BIBAFull-Text 1110-1117
  Ben P. Challis

Blind People: Access to Graphics

Math Class: An Application for Dynamic Tactile Graphics BIBAFull-Text 1118-1121
  Peter Albert
Helping People with Visual Impairments Gain Access to Graphical Information Through Natural Language: The iGraph System BIBAFull-Text 1122-1130
  Leo Ferres; Avi Parush; Shelley Roberts; Gitte Lindgaard
Fingertip Guiding Manipulator: Haptic Graphic Display for Mental Image Creation BIBAFull-Text 1131-1138
  Yoshihiko Nomura; Yuki Yagi; Tokuhiro Sugiura; Hirokazu Matsui; Norihiko Kato
Graphic Editor for Visually Impaired Users BIBAFull-Text 1139-1146
  Atsushi Nishi; Ryoji Fukuda
Exploiting SenseCam for Helping the Blind in Business Negotiations BIBAFull-Text 1147-1154
  Shuaib Karim; Amin Andjomshoaa; A. Min Tjoa
On the Accuracy of Tactile Displays BIBAFull-Text 1155-1162
  Christopher Power
HOWARD: High-Order Wavefront Aberration Regularized Deconvolution for Enhancing Graphic Displays for Visually Impaired Computer Users BIBAFull-Text 1163-1170
  Miguel, Jr. Alonso; Armando Barreto; Malek Adjouadi; Julie A. Jacko

Blind People: Access to Mathematics

"BlindMath" a New Scientific Editor for Blind Students BIBAFull-Text 1171-1174
  A. Pepino; C. Freda; F. Ferraro; S. Pagliara; F. Zanfardino
Translating MathML into Nemeth Braille Code BIBAFull-Text 1175-1182
  Paul B. Stanley; Arthur I. Karshmer
New Environment for Visually Disabled Students to Access Scientific Information by Combining Speech Interface and Tactile Graphics BIBAFull-Text 1183-1190
  Toshihiko Komada; Katsuhito Yamaguchi; Fukashi Kawane; Masakazu Suzuki
Canonical MathML to Simplify Conversion of MathML to Braille Mathematical Notations BIBAFull-Text 1191-1198
  Dominique Archambault; Victor Moço
Mathematics: How and What to Speak BIBAFull-Text 1199-1206
  D. Fitzpatrick
SBT: A Translator from Spanish Mathematical Braille to MathML BIBAFull-Text 1207-1214
  Fernando Alonso; José L. Fuertes; Ángel L. González; Loïc A. Martínez
Braille Math Made Easy with the Tiger Formatter BIBAFull-Text 1215-1222
  John A. Gardner; Leon Ungier; John J. Boyer
LAMBDA: A European System to Access Mathematics with Braille and Audio Synthesis BIBAFull-Text 1223-1230
  Waltraud Schweikhardt; Cristian Bernareggi; Nadine Jessel; Benoit Encelle; et al
Speech Recognition Helps Visually Impaired People Writing Mathematical Formulas BIBAFull-Text 1231-1234
  Tomáš Hanakovic; Marek Nagy
Supporting Blind Students in Navigation and Manipulation of Mathematical Expressions: Basic Requirements and Strategies BIBAFull-Text 1235-1242
  Bernhard Stoeger; Mario Batusic; Klaus Miesenberger; Philipp Haindl
Scientific Diagrams Made Easy with IVEO™ BIBAFull-Text 1243-1250
  John A. Gardner; Vladimir Bulatov

Blind and Visually Impaired People: Mobility and Orientation

CyARM: Interactive Device for Environment Recognition and Joint Haptic Attention Using Non-visual Modality BIBAFull-Text 1251-1258
  Tetsuo Ono; Takanori Komatsu; Jun-ichi Akita; Kiyohide Ito; Makoto Okamoto
Marking in the Surroundings by Data-Carriers for the Visually Impaired BIBAFull-Text 1259-1264
  Hisayuki Tatsumi; Yasuyuki Murai; Nobuyuki Nagai; Masahiro Miyakawa
A Study and Development of the Auditory Route Map Providing System for the Visually Impaired BIBAFull-Text 1265-1272
  Takafumi Ienaga; Michito Matsumoto; Masahiro Shibata; Nobuyuki Toyoda; Youko Kimura; et al
Identification of Acoustic Factors for Perception of Crossability Common to Blind and Sighted Pedestrians BIBAFull-Text 1273-1279
  Takayuki Shiose; Kiyohide Ito; Kazuhiko Mamada
A Computer-Based Navigation System Tailored to the Needs of Blind People BIBAFull-Text 1280-1286
  Bettina Pressl; Manfred Wieser
A Haptic Interface for an Indoor-Walk-Guide Simulator BIBAFull-Text 1287-1293
  Yasuyuki Murai; Hisayuki Tatsumi; Nobuyuki Nagai; Masahiro Miyakawa
Computer Vision-Based Terrain Sensors for Blind Wheelchair Users BIBAFull-Text 1294-1297
  James Coughlan; Roberto Manduchi; Huiying Shen
The Blind Interactive Guide System Using RFID-Based Indoor Positioning System BIBAFull-Text 1298-1305
  Jongwhoa Na

Blind and Visually Impaired People: Education and Training

An IT Training Programme for Blind Computer Users -- Presentation and Discussion of Didactic and Teletutorial Implications BIBAFull-Text 1306-1312
  Mario Batušic; Andrea Gaal; Joachim Klaus; Mary O'Grady
Usability for All: Towards Improving the E-Learning Experience for Visually Impaired Users BIBAFull-Text 1313-1317
  Eva Patrícia Gil Rodríguez; Muriel Garreta Domingo; Jordi Planella Ribera; et al
Issues in Implementing Awareness in Collaborative Software for Blind People BIBAFull-Text 1318-1325
  Jaime Sánchez; Nelson Baloian
Modeling 3D Interactive Environments for Learners with Visual Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 1326-1333
  J. Sánchez; N. Baloian
APL: Audio Programming Language for Blind Learners BIBAFull-Text 1334-1341
  Jaime Sánchez; Fernando Aguayo
eDiab: A System for Monitoring, Assisting and Educating People with Diabetes BIBAFull-Text 1342-1349
  L. Fernández-Luque; J. L. Sevillano; F. J. Hurtado-Núñez; F. J. Moriana-García; et al