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HYPERTEXT II: State of the Art 1989-06-29

Fullname:Hypertext II: State of the Art
Editors:Ray McAleese; Catherine Green
Location:University of York, U.K.
Dates:1989-Jun-29 to 1989-Jun-30
Publisher:Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ablex
Standard No:ISBN 0-871516-08-0; QA 76.76.H94H97 1990; hcibib: HYPUK89
  1. Navigation and Browsing
  2. Hypertext and Learning
  3. Prototypes
  4. Designing Hypertext and Hypertext and Design

Navigation and Browsing

What Do Readers Do to Pop-Ups, and Pop-Ups Do to Readers? BIBA 2-9
  Heather A. Stark
A Comparison of Linear and Hypertext Formats in Information Retrieval BIBA 10-19
  Cliff McKnight; Andrew Dillon; John Richardson
Getting to Known Locations in a Hypertext BIBA 20-27
  Andrew F. Monk
Intelligent Navigation for Semistructured Hypertext Documents BIBA 28-42
  Craig D. B. Boyle; James R. Snell
Creating and Viewing the Elastic Charles -- A Hypermedia Journal BIBA 43-51
  Hans Peter Brondmo; Glorianna Davenport
A Hypertext System with Controlled Hype BIBA 52-63
  Ian D. Benest
Two Field Studies of Hypermedia Usability BIBA 64-72
  Jakob Nielsen; Uffe Lyngbaek
Navigation in Hypertext: Structural Cues and Mental Maps BIBA 73-83
  Annette Simpson; Cliff McKnight
An Empirical Comparison of Two Navigation Systems for Two Hypertexts BIBA 84-93
  Patricia Wright; Ann Lickorish

Hypertext and Learning

Hypertext Documents for the Learning of Procedures BIBA 96-104
  Aude Dufresne; Nicolas Jolin; Alain Senteni
Using Hypertext for Educational "Help" Facilities BIBA 105-113
  Christopher J. Colbourn; Tracey Cockerton-Turner
Learning Styles in a Non-Linear Training Environment BIBA 114-120
  Neville A. Stanton; R. B. Stammers
Signposts for Conceptual Orientation: Some Requirements for Learning from Hypertext BIBA 121-129
  Terry Mayes; Michael R. Kibby; Tony Anderson
An Examination of Hypertext as an Authoring Tool in Art and Design Education BIBA 130-135
  Alan Dyer
Hypertext Meets Interactive Fiction: New Vistas in Creative Writing BIBA 136-141
  Gordon Howell
Semantic Network Elicitation: Tools for Structuring Hypertext BIBA 142-152
  David H. Jonassen


On the Design of a Frame-Based Hypermedia System BIBA 154-165
  Toh-Tzu Koh; Peing Ling Loo; Tat-Seng Chua
Towards the Third Generation: The Case for IKBH (Intelligent Knowledge-Based Hypermedia) Environments BIBA 166-173
  Roderick I. Nicolson
CASE: A Case Analysis Support Environment BIBA 174-182
  Robert W. Lawler
Creating Multimedia Documents: Hypertext Processing BIBA 183-192
  Sebastian Rahtz; Les Carr; Wendy Hall
A Hypertext Approach to Browsing and Documenting Software BIBA 193-204
  Nigel T. Fletton
Separating Hypertext Content from Structure in Trellis BIBA 205-213
  Richard Furuta; P. David Stotts
Hypertext as a Programming Environment for the Authoring and Production of Interactive Videodisc Training Packages BIBA 214-222
  Philip J. Gartshore

Designing Hypertext and Hypertext and Design

AI Methods for Structuring Hypertext Information BIBA 224-230
  Thomas Knopik; Sigrid Ryser
Querying an Object-Oriented Hypermedia System BIBA 231-238
  John C. Chen; Thomas W. Ekberg; Craig Thompson
Interacting with Hypertext: Functional Simplicity without Conversational Competence BIBA 239-243
  Peter J. Thomas; Michael A. Norman
Hypermedia as a Communication Design Software Support BIBA 244-251
  Yutaka Hirakawa; Shuichi Uchida; Michihiro Monden
User-Centred Hypertext Design: The Application of HCI Design Principles and Guidelines BIBA 252-259
  Lynda Hardman; Brian S. Sharratt
The Designer's Notepad -- A Hypertext System Tailored for Design BIBA 260-266
  Ian Sommerville; Neil Haddley; John A. Mariani; Ronnie Thomson