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HYPERTEXT I: Theory into Practice 1988-03-17

Fullname:Hypertext I: Theory into Practice
Editors:Ray McAleese
Location:University of Aberdeen, U.K.
Dates:1988-Mar-17 to 1988-Mar-18
Publisher:Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ablex
Standard No:ISBN 0-89391-575-0; QA 76.76.H94M38 1989; hcibib: HYPUK88
Overview and Questions for Readers BIBA 1-5
  Ray McAleese
Navigation and Browsing in Hypertext BIBA 6-44
  Ray McAleese
Collaborative Writing in NoteCards BIBA 45-61
  Randall H. Trigg; Lucy A. Suchman
A Learning Support Environment: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide BIBA 62-74
  Lesley Allinson; Nick Hammond
Glasgow Online: Database Development using Apple's HyperCard BIBA 75-92
  Patricia Baird; Mark Percival
Design Issues in Large Hypertext Systems for Technical Documentation BIBA 93-104
  Peter Cooke; Ian Williams
'Lost in Hyperspace': Cognitive Mapping and Navigation in a Hypertext Environment BIBA 105-125
  Deborah M. Edwards; Lynda Hardman
Human Factors Engineering and Interface Development: A Hypertext Tool Aiding Prototyping Activity BIBA 126-137
  S. J. Harland
The Authoring of HyperText Documents BIBA 138-147
  Cliff McKnight; John Richardson; Andrew Dillon
The Alvey DHSS Large Demonstrator Project KNowledge Analysis Tool: KANT BIBA 148-156
  Graham Storrs
A Faceted Approach to Hypertext? BIBA 157-163
  Elizabeth B. Duncan
Towards Intelligent Hypertext BIBA 164-172
  M. R. Kibby; J. T. Mayes