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HYSTAN Tables of Contents: 90

NIST Hypertext Standardization Workshop

Fullname:Proceedings of the Hypertext Standardization Workshop
Editors:Judi Moline; Dan Benigni; Jean Baronas
Location:Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dates:1990-Jan-16 to 1990-Jan-18
Publisher:National Institute of Standards and Technology
Standard No:NIST Special Publication SP500-178; hcibib: HYSTAN90
  1. Hypertext Models Discussion Group
  2. Data Interchange Discussion Group
  3. User Requirements Discussion Group
  4. Papers
  5. Appendices
Proceedings of the Hypertext Standardization Workshop BIBAK 1
  Judi Moline; Dan Benigni; Jean Baronas
Introduction BIB 3-4
  Leonard Gallagher

Hypertext Models Discussion Group

Reference and Data Model Group (RDMG): Work Plan Status BIBA 9-13
  H. Van Dyke Parunak
Reference and Data Model Group: Comparison of Three Models BIBA 15
  John J. Leggett
Hypertext Reference Model Group: Responses to "Issues for Discussion Group Consideration" BIB 17-18
  James Black

Data Interchange Discussion Group

Summary of the Hypertext Interchange Group BIB 21-22
  Tim Oren
Note on Representing Anchors BIBA 23-25
  Tim Oren

User Requirements Discussion Group

Report from the User Requirements Working Group BIBA 29-35
  Robert J. Glushko


Hypertext Interchange Format -- Discussion and Format Specification -- Draft 1.3.4 BIBA 39-47
  Jeremy Bornstein; Victor Riley
Standards for Hypertext Source Files: The Experience of UNIX Guide BIB 49-58
  P. J. Brown
Standards: What Can Hypertext Learn from Paper Documents? BIBA 59-70
  Fred Cole; Heather Brown
Standards for a Hypermedia Database: Diachronic vs. Synchronic Concerns BIBA 71-81
  Gregory Crane
The Trellis Hypertext Reference Model BIBA 83-93
  Richard Furuta; P. David Stotts
The Dexter Hypertext Reference Model BIBA 95-133
  Frank Halasz; Mayer Schwartz
Standardization of Hypermedia: What's the Point? BIBA 135-144
  Shoshana L. Hardt-Kornacki; Louis M. Gomez; John F. Patterson
A Formal Model of Hypertext BIBA 145-166
  Danny B. Lange
A Multi-Tiered Approach to Hypertext Integration: Negotiating Standards for a Heterogeneous Application Environment BIBA 167-177
  Catherine C. Marshall
Explanatory Cover Material for Section 7.2 of X3V1.8M/SD-7, Fifth Draft BIBA 179-188
  Steven R. Newcomb
Toward Open Hypertext: Requirements for Distributed Hypermedia Standards BIBA 189-196
  Tim Oren
Toward a Reference Model for Hypermedia BIBA 197-211
  H. Van Dyke Parunak
An Interchange Format for Hypertext Systems: The Intermedia Model BIBA 213-222
  Victor A. Riley
Strawman Reference Model for Hypermedia Systems BIBA 223-246
  Craig W. Thompson


Hypermedia Bibliography BIBA 249-264
  Paul Kahn